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CyberBullying Prevention, Some Peace of Mind!

Everyone knows that bullies are weak; everyone tells you that they’re actually cowards who don’t have the strength to face their own problems, so they choose to pick on whoever they think is the weaker man. No news here. CyberBullying Prevention is essential!

They tell you what to do when facing a bully and how to stand up to one; but what they don’t necessarily tell you, is how to prevent being bullied in the first place.

What I’m just about to give you is a list of foolproof methods for stopping cyber bullies right at their course of action. First we’re going to work on the concrete acts; which may seem pretty insignificant; but that’s the beauty of them, they’re fuss-free, unnoticeable changes that pay off. Then we’ll work on you! We’ll talk about what triggers the harassers, what draws their attention and provokes them; and how you can avert that in the first place.

CyberBullying Prevention: Protect your privacy

Safeguard your information, whether it’s your password (if you’re publicly logging in, make sure there are no prying eyes or peeping toms around), photos (check your settings to make sure not everything is all out there; even if it’s for the sake of being enigmatic, make yourself hard to get ;)), and personal information (before you openly announce your address, or whereabouts at a certain time, consider that someone unwanted might stumble across it and be curious for more). A lot of people don’t mind being open to the world, but remember you’ll also be open to a lot of psychotic and perverted individuals.

CyberBullying Prevention: Keep photos and activities PG

Think of it this way, if you don’t want your parents to see it; then it’s probably for good reason, least of it being that it can probably be used as ammunition against you!  If someone has it in for you, they might be willing to play it dirty, which includes abusing whatever they can get their hands on. And just so you know; you don’t have to sense everyone who doesn’t like you, people can get pretty sneaky.

CyberBullying Prevention: Beware of viruses!

Be cautious, and beware of what you’re receiving; don’t open unsolicited messages, which might be an automatic link to a virus; that’ll just be a hassle, and will spam all over your friends wall. Curiosity didn’t really kill the cat, but why bother your-self in the first place when it’s probably nothing worthwhile? Trust me no one who’s interesting or worth it will go through the trouble of sending a random message to someone they don’t even know- talk about LAME!

CyberBullying Prevention: Always Log out

Take it as a challenge to stay determined enough every time you use an account, to log out once you’re done, or if you’re getting up to do something. Once again don’t give them an excuse to hack into your personal information, even if you have nothing to hide.

CyberBullying Prevention: Pause before you post

Studies have shown that people are more likely to be a lot more overt online; because there’s no longer the barrier of face-to-face interaction, i.e. you’re not worrying how you’ll look doing or saying something, because the other person can’t see you!

So you find yourself blurting out things you wouldn’t usually say, and people have a way of taking that against you. You also might not be considering the fact that a lot of people seeing what you’ve just said might not really know you; they’ll judge, and even if you don’t care about it right now, you might at some point (did you know that some people have had their college applications turned down when their profiles were checked?, this is not an exaggeration

CyberBullying Prevention: Don’t do it yourself

If it’s something that you wouldn’t like hearing, then don’t say it.

You’re not doing your friend a favor by telling him/her that they look anorexic; they probably already feel it, and you bluntly saying it will make them feel under the spotlight and insecure. Its great being honest but you can always find a balance between being outspoken and still considerate.

Justin and Alicia said it years ago, and what goes around really does come around; so don’t give karma an excuse to get back at you, and it can get pretty tough.

Pretty simple, right? Now I’ll tell you how to avoid the bullies in the first place. Just like a shark, they can smell blood; and if someone’s in the mood to be a jerk, then they’ll just be craving for a little fresh meat- so here’s what you need to be considering:

CyberBullying Prevention: Attitude!

Cyber bullies prey on the weaklings; they tend to choose victims who they think are an easy mark.

If they sense you’re insecure or timid, they’ll seize the opportunity

If they see you’re having trouble adapting at your environment, they’ll pounce

If they feel that you don’t like yourself or your family, they’ll jump right in; they might even pose as friends at first, just to get you to open up

So be bold, confident and sassy; and don’t give away more then you need to share…be mysterious!

-Avoid self-deprecating humor (making fun of yourself or being too humble), because that might indicate low self esteem, an excuse for idiots to make fun of you themselves.

– share your feelings with your inner circle, but avoid public comments or statuses that show extreme emotions (ex.: I’m depressed and have been so for ever, I wanna kill my dad, Everyone at my school’s a moron and I hate it etc…) these types of remarks might make them feel that you’re either weak or gullible; no offence !

-It’s a lot cooler being mysterious and shadowy, so don’t share too much and don’t give everyone an insight into your personal life and what you’re up to.

-If you’re a teen, then it’s your job to let loose and go wild; but if you start getting the vibe that it’s somehow hurting you in any way, then it’s time to turn it down a notch and tame your wild side.

Check out our Cyberbullying and Bullying Statistics 2014 and Spread the word on CyberBullying Prevention Now!

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