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Countries of the World Quiz: Fun for Everyone

Fun for everyone! Explore our informative Countries of the World Quiz for you and your children.

Our world, with all its countries, is becoming a much smaller place. There was a time when it was a superb feat to go around the world in 80 days. In 1889, a female adventurer named Nellie Bly was sent by the newspaper called the New York World to find out if she could go around the world in 80 days. The idea had already been made popular by the Jules Verne book published first in the French language in 1873, entitled “Tour du Monde en 80 Jours.” To everyone’s surprise Nellie Bly completed the trip in only 72 days, by herself, and wrote a book about it. Now it is possible to fly around the world in a jet aircraft in about forty hours. With the advent of the global Internet, messages fly around the world in a matter of seconds. But how much do we actually know about the countries of the world?

Take this “Countries of the World Quiz” to find out.

1. How many countries are there in the world? (as of March 2015)

  1. Less than 150
  2. Less than 160
  3. Less than 170
  4. More than 180

The correct answer is “4”.

The World Atlas says there are 189 to 196 countries in the world. Why are the numbers not exact? The answer depends on political and ideological differences. The controversy arises over considerations of the independent sovereignty of Greenland, Kosovo, Palestine, South Sudan, Taiwan, the Vatican, and Western Sahara.

The United Nations has 192 member states. The United States recognizes 194 independent countries including Kosovo, but does not recognize Taiwan, since China demands that Taiwan remain a province of China.

2. In the hilarious, some say offensive, movie comedy entitled “Borat,” the actor Sacha Baron Cohen plays a news reporter who comes to the United States, from what country?

  1. Kazakhstan
  2. Uzbekistan
  3. Turkmenistan
  4. Kyrgyzstan

The correct answer is “1”.

The full title of the comedy movie is Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. Adults need to have a crazy sense of humor to allow for the bawdy comedy. The movie is hilarious in the most offensive ways possible (not recommended for younger children).

One thing the movie did is to put the country of Kazakhstan in the minds of Americans and others in the west, who probably could not find Kazakhstan on a global map. All the countries given as possible answers to this question, plus one more called Tajikistan, are just north of Afghanistan. Afghanistan is where the United States has been fighting a war for over fourteen years. Check out this world map, which gives you the cool option to zoom in on and out of different countries.

3. What country had a declaration made by its political leader of the importance of “Gross National Happiness?”

  1. Myanmar
  2. Cambodia
  3. Bhutan
  4. Bangladesh

The correct answer is “3”.

The King of Bhutan, His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck, in recognition that progress also includes consideration of wellbeing, invented the term of Gross National Happiness in the 1970s. Happiness comes from sustainable development mixed with consideration of non-economic measures. Besides taking a holistic approach to sustainable development, it relies on having good governmental policies, preservation of culture, and protection of the environment.

Every policy decision considers nine factors that include community, culture, ecological issues, education, good government, health, improving living standards, psychological health, and the best use of time that leads to more happiness for the Bhutanese people.

4. Which U.S. President said, “Africa is a nation that suffers from incredible disease?”

  1. Bill Clinton
  2. Barack Obama
  3. George W. Bush
  4. George H. W. Bush

The answer is “3“.

This distinction goes to President George “Walker” Bush who is the son of President George “Herbert Walker” Bush. George W. Bush called Africa a nation during 2011 in a recorded address he made in Sweden. This is a common mistake. Africa is a continent, like Europe or Asia, and it is has many countries.


How many countries make up the continent of Africa? According to Nations Online, the answer is 53.

5. What is the smallest country in the world that is a member of the United Nations?

  1. San Marino
  2. Liechtenstein
  3. Monaco
  4. Nauru

The correct answer is “3”.

According to The World Atlas List of the Ten Smallest Countries in the World, Monaco is about two square kilometers. Liechtenstein is about one-hundred sixty square kilometers, San Marino is about sixty-one square kilometers, and Nauru is about twenty-one square kilometers. Vatican City is the smallest, at less than one-half square kilometer, but it is not a member state of the United Nations.

5. What is the largest country in the world that is a member of the United Nations?

  1. Russia
  2. China
  3. Canada
  4. United States

The correct answer is “1”.

Even with the loss of huge portions of land during the breakup of the Soviet Union, Russia remained the largest nation in the world, based on land area. According to Maps of the World Russia has over 17 million square kilometers. Canada is the second largest with just under 10 million square kilometers. The United States is slightly smaller than Canada at 9.8 million square kilometers, and China has just a little less at 9.5 million square kilometers.

6. What country has the greatest number of people who speak the Portuguese language?

  1. Central America
  2. Portugal
  3. South Africa
  4. Brazil

The correct answer is “4”.

In South Africa, the people either speak Afrikaans, which is the language of the native African dialects. Central America is a region like South America. All of the countries in both Central and South America speak Spanish except Brazil. Brazil has a population of over 200 million, whereas the nation of Portugal has only about 10.5 million people.

7. Which country is the most green (environmentally sustainable)?

  1. Sweden
  2. Costa Rica
  3. Switzerland
  4. Iceland

The correct answer is “4”.

All of these countries listed as choices for this question are in the top ten green countries because they made excellent efforts to go green. According to the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) rating from Yale University, Iceland gets the highest rating because almost all its entire energy needs come from a combination of geothermal energy and hydrogen – both of which are sustainable and clean energy sources.

8. In what area of the world is the country of Brunei located?

  1. Middle East
  2. North Africa
  3. Southeast Asia
  4. South America

The correct answer is “3”.

Brunei is also called “The Abode of Peace.” It is located on the northern part of the island called Borneo in the Southeast Asia region. The small country is ruled by the Sultan Hajji Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei who has a net worth of approximately US$20 Billion from the oil and gas reserves found in his country. Even though Brunei is all the way around on the opposite side of the world from the Middle East, it is an Islamic monarchy rich with oil.

9. What was the first country in the world to recognize the United States as a sovereign nation?

  1. France
  2. Canada
  3. Great Britain
  4. Morocco

The correct answer is “1”.

France helped the U.S. colonies fight the war against the British and was the first of these countries to recognize the United States as a sovereign nation on December 17, 1777.

The country of Morocco, located in North Africa, was the second country in the world, from these choices given, to recognize the United States officially as a sovereign nation. The treaty of friendship was offered by Morocco to the United States in 1777 and was signed by the Emperor of Morocco and Thomas Barclay of the United States during June 1786. It still stands as the longest unbroken treaty between any two countries in the world.

Canada was still ruled directly by Great Britain until it became a self-governing dominion of Great Britain on July 1, 1867, almost a century after the independence of the United States on July 4, 1776. Of these choices, Great Britain was the last country to accept the sovereign nation status of the United States, yet in today’s world, the UK and the USA are the strongest allies.

10. How many countries have veto power for United Nations Security Council resolutions?

  1. 8
  2. 5
  3. 12
  4. 15

The correct answer is “2”.

Five member states hold a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council with veto power over the U.S. Security Council resolutions.


One extra point for naming each country who has U.N. Security Council veto power.

They are China, Russia, France, UK, and the USA.


How did you do in figuring out the countries of the world quiz from our questions?

Score above 10 – Genius.

Score 7 – 10 Excellent.

Score 4-6 Average.

Score 3 or below – Time to learn more!

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