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Are Teens Hooked on Club Drugs?

Definition and History of Club Drugs

What are club drugs? Club drugs is a lose term which is used to conveniently label a host of substances which are common at club scenes in various regions of different countries. In the 1970s when discos began popular, a sub culture of drug use at these locations became popular as well. The added advantage to selling these types of drugs at the club was that the effects of the drugs actually seemed to enhance the dancing experience of the loud music and flashing lights which were common. In subsequent decades as the club scenes have intensified so has the club drugs being sold and passed around at these locations.

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Club Drugs can include any number of substances that are found in large quantities at clubs or at party scenes. GHB, also known as the “date rape drug” is also categorized as a club drug. This is substance is commonly used to sedate women who are then led from the club and sexually assaulted at another location. The strong effects of the drug are such that once ingested the victim can not fight off the assault. This club drug is often dissolved in a victim’s drink. It is odorless and tasteless and therefore very dangerous. There are new products such as finger nail polish being developed to help women protect themselves from this type of assault. The tip of a finger nail coated in the special nail polish can be dipped into one’s drink to literally test the drink for certain types of drugs. If the nail polish turns black the drink has been tampered with. Products like this will help women to protect themselves for being abused by those using club drugs like GHB.

Club drugs are considered especially dangerous because of the unstable quality of their effects on different individuals. It is very hard to say what effect these drugs will have on people. One person will react one way while another person may react entirely differently. Club drugs are often offered to people who have already been drinking alcohol which is an added danger as well. Mixing drugs with alcohol is a very bad combination.

Types and Long Term Effects of Club Drugs

Types of club drugs can include any number of illegal and even legal substances which promise to enhance the partying or dance experience and possibly sexual experiences. Because many individuals go to clubs in order to hook up sexually, many examples of club drugs are sold in hopes of also enhancing this experience as well. Something as simple as large dose caffeine pills to methamphetamine are passed around club drug scenes.

A club drugs list can include Ecstasy, Cocaine, GHB, Poppers and many others. Poppers are small capsules which are popped open and the odorless gas inhaled. Thus the name Poppers. Nitrous Oxide is also considered a club drug for those who can obtain it. With the advent of many “legal” high alternatives an entirely new list of substances is also being added to the existing list of club drugs. Legal substances which promise to give the same effects as illegal drugs are increasing in popularity. Although in most cases the effects are not quite as intense, these substances are growing in popularity because of the ease of obtaining them and the lack of legal risk. For the most part these substances, often referred to as “party pills” can have very intense effects on the nervous system and can in many cases be quite dangerous if the side effects are not understood. It is very important for parents to understand what the street names for club drugs are. This can help you be aware if you hear your child using any of these terms.

What is Molly?

Recently the drug called “Molly” has been seen over and over again in news headlines as hundreds of club overdoses were reported throughout the summer at night clubs, concerts and music festivals. Molly is more commonly called “Ecstasy” and supposedly has no addictive effects on users. Molly is attractive because of its ability to increase serotonin and dopamine levels basically making everything feel good and more enjoyable. However, on the east coast in recent months, it has been reported that there have been batches of Molly sold that were tainted with other chemicals. Many of the hospitalizations and deaths resulting from Molly use caused convulsions and then death.

Although the side effects of Molly supposedly gives individuals feelings of peace, euphoria and pleasure, the drug can have a more dangerous side effect as well if it is contaminated with other substances. These side effects can include seizures and cardiac failure. One sad realization about the club drug Molly is that it boasts itself to be safe and is therefore experimented with by individuals who would normally not be involved in drug use at all. This includes highly motivated students as well as younger people. These young people are often encouraged to use the drug because it can help them relax from their super busy over achieving schedules. Parents of such individuals are often shocked to learn that their child has been experimenting with drugs at all. Many of the deaths that have resulted from Molly use were of good students who excelled in their college studies and were involved in volunteer work. These are not your average drug user. These types of young people are attracted to Molly because they spend much of their time studying and working and simply want an outlet to help them relax and enjoy themselves away from their responsibilities. Molly promises this, but the sad truth is that Molly is just as dangerous as many other club drugs.


Another popular club drug that has increased in popularity since it has become a controlled substance in 1999, is the dissociative anesthetic Ketamine. This drug is usually used as part of veterinary practice but has since become an in demand party and club drug which can at high doses supposedly give individuals an out of body or near death experience. Users refer to this feeling as “the K hole.” The drug can have devastating affects on the respiratory system. Because of its intense effect on the nervous system the drug has been used as a “date rape” drug because it can inhibit the victims resistance to the point that they cannot fight off assault.

Understanding the risks factors involved with club drug use can help parents to keep their children safe from possible use of these substances as well as warn their children to protect themselves from becoming victims of assault as a result of being dosed with one of these substances as a date rape drug.

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