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Create a Respectful Environment to Beat the Bully

Create a Respectful Environment to Beat the Bully

Bullying has become a serious problem in recent years. While there have always been bullies who have made life difficult for kids, the Internet has made the problem grow even bigger. One of the biggest factors that seems to encourage this bullying behavior is the negative atmosphere that seems to exist in the home, at school and in various other places. This means the best way to beat the bully is to create a respectful environment in every way possible to discourage the bullies from acting and encourage positive interactions between children.

Beat the Bully: Create Positive Rules

When you think about setting rules for an environment, whether it is the home, school or an online location, you likely think of rules about what not to do. While these rules are definitely needed, you can create a more positive environment by adding rules that are more positive in nature. For instance, you may want to implement rules, such as:

  • Treat everyone with the same respect you expect in return
  • Offer your help if you see someone who is struggling
  • Always use words of kindness when address a sibling, classmate or peer
  • Use polite words when making a request of someone else

Providing positive rules is a great way to create a positive environment that demands respect. When you teach children to treat each other with respect and praise them for that behavior, it is more likely to continue. Many bullies use this behavior as a way to gain attention for themselves. Giving them positive attention instead can stop the behavior.

Beat the Bully: Model Respect

Children have a tendency to reflect the behavior they witness in their parents and other adults they look up to. If parents, teachers and others in authority aren’t treating other people with respect, it isn’t appropriate to expect children to do the same. It is important for adults to take a good look at how they act and make changes to their behavior to ensure they are modeling the proper respect and behavior for the children they influence. Modeling respect creates a better environment for everyone.

Beat the Bully: Encourage Relationships

Another interesting way to beat the bully is to encourage positive relationships between children. In many cases, children who bully others do it because they are trying to fit in, they don’t understand the other kids or they feel the other kids are different. As a parent or teacher, you can implement activities that allow children to get to know each other better so they can understand more about the other children’s positions in life and why they act as they do. When children develop these relationships, it creates a more respectful environment and encourages kindness instead of bullying behavior among children.

Beat the Bully: Positive Reinforcement

Going back to the reason for bullying, you can often beat the bully by simply using positive reinforcement. Instead of making a big deal of punishing negative behavior, work toward praising the children who are being respectful of others and engaging in positive behavior. When those who are bullying realize they aren’t getting the recognition they desire and the other students are being offered rewards for their good behavior, they are more likely to turn from their bullying and attempt to gain attention through the positive behavior. This type of positive reinforcement creates a more respectful environment.

Beat the Bully: Include Everyone

Whenever you are hosting an activity, party or other event where there are multiple children in attendance, it is important to include everyone. While you may not always disclude someone on purpose, it is important to creating a respectful environment by taking extra steps to make sure you clearly include everyone. This will model the right behavior you expect of everyone else and create positive feelings in all the children who are present.

Beat the Bully: Stay Involved

Although many parents are busy today, it is important for them to stay involved in their children’s schooling as much as possible. If you can, volunteer your time at your child’s school so you can make your presence known. Simply being there for your child will create a more positive environment in the school. Your child will feel as though you truly care about him and his well being and you will be able to help the other students as well.

Beat the Bully: Keep Children Busy

When children become bored, they are more likely to get into trouble, including bullying other children. If you want to beat the bully, you need to make sure you can keep the children busy throughout the day. Whether you create activities a group of children can do together or you provide various opportunities from which children can choose, you will be making sure they are too busy to think about acting negatively toward other children. Instead, they will enjoy spending time together and acting positively in the process.

Beat the Bully: Offer Support

Some children, especially those who suffer from learning disabilities or other mental ailments, need additional support to ensure they don’t become bullies or become the victim of bullies. When you are able to offer that support, either as a parent or a teacher, you will be able to create a positive environment for those children who would otherwise struggle when they are around other children. This type of support is often missing in the world today. If it can be replaced for those students who really need it, many of the bullying problems will decline and could eventually disappear.

Beat the Bully: Make Your Presence Known

If you take a close look at bullying behavior, a lot of it happens when an adult is not around. Therefore, making sure that children have adult supervision at all times can be an important deterrent for bullying behavior. This doesn’t mean an adult has to be right in the middle of the action at all times, especially when you are dealing with younger children. Instead, it means your presence should be physically notable, even if you are located a distance away from the children involved. Knowing you are there is often enough to harbor a positive environment that doesn’t allow bullying to occur.

Learning how to beat the bully will ensure you are able to provide a safe environment for all children. When you follow some or all of these steps, you will create a respectful environment that will prevent bullying and encourage children to get along better. As parents and teachers, it can often be difficult to harness the power of bullying and teach every child better ways to handle their problems. However, if everyone works together, the problem can be reduced and potentially even eliminated in the future.

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