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Child Neglect Stories

Child Neglect Stories

The neglect of a child can come in all shapes and forms. Neglect does not simply mean that a child is being abused physically, but they can also be neglected emotionally and mentally as well. A child needs to have a parent and adults around in order to not only care for them but to make sure they receive all of the mental and physical attention they require to grow into strong, independent individuals. There are millions of child neglect storiesĀ all around the country, but sadly it does not change the way people think or the way they act around children. All of these situations can take place in and around where you live, so it is very important for you to know a few of these stories and to understand how damaging this can be to the development of a child.

Child Neglect Stories: Emotionally Abused Child

Parents are often busy. This is part of being an adult. There is so much stuff to deal with that a child is often on their own or receives very little connection with the parents. One parent is often at work while the other is either running around, completing errands or at work as well, so it just is not possible for the child to receive the emotional connection they need. After arriving from school, the child does his or her homework, one parent arrives home to prepare dinner and the other arrives even later. The two parents are very tired form the day of work and just want to sit in front of the television to relax. The child is with them around the TV for a bit, but the adults do not like to be disturbed while watching their favorite program, because after all, they just want to relax. The parents then get ready and go to bed, making sure the child goes to bed as well.

All of this sounds almost like a normal family. The child is not physically abused at all, but they have no connection with their parents. They might talk a bit during dinner, but outside of this, they are without the love and support of their parents. Although parents are busy, they do need to make some time for their children. Without this support and assistance of a parent, the child is going to grow up looking for other forms of attention. This might mean they start to act out in school, turn to alcohol, drug of sexual activity early on in their life, all in order to find the attention and connection that they are not receiving from their parents. They need to be loved and nurtured. Parents should be there always for a child, and while there are days where a parent might be too busy, they should always do whatever they can to free up a small amount of time to spend with their child, whether it is reading a bed time story to them or going to the movies on Friday.

Child Neglect Stories: Physical Neglect

Many kids are punished through spanking and other means of discipline. This is a common form of punishment and there really is nothing wrong with it, when it is done properly. Many previous generations were raised on this form of discipline and they had fewer outbreaks, violence and issues that are going on today (although they also had fewer reasons and methods to outbreak). However, there are other forms of physical neglect that go beyond just spanking. This starts to move more towards abuse than anything else.

A child comes home from school and leaves his bike in the driveway. Instead of doing homework right away, which his parents have asked him to do before, he turns on the television and starts playing video games. His mom comes home and asks him to move the bike before his father comes home. He just kind of shrugs his shoulders and continues to play. His father comes in an hour later, complaining about having to move the bike. He yells out at his son to move it or he is going to run the bike over with his car in the driveway. The child says he will get it but doesn’t move. The father tells him to do it now but the child still drags. The dad then walks up and backhands the child across the face, sending him to the floor. The child then runs upstairs, away from his father, but the father continues him up. He yells to go get the back but the child is sitting in his bed. The dad goes up and backhands him again, saying it is just going to get worse if the child does not go get his bike. Crying, the child runs outside, takes the bike in and, before he can run upstairs, the father tells him to sit down because it is time to eat.

While the child seems to receive a dialog with his parents, his stubbornness causes the father to abuse him and neglect him physically. While this could have been avoided if the child had just gone and moved the bike, he did not. It can show disrespect for the parents, but the child does not see it as this. He just sees it as he would rather play video games. There is a better way to go about addressing the situation, but regardless of what it is, the child has been hit, and chances are, this is going to continue throughout the rest of his childhood.

Raising a child is not easy and while there are help books there is always a new variation that is going to come up. Due to this, it is very important to work with your child. Your child is going to take after what you do raising them, which means they might end up doing the same to their own children. This is why you need to practice the right kind of parenting to ensure your children are never neglected.

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