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Creating an Anti Bullying Policy with Peter C Bradbury

Peter C. Bradbury was born and raised in Shaw, near to Oldham and Manchester, United Kingdom. For most of his working life he has been a butler, working for very wealthy people in England and in the United States. Married to his wife Debbie, Peter currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has family remaining in England and others residing in Florida and Northern California. So he travels the nation and abroad a decent amount of time. Mr. Bradbury began writing when folks continuously asked him what life was like as a butler. His first novel “Stonebridge Manor”  is about the life of a butler and has received positive reviews since then.  His second novel, “Prospects,” concerns another form of lovelorn dilemma – the serial rapist/murderer and his title receives excellent reviews from readership.We interviewed Peter C Bradbury on Creating an Anti Bullying Policy. 

Peter C Bradbury

Peter C Bradbury

What got you to look at the bullying issue?

My grandson Bryce. He is seventeen now but all through high school he has been bullied, verbally and physically. His parents have complained of course, but nothing has ever been done and they have never had the resources to move or home school him. The reason he gets bullied? He’s autistic.

Is bullying as big an issue today as it was say 10 years ago?

Very much so and if anything, it is getting worse. Virtually  every day you read stories of someone committing suicide or striking out.

Do you see a difference in how bullying happens today – for example social media, mobile phones?

Cyberbullying is increasing and is far more harmful. Everybody is almost attached these days to the social media and if people have it in for you, then you can’t escape it. Facebook pages are created, web sites are dedicated to you, and the content is often devastating.

With current media coverage on Cyberbullying is the situation improving?

No, not at all. Most of the bullying is kept secret from adults and teachers, and when you see that only 4% of witnessed bullying is reported by teachers, is it any wonder? Children don’t trust the adults to fix the problem, so they don’t tell them.

How should a parent educate their children to ensure they understand bullying is wrong?

To begin with they need to set a good example. It’s no use telling children to be compassionate and kind if the parents don’t display these qualities. Kids pick up a lot from their parents, and if they see or hear their parents treating someone without any respect, then they will do the same thing.

If a child has been Bullied – what is the best advice for them?

To talk to someone  they trust or to go to a website such as PACER They need to speak to someone who really understands and doesn’t just say “Fight back.”

Are parents and teachers dealing with bullied victims or bullies in the right way? or is there a need for a clear anti bullying policy?

No. When over 3 million students in the US alone are being bullied each year, kids are committing suicide or shooting up the school, then no, it is not being dealt with in the right way.

What should a school or parent watch out for in a child’s behaviour that might be a warning sign?

Anti-social behavior, no friends, not letting you see their computer screen or text messages, skipping school, staying in their room too much, grades getting lower.

What can schools do to ensure they provide the best education and advice to children/staff ?

They first have to make a stand about the issue. It’s of no use when they say they have a no tolerance policy then change that if the star quarterback is the worst culprit. The victims are not usually the popular kids or the sporting ones. They have to intervene more and gain the children’s trust. They have to teach that it’s okay to be different or strange, that respect is paramount.

Can you go into some details about your book – what it is about, its core message.

“CONSEQUENCES” is a novel about a young man who was plagued by bullies all through school and into his working days. It has affected him immensely and he wants retribution, preferably with an apology but otherwise with his own idea of justice. Along the way, he begins to get the life he has wanted, and he starts to help others who have also been bullied and mistreated. Legally. The message that I’ve tried to convey, is that there can be “CONSEQUENCES” to how you treat people, so be nice to others, rather than being hateful and intolerant.

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