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Committing Suicide: The Thoughts Behind the Action

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Suicide affects more people in today’s society than many people realize. Many people think about suicide a lot more often than they would like to. For many people, suicide is a way out from the life they are currently living and unhappy with. When suicide is involved, there are a lot of things you need to acknowledge and consider when it comes to discussing the thought of Committing Suicide

What is Suicide?

Suicide is when someone kills themselves intentionally. Suicide and suicidal behavior are two different things. Suicidal behavior can be defined as crashing a vehicle or overdosing intentionally.

Who is at Risk for Committing Suicide?

Anyone can commit suicide, whether they are happy or sad. People who are at risk for committing suicide are people who:

  • feel depressed
  • have a history of depression
  • have a family history of suicide
  • use illegal drugs
  • use alcohol
  • have access to a loaded gun
  • have attempted suicide

People who feel depressed or have a family history of depression are more likely to experience suicidal thoughts or attempt to commit suicide. The illegal use of drugs and alcohol are two ingredients of a suicide waiting to happen. People who have access to a gun may contemplate suicide more than a person does not have a loaded gun. Anyone who tried to commit suicide is no stranger to suicide and it more likely to attempt suicide again.

Why Do People Commit Suicide?

One popular question that many people want the answer to is why do people commit suicide? The primary reason a person will think about committing suicide is because they feel that their life and the events that are taking place in their life is too much to deal with. The bottom line in this situation is that people are looking for relief from the things that are going on.

There are many different reasons why a person would commit suicide. Some people feel ashamed or guilty about something they have done. In other instances, a person may think about committing suicide because they feel like they are a burden to others. Some people feel like victims and other people cannot handle rejection, loss, or being lonely.

What Are the Symptoms of Suicidal thinking?

A lot of people are not aware that there are symptoms of suicide that you can look for in yourself or in another person.Noticing these symptoms could mean a matter of life and death for someone. Many people are surprised to find out that a lot of suicide attempts are cries for help. If you are aware of these symptoms to look for, you may be able to answer their cry. Keep in mind that some symptoms are obvious and others are not.

One common symptom of suicide is trouble concentrating. Along with experiencing difficulty concentrating, some people cannot think clearly. Another symptom you may want to take notice to is a person who is giving all of their belongings away. If this person is a close friend, you may notice they are giving away some of their most-prized possessions. If someone is talking about going away and you are certain they are not taking any trips any time soon, this may be something you will want to take a closer look at and keep in mind. Some people use the phrase “getting their affairs in order”. A sudden change in behavior is always a red flag. You may notice someone happy and cheery one day and down and depressed the next or deeply depressed and chipper and happy the next.

People who take an interest in committing suicide often lose interest in the activities they once enjoyed. Another symptom you should take notice to is destructive behavior, such as excessive alcohol consumption, bodily harm, and illegal drug use. Another common symptom of suicide is when someone pulls themselves away from their friends and family. In this situation, people feel like the best thing to do is be alone, but this is usually not the best idea, other things you should take notice to is a change in someone’s eating or sleeping patterns, discussing their feelings of hopelessness, and arranging different ways to take their life on their own which may include purchasing a mixture of pills or a weapon, such as a gun.

Is There a Treatment for Suicide & Suicidal Thoughts?

The treatment for suicide can be complex depending upon what triggered suicidal thoughts. The difficult aspect of treating people who are suicidal is getting them to accept treatment. A lot of people who suffer from suicidal thoughts and attempted suicide often underestimate the power of treatment and refuse to be treated.

There are a of of reasons a person who has thoughts of or attempted suicide is not fond of many treatment options available. The primary reason people reject treatment is because they fear it will not work. Another reason people avoid treatment is because they don’t want people to know they are experiencing problems in their life. Privacy is a major concern people have. Another reason treatment is frowned upon is because people view asking for help as a sign of weakness.

Evaluated Treatment

Many people who try to commit suicide have underlying issues, such as bipolar disorder, depression, and Schizophrenia. Having a mental health disorder can trigger suicide and other dangerous, fatal situations. Other mental health disorders that play a part in this situation include drug and alcohol dependence and borderline personality disorder. People who suffer from these disorders have to be evaluated before any form of treatment is suggested.

When Should I Notify Someone?

If you sense that someone is suicidal or they are a danger to themselves and others, you need to notify someone immediately. In this situation, a parent, guardian, health care provider, or other proper authorities need to be notified to keep a person and other safe.

How Can Suicide be Prevented?

In order to prevent suicide, sometimes life changes need to be made. Anyone who has habits using or abusing drugs and alcohol should stop immediately and seek care. As far as teenagers are concerned, different measures should be taken.

If you are trying to prevent a teen from committing suicide, you need to keep all prescribed medication in a cabinet, safe, or container that can be locked and placed high up or hidden. If there is a suicidal teen in the home, alcohol should not be kept in the home, but if it is, alcohol, like prescribed medication should be locked up at all times. Guns are another thing that should not be in the home. Extra precaution needs to be taken when guns are kept in the home. Not only should guns be kept locked up at all times, the bullets need to be kept locked up and separate from the gun.

Pay Attention to the Warning Signs

Warning signs are important and they should not be ignored. Most people who intend to commit suicide give warning signs or clues before they decide to follow through with their plans. If someone who is suicidal or who you believe is suicidal comes to you to talk, your only job is to listen to what they have to say. Sometimes your listening ear and not passing judgment on the things they discuss is all they need to set them back to reality and deal with the situations or events that are troubling them.

One thing you should not do is try to manage this issue on your own. You can be there to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on, but you should always notify someone. A lot of people are able to go through with these plans because no one is aware of what is going on. In this situation, it is not your choice to decide the course of action a person takes. Sometimes life events such as life and death take a major toll on someone and they are not sure of how to handle the events that take place.

Avoid Name Calling & Insults

One of the last things you want to do is call a person who is suicidal is call them names or insult them. You should avoid using words such as crazy, stupid, childish, dumb, and other words that are similar in meaning. Your name calling and insults can be the final straw that sends someone over the edge.

Life After a Suicide Attempt

The life of a person who has attempted suicide can be as normal as the next person, and you would never know this situation took place in their life unless they wanted you to know. Most people who are in this situation have endured many hours of therapy and now live happily in the world without any regrets and anything hanging over their head. Some people need to attend therapy sessions on a regular basis to ensure that they stay on a positive path and the negative thoughts do not reappear. With proper counseling and guidance, the negativity can remain in the past, and people can move on with their lives.

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