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CyberBullying Examples

Examples of Cyber Bullying

Modern technology has made it possible for cyberbullying to be carried out or achieved in many different ways. While the internet, especially the use of social media, has been the main carrier of this kind of abuse, cellphones are also a common medium of cyberbullying. There are many different cyberbullying examples, where the bully’s main aim is to torment the victim.

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According to statistics, suicide is slowly becoming a teenager’s preferred way of ending their torment. Consequently, parents have come to the agreement that one of the major risks for their teenagers online is none other than online harassment or cyberbullying. Discussed below are some of the most common cyberbullying examples:

  • Cyber stalking – cyber stalking can be described as the obsessive sending of messages to a person. This eventually frightens and worries the person receiving these messages, as they will begin to question their own safety and well-being.
  • Degradation/humiliation – bullies will use cyber bullying to spread rumors and hearsay with the purpose of damaging the victim’s reputation to ensure that they are shunned.
  • Harassing – this type of cyberbullying examples includes the persistent sending of insulting and threatening messages via the internet or cell phones.
  • Impersonating – impersonation is the act of taking on a false identity for the purpose of tormenting a person and damaging their reputation. Impersonation can also be acted out by pretending to be the victim by creating a false identity or profile.
  • Flaming – flaming is a very hostile and rude type of cyberbullying examples where the bully uses vulgar and abusive language with the intention of starting a fight with the victim.
  • Text messaging – most bullies will use text messaging to torment another teenager or pre-teen. This is carried out by enlisting the help of other bullies and together they continue sending endless text messages to their victim’s phone.
  • Password theft – some bullies will do everything possible to gain the passwords of a teenager illegally. After gaining these passwords, the bully enters the victim’s sites and locks them out. In some cases, the bully will use these sites to bully others.
  • Website creation – bullies can create websites and pages and fill them with insulting statements and remarks for the sole purpose of tormenting and humiliating a person.
  • Use of Photos and images – bullies will upload private or embarrassing images of their victims all over the internet to torment and humiliate them. In most cases, these images may be fake and are simply altered to portray the victim. Teenagers can sometimes be tricked into sending nude photos to a stranger they met online only to discover that the stranger posted them online just to humiliate the victim.
  • PC attacks – Using this type of cyberbullying examples, bullies send Trojan horses, viruses, worms, spyware and other malware to another person’s computer. With our youth becoming more knowledgeable on computer technology, pc attacks have become extremely easy to deploy.
  • Proxy attacks – Proxy attacks are attacks where the bully will install a proxy onto the computer of the victim with the help of someone else. By doing this, the bully will be able to access even the victim’s most confidential information through the proxy. The bully will then use this information to humiliate or threaten the victim.

Spread awareness on these cyberbullying examples and what they entail.



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  • chetna rathour
    Feb 14, 2015 at 01:49 pm

    I am using WhatsApp nd I am a part of our class group en2, wherein people r supposed to post information regarding lectures, timing etc. But girls over there post pictures regardless of the main motive for which the group has been created. Observing them doing so I also started posting pictures of cartoons which were of producing any harm to anyone. Bt people started criticizing me for this nd there was a group of girls who made fun of me tht was so depressing that I was forced to commit suicide. Bt I decided of taking revenge as some of my friends criticized me for backing out. I continued posting cartoon pictures nd this group of girls again made fun of me nd my feelings,humiliated me on WhatsApp group, abused me. Now I am deciding of filing a complaint against these girls as they have defamed me to such an extent tht I feel so uncomfortable when I am in college, concious of wht other classmates are thinking abt me as they also have read the messages in which I was humiliated.

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