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Christian Jessen: Champion for Gay Acceptance

The Story of Christian Jessen…

Bullying has been around forever. In the past, there were many excuses thrown around for why someone would get bullied. “Oh she is just jealous of you.” “He likes you. That is why he pulled your hair.” “Boys will be boys.” All of these excuses have been used to explain away a problem that has grown larger than anyone ever would have imagined. Thankfully, there are more and more people standing up to advocate against all types of bullying, including homophobic bullying. With everyone’s willingness to speak up and stand together, we can abolish this dangerous problem.

Dr. Christian Jessen

Christian Jessen, a well known openly gay television doctor in London, has become one of the champions working to advocate for acceptance. The number one weapon against bullying is self confidence and acceptance of who you are. Dr. Christian Jessen has gone out of his way to help the gay community find a way to accept themselves.

There is no lengths to where this doctor will go for human rights. In a bold move, Christian Jessen decided to do a documentary on the different treatments being performed on homosexuals in the UK and US, to cure them of their homosexuality. When asked in an interview by Claire Webb, “Why did you want to make a documentary about “cures” for homosexuality?” He replied that he had a male patient come into his office asking him for a cure to being gay. The patient stated that he did not want to be gay and wanted his sexuality to be fixed. Dr. Christian stated that his first thought was, “Why aren’t you loud and proud?” With further thought, he began to question why shouldn’t people seek a cure if there truly is one? (Webb, 2014).

Though it is true that more people are coming out of the closet today, there are still many that are not for fear of being persecuted. There is shame being felt in the hearts of some gay youth and adults today. For this reason the documentary “Cure Me I’m Gay” was produced.

If you watch any television at all, you have probably heard some religious advocate say that being gay is a sin. In some parts of the world, the gay community is being scared into silence. There are some that believe that being gay is a choice that you can be cured from, as if gay people are just stubborn and rebelling against God and society. There is also the belief that you become gay by demons entering your body. From these beliefs there have been a number of “treatments” that have been created to cure the gay of their homosexuality.

In the documentary “Cure Me I’m Gay,” we watched the gay doctor go through a number of excruciating treatments to see if there is a gay cure that actually works. The point of this documentary was to debunk the theory that these treatments worked. The good doctor wanted to take the opportunity to give the confused homosexual community a honest view of these bogus treatments.

Treatments to Cure Homosexuality

The treatments exposed in this documentary were: The Ipecac Syrup Treatment, right brain therapy and gay rehab. It is important to know that these treatments exist and what they in tell to help educate anyone you know who may be looking into these treatments.

Ipecac Syrup Treatment

The Ipecac Syrup treatment is a treatment where you are required to drink Ipecac while watching videos of naked men, and listening to tapes recite you are worthless, you should be sleeping with women, and being gay is evil, all while vomiting for hours. This is a very old treatment that has been around since about the 1920s. The thought behind this treatment is that by having the patient drink the Ipecac to induce vomiting, it would train the body to react to any form of homosexuality. Sadly, there has never been a patient that has come forward claiming to have been cured by this treatment.

The Right Brain Therapy

The right brain therapy, is a $250 treatment created by a former pastor, Jerry Mungadze, who has proclaimed himself a doctor. The closes degree he has to a doctorate is a minor in psychology. According to Mungadze, he can tell a homosexual how gay they are and why they are that gay, by the way they color a picture of a brain. This is his expert $250 treatment. When Dr. Jessen underwent this treatment in the documentary, he had to describe what colors he chose to color in the brain, before Mungadze could analyze his picture. As it turns out, Mungadze is color blind. In Mungadze’s expert opinion, the section of the brain that Jessen colored black is an indication of all the abuse he received as a child. The funny thing is, according to Dr. Christian, he grew up with a very happy childhood.

Love In Action

The Love in Action treatment is a $3000 a month treatment. This treatment is better known as “gay rehab”. This treatment takes you away from anything deemed gay related. Among the list of gay related temptations: clothes and music that is not Christian based is considered gay, including classical music. The thought behind Love In Action is if you are taken away from all things gay, you will stop being tempted to be gay. Unfortunately, even the owner of Love In Action, a man by the name of Smid, has never heard of anyone converting from homosexuality to heterosexuality.

Thanks to Dr. Jessen’s documentary, a bright light shined on these treatments and showed the world what they really are: worthless and harmful. Doing this documentary was brave of Dr. Jessen. He put himself in the hot seat to help show the gay community it is okay to accept themselves for the fabulous people they are. They have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

Being gay is not a disease that you can be cured from. It is not the flu. Going through torturous treatments will not change it. We need more advocates like Dr. Christian Jessen, who stands proudly in his homosexuality to show others that it is okay to do the same. Dr. Christian Jessen is a gay doctor, who is a UK and US hero.

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