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How to Deal with Depression: A Fight For Life

Defeating Depression A Fight For Life

Clinical depression is a condition affecting millions of people worldwide. In the United Kingdom specifically, one in four people will experience some kind of mental health issue in the course of the year and depression is the most common mental health issue in Britain. Everyday individuals suffering from depression find themselves mired in self-doubt, self-loathing, and despair. Yet the fight against depression and the quest to find a depression cure does not have to be one championed by the pharmacy counter. Sufferers may feel helpless to act on their own but nothing could be further from the truth. Learn all you can on How to Deal with depression!

How to Deal with Depression: Getting the Best of Yourself

Depression can weigh on a person such that they find themselves lethargic about life as a whole. In these situations, individuals must push themselves to get the most out life. Dr. Ian Cook, director of the Depression Research and Clinic Program at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) writes that a key ingredient in finding a depression cure is establishing a routine. In the same vein, it is important to establish goals. Cook writes that one should establish achievable goals. “Make your goal something that you can succeed at, like doing the dishes every other day.”

How to Deal with Depression: Physical Health

It is important to note that depression is a clinical condition affecting the psyche of sufferers as a result, at least in part, of physical hormonal and chemical imbalances. It can also result as a chemical or emotional by-product of acute and chronic illnesses. Studies have shown that 27% of people with diabetes, 29% of hypertension sufferers, 33% of cancer patients and 44% of people with HIV/AIDS are affected by depression. As such, the fight against depression involves tackling the issue of general physical welfare. This should be approached in a number of ways:

How to Deal with Depression: Exercise

This fits well into what was already said about establishing routine and setting achievable goals. Including exercise into a routine can assist individuals to feel as though they have control over their lives and bodies. There is also the neurochemical response to exercise to consider. The release of endorphins has been scientifically proven to improve moods. These positive feelings offer a reprieve from the general melancholy characteristic of depression which in turn can serve as a motivating force, thereby contributing to a depression cure.

How to Deal with Depression: Sleep

Many depressed individuals turn to sleep as a means of escaping their troubled thoughts; however many others find that their troubles make it difficult to sleep. Lack of sleep can in turn worsen the symptoms of depression. Unfortunately, this struggle is a marathon and not a race and there are few quick acting solutions outside of pharmaceutical aids yet with time and diligence this obstacle can be overcome. External stimuli in the bedroom can often worsen symptoms of insomnia. One should therefore remove televisions and computers from the bedroom, perhaps making the bedroom a “technology free zone.” Consistent exercise and set times for rising and sleeping are also advisable and should be maintained even on the weekends.

How to Deal with Depression: Diet

It’s no surprise that diet is a major factor to health. Ian Cook has suggested that foods high in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon and other fishes, as well as those with copious amounts of folic acid like spinach and avocado, can contribute to easing depression. Often times, depressed individuals overeat as a means of coping. This practice should be avoided and controlling eating habits will help in controlling depression.

How to Deal with Depression: DRX

Remember that if you are suffering from depression, you are suffering from a medical condition. There is nothing wrong with seeking professional medical help with to find a depression cure and this practice should be encouraged, especially before self-medicating with any substance, including supplements.

How to Deal with Depression: A Life to Enjoy

The world is a wide place with many opportunities for enjoyable activities. Depression makes you feel stuck, trapped in your life. Your life can only be a prison if you cannot find a way to break free. Try new things, experience new places. Take classes, go bungee jumping, dare yourself to dare. New challenges force our minds to rewire themselves. The chemical response leads to changes in the levels of dopamine in the brain which leads to positive feeling.

Depression often takes the joy out of once pleasurable activities making it difficult to have fun. This is where is all comes down to the effort of the individual. While it can be difficult, the fight against depression is exactly that, a fight. It may be a struggle to pull yourself out of a difficult emotional rut but every step taken paves the way for the one to come. Like many things in life, enjoyment can only be found once the difficult first steps are taken. One should push themselves towards activities they once thought fun, think they might enjoy, or seem enjoyable to others.

How to Deal with Depression: Isolation in Desperation

According to the UK Mental Health Foundation, 20% of people with depression live alone and is four times more likely to have no close friends. Dr. Steve Ilardie, clinical psychologist, university professor, and author of The Depression Cure writes that the brain’s interpretation of depression is infection which triggers neurochemical responses that gear a person towards isolation. Ilardie states that these signals can prove dramatic and catastrophic because depressed individuals, more than anything else require social interaction, human warmth.

Pharmacology has made tremendous advancement in the treatment of depression yet sufferers should note that the fight against depression is one that must begin on the inside of themselves, not the inside of a pill bottle. While medication may ultimately prove the wisest course of action, it is incumbent on each individual to strive for their goals of happiness.

How to Deal with Depression is a fight for life. Learn how to deal with depression now!

Learn how to stop depression for you and your loved ones.

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