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Define Bully

How to Define Bully?

Understanding the mindset of the “bully” today is often different than even just a few decades ago. Understanding the various types of bullies that are most common today can help you to provide safety and security for any child you believe is a victim themselves. Whether a bully is using verbal harassment or physical abuse, knowing how to define workplace bullying while also having the ability to define bullying for kids can help you in just about any situation.

What Defines Bullying?

There are many forms of bullying as bullying does not have a gender or age limit. The most common types of bullying include: verbal bullying, physical abuse, and cyber bullying. Having a complete understanding of the various types of bullying that are most common today is a way to indicate whether you, a friend you know, or another loved one in your life may be suffering with bullying on a daily basis.

Bullying defined: When you want a bully define answer, it can take more than a few words, as each bullying situation is unique and individual. When you want to define bullies, it is important to take note of their behavior as well as the type of bullying that is occurring regularly with other individuals who are being bullied themselves.

Common Areas of Bullying

Define Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse is one of the quickest ways to define a bully, whether you receive snarky and sarcastic comments or if you are quick to receive name abuse. Verbal bullying and abuse may begin as simple comments about your clothing, the way you walk, talk, and even perform task at work or school–which is likely quickly to escalate if the bullying is not stopped right in its tracks.

Beginnings of verbal abuse indicators:

It’s always important to note that not all verbal abuse begins the same when you are defining bullying. Some abuse happens in the workplace, at school, and some may even occur within members of your very own family.

Small put-downs: You’re gaining weight, that looks too small on you, you should change your hair, that outfit is ugly.

Aggressive put-downs: I can’t stand being around you, you’re gross, no wonder no one likes you, along with other various forms of name-calling,

Define Physical Abuse

Defining bully abuse is no easier than by observing any form of physical abuse another human being or animal. Physical abuse is one of the most dangerous and potentially deadly forms of bullying that is found in domestic violence cases and cases that involve children and teens. Many times, physical abuse at any age and in any location takes place when the victim of the bully is isolated and alone. However, group physical attacks are also common if the victim is unable to seek help and if there are no additional outlets to get away.

Physical bullying should always be filed by police and medical staff to ensure it is always on record, especially if you are a parent who is struggling with an ongoing issue with their child or another member of their family.

Define Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying defined includes harassing another individual through the means of technology such as text messages, emails, and even social media or blog posts.

In order to define cyber bullying, there are a few key indicators to look over:

  • Anonymous messages sent with a familiar messaging service
  • The bully knows more about you than you, him
  • Vague threats and insults such as “watch your back” or “you never know who’s watching”
  • Spamming messages from multiple accounts is common when there is a group of bullies attempting to harass an individual victim
  • Mockery on websites and social media to humiliate and ostracize the victim the cyber bullies have targeted
  • Social media pages dedicated to the “hate” or bullying of a specific individual who is being targeted by a cyber bully or a group of bullies
  • Creating fake accounts to pretend to be you, adding friends and family members and creating updates that are not like you or out of your traditional post personality
  • Posting embarrassing pictures that are outdated or Photoshopped and tagging them in you with the use of social media.

Always remember that when you are being cyber bullied it is possible to report fraudulent accounts, bullying, and harassment as much as necessary to put the hijacking of your profile to an end. Persistency is key to rid content that is unwanted about you online and from social media, as bullies will often tire quickly and move on to another user who is less-informed of their rights any time they are online.

Whenever you are the victim of cyber bullying in any form, be sure to save all data while also taking screen shots if possible. It is possible to take screen shots from most smart phones today in addition to taking a desktop screen shot with a Windows operating system by pressing “alt” + “Print Screen” simultaneously. After you have taken a screen shot of your messages, be sure to paste them in an editor or save them to your phone’s hard drive for future reference.

Stopping the Bullying

When you are determined to stop the bullying you see around you each day, consider the “define bully pulpit” phrase, originally coined by Theodore Roosevelt. Having the ability to overcome the bully is essential to keep from becoming a target of attacks and even future plots of bullies. Having the actions of the bullied defined and understanding of what behavior is appropriate when communicating to one another is a way for you to take your own stand in standing out against this behavior and the actions towards others.

Whether your goal is to stop and truly define cyber bully individuals or if you want bully defined for all victims and parents, using resources and outlets near you can help you to get the satisfaction you need and deserve.

Seeking Outlets and Resources

After establishing how to understand bullying define ideas and how to define verbal bullying, physical abuse, and cyber bullying, you can then begin seeking out both local and online resources to regain strength and control in all aspects of your life. Definition bullying down is also covered whether you have chosen to work with online support groups or if you have attended various council meetings and meetings for locals whose children are also being bullied each day.

There are both local and online shelters available for men, women, and children who are in need of a safe space and a place to reach out for any form of bullying. Checking online, visiting a city council hall, or even asking a trusted friend or family member can help to get you the support group and potential shelter if necessary to help you to get your life back on track for good.

Once you have a clear indicator of what constitutes a bully, it is much easier to seek out any necessary resources to regain control of your life without being bullied altogether. The more you understand of your rights, the less likely you are to become a target of any form of bully, whether in public, in school, or even in your very own workplace.

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