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Dealing With Physical Bullying

There is no doubt that the issue of bullying in the US has garnered a great deal of attention over the last several years. We have learned that bullying comes in all forms, but one of the prevalent and imposing forms of bullying is physical bullying. Not only is physical bullying imposing and common, it is also one of the easiest forms of bullying to recognize.

Physical bullying is simply defined as someone using overt physical action to gain power, control, and intimidation over a peer. This kind of bullies are characteristically aggressive and are motivated by a number of different factors.

Although all forms of bullying can have a massive negative impact on the victim, physical bullying is unique because of the fact that the victim has someone intruding into their personal space. Physical intrusion is one of the most powerful ways to instill fear and gain control over someone. Often, victims of this kind of bullying feel powerless to engage their issue. They also feel embarrassed and will normally forego telling anyone else about it.

How to identify Physical Bullying?

When you think of physical bullying you probably think of someone pushing or punching another, but it can be a lot worse than that. It can include the use of non-lethal weapons for the purpose of inflicting pain. This is often done to make the victim more docile and less likely to resist the aggression of the bully.

Although a great deal of the physical type of bullying occurs at school, it is not limited to the school. Unfortunately, there are times when it will occur in the home. This kind of bullying between siblings is more common that you may think.

When considering all of the different forms of bullying, physical bullying provides the greatest and most immediate threat of injury and presents a greater likelihood of death.

Bullying, just as with any other form of physical violence has a tendency to escalate with time and occurrence. As the bully attempts to establish his or her (primarily male) superiority, any perceived threat to that superiority will be met with a higher level of physical intrusion.

Anger and Bullying

Another dynamic of physical bullying is the emotion of anger which makes the bully that much more irrational in their thought processes. What may be rational to an adult or even a level headed adolescent is not going to be the case with a bully driven by anger and a superiority complex. One thing that parents of children that are being physically bullied should understand is making physical contact with someone without their permission is not only wrong, it is illegal. Don’t take any form of physical Violence lightly, report it to the proper authorities immediately.

Another characteristic of physical bullying is that there is normally physical evidence of the act of bullying. Whether it be bruises, a busted lip, or broken bones, there are normally physical signs. This is another reason that it is extremely important to pay close attention to your children. A child that is being physically bullied will more than likely attempt to try to cover up any evidence of their abuse. The key is to notice any signs and address them immediately with your child. Your child may not easily open up, but you must be persistent. You have to understand what is at stake here and take the time and effort to deal with it.

All bullying is bad and carries the potential to cause harm to your child, but bullying has the greatest potential to take your child from you. Invest the time to learn about bullying and the ways you can address the issue if your child becomes a victim.

Weigh in on how to deal with physical bullying today and how do you define physical bullying…

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