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Danger Signs

Danger exists when a person is exposed to harm or a risk is perceived that could cause them injury in any way, be it mentally, emotionally or physically. Danger can also be thought of as vulnerability to a specific set of circumstances such as bullying or taunting. Each person interprets danger in different ways. The perception of danger or fear leads to certain defensive behaviors as a means to protect themselves and reduce their vulnerability to being harmed. Discover the most famous Danger Signs!

Signs of a Dangerous Relationship

Relationships are normally balanced and mutually rewarding. In some cases, however, relationships can become one-sided. When this occurs, one person becomes more dominant and can begin to control the other through manipulation and threats of danger. Toxic relationships can be extremely destructive, causing low self esteem and poor self worth.

Danger Signs During Pregnancy

The majority of pregnancies have few side effects. There are danger signs during a pregnancy that could indicate the fetus and mother are in distress. A few of the danger signs of pregnancy can include, but are not limited to:

  • Spotting or bleeding
  • Abnormal pain and cramping
  • Swelling in the extremities
  • High blood pressure
  • Continuous vomiting/diarrhea

Any time dangerous signs of pregnancy begin to present themselves, a person should immediately seek medical care to determine whether or not there is cause for alarm. Pregnancy danger signs should not be overlooked or ignored. At the first sign of any type of distress or dangerous sign, a doctor must be notified.

Danger High Voltage Sign

High voltage signs are normally found in construction areas. Danger signs in these areas signify that there may be live power lines or areas where large amounts of electricity are transferred from on transformer to another. In most cases, these areas are surrounded by high fences to restrict access to the area. Utility companies go to great lengths to safeguard individuals from any danger that may be present.

Danger Zone Sign

Any area where danger is present will normally have a “danger zone sign” posted on the premises to alert anyone who enters the vicinity to the dangers they may be exposed to. While the sign may not declare what type of danger is present, it offers fair warning to anyone who enters the area that danger is imminent.

A sign for danger can be placed anywhere it is needed. Construction zones where large pieces of equipment are used may have signs posted. This not only works to protect the laborers who are on the job, but also any passers-by who may enter the area unknowingly. Factories may also place danger signs near large pieces of equipment. Anywhere a company deems necessary, a danger zone sign can help to protect their workers and reduce their risk of injury.

Fire Danger Sign

In areas where there is an increased risk of fire, a Fire Danger sign may be placed to advise individuals who enter the area that the risk is real and should be heeded. Fire placquards can be found anywhere a fire risk presents itself. Trucks that carry flammable materials will have a fire hazard sign attached to the trailer. The same is true for buildings that are use to store flammable gases and materials.

Fire danger plaques are also posted in wooded areas that are experiencing severe drought conditions. They are placed in high traffic areas to make visitors more aware of the sensitive conditions that exist at that particular time.

Whenever a fire hazard sign is posted, a threat of some type exists. The threat may be minimal, but as long as it exists, steps must be taken to ensure others proceed with caution. In some areas, rules and regulations are also posted. If someone violates them and increases the risk of danger, they be arrested, forced to pay heavy fines or both. If damage occurs due to their negligence, they may also be forced to pay restitution.

Danger Signs

Hazard signs or those that denote some type of danger are meant to capture a person’s attention. Funny danger signs often use sarcastic humor as a means of addressing a specific situation. Although not suitable for certain issues, humor can take the sting out of an otherwise hurtful situation. Knowing when to use humor is the key.

OSHA and other safety organizations mandate the use of Danger and Hazard signs as a way of reducing the liability of a company and also to protecting the work force from unsafe working conditions. Not only do they require the posting of signs, they also mandate specific safety measures and protocols to help maintain an accident free workplace.

Acknowledging Danger Signs and Warnings

While danger and hazard signs are physical, outward warnings of what may potentially happen in the world around us, there are other dangers that must be prepared for as well. Not all dangers a person will face are tangible. A few must be dealt with on a personal level. Bad relationships, for example, do not come with a warning label. Instead a person must learn to recognize the signs in a less physical manner.

Changes in attitude, depression, no desire to keep up appearances, lack of motivation and numerous other signs can indicate some type of danger is present. It can be physical, mental or emotional abuse. A person may be on the receiving end of a bully’s taunts. No matter what type of danger they encounter, many exhibit danger signs that must be heeded if they are to get any type of assistance.

In order to acknowledge the warnings and signs of danger, a person must be willing to admit they exist. Once the problem is identified, it can be dealt with in short order if everyone involved in the situation makes a conscious choice to assist the person in question.

When it comes to bullying or abusing another individual, empowering the victim with a solid network is just one way of offering profound support that can help to alleviate the situation. A person may be experiencing fear where no real threat exists. Having a strong support system will help them look deeper into the situation to see what is truly going on.

Once this has been accomplished, the person can begin to deal with each fear or perceived danger and learn constructive ways to handle almost any situation. Addressing a situation quickly and efficiently is the key to limiting the risk of danger and the overall extent of any damage that may occur.

Danger in any form must be handled carefully. Identifying danger signs and taking necessary precautions are extremely important, whether the danger is real or perceived.

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