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Child Abuse Hotline

There are so many child protection agencies worldwide that supports the emotional, social, intellectual, and physical development of children. Millions of children are victimized each year by family members, friends, and other trusting adults. Many children lose their lives, or are permanently injured from neglect, abuse or abandonment. What these agencies do is answer the cry for help, and aid in providing children with a safe and secure place to live, grow and develop. So,

What is a Child Abuse Hotline?

What these agencies have done is to set up toll free hotlines to report child abuse, neglect, maltreatment and abandonment. These numbers are available to families, and adults that live in various parts of the world. When someone suspects that abuse is taking place, they need to report the suspicion right away. Even if it turns out to be false, at least the suspicion of the abuse is taken into consideration.

From Alabama to Wyoming, from country to country, and from city to city, the need to protect children exists. When someone calls in to report an allegation of child abuse or neglect, they call a local office, or they can call from one of the many toll free numbers. The number depends on the location or region of where the abuse has taken place.

Who Answers the Toll Free Numbers for the Child Abuse Hotline?

When calls come in on any of the hotlines, there are answering machines in place to record the name, address, and telephone number of the victim. In some cases, live representatives might answer the lines, and write down important details surrounding the suspicion or allegation of abuse, abandonment and neglect. The toll free numbers are part of the nation’s hotline system, that connects to thousands of groups and organizations.

What are the Toll Free Numbers for the States?

Alabama (800) 422-4452
Alaska (800) 478-4444
Arizona (888) SOS-Child (888) 767- 2445
Arkansas (800) 482- 5964
California (800) 422- 4453
Colorado (303) 866- 5932
Connecticut TDD (800) 624- 5518 Toll Free (800) 842- 2288
Delaware (800) 292- 9582
District of Columbia (202) 671- SAFE (202) 671- 7233
Florida (800) 96- ABUSE (800) 962- 2873
Georgia (800) 422- 4453
Hawaii (808) 832- 5300
Idaho TDD (208) 332- 7205 Toll Free (800) 926- 2588
Illinois (800) 252- 2873 Local (217) 524- 2606
Indiana (800) 800- 5556
Iowa (800) 362- 2178
Kansas (800) 362- 2178
Kentucky (800) 922- 5330
Louisiana (855) 452- 5437
Maine TDD (800) 963- 9490 Toll Free (800) 452- 1999
Maryland (800) 422- 4453
Massachusetts Toll Free (800) 792- 5200
Michigan Fax (616) 977- 1154 / (616) 977- 1158 Toll Free (855) 444- 3911
Minnesota (800) 422- 4453
Mississippi Toll free (800) 222- 8000 Local (601) 359- 4991
Missouri Toll free (800) 392- 3738
Montana Toll free (866) 820- 5437
Nebraska (800) 652- 1999
Nevada (800) 992- 5757
New Hampshire Toll free (800) 894- 5533 Local (603) 271- 6556
New Jersey TDD (800) 835- 5510 TTY (800) 835- 5510 Toll free (877) 652- 2873
New Mexico Toll free (855) 333- 7233
New York TDD (800) 369- 2437 Toll free (800) 342- 3720 Local (518) 474- 8740
North Carolina (800) 422- 4453
North Dakota (800) 422- 4453
Ohio Toll free (855) 642- 4453
Oklahoma Toll free (800) 522- 3511
Oregon (800) 422- 4453
Pennsylvania TDD (866) 872- 1677 Toll free (800) 932- 0313
Puerto Rico Toll free (800) 981- 8333 Local (787) 749- 1333
Rhode Island (800) RI- CHILD (800) 742- 4453
South Carolina Local (803) 898- 7318
South Dakota (800) 422- 4453
Tennessee Toll free (877) 237- 0004
Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Toll free (800) 252- 5400
Utah Toll free (855) 323- 3237
Vermont Toll free (800) 649- 5285
Virginia Toll Free (800) 552- 7096 Local (804) 786- 8536
Washington TTY (800) 624- 6168 Toll free (800) 562- 5624
West Virginia Toll free (800) 352- 6513
Wisconsin Toll free (800) 422- 4453
Wyoming Toll free (800) 422- 4453

The above listed numbers are provided by the Department of Child Protective Services, children advocate groups, Child Find, Child help, child abuse agencies, Children Family Services, Child Safety and other child abuse and neglect reporting agencies. The toll free numbers can be called from any phone in the nation, free of charge.

Allegations and Suspicions Save Lives

All advocate groups have one main goal, and that is to keep children safe from all hurt, harm and danger. This means reporting suspected and known abuses to the proper child abuse reporting agencies. Some agencies have a local building, where individuals can walk in and make a report in person. This may be the easiest and quickest way to get help for situations that are occurring within a mile or two.

Other ways to report allegations of neglect, abuse or abandonment is to call the local child protective agency or call the toll free number. Individuals who are concerned with the welfare and well being of children, do not have to be a citizen or resident in a particular state or country, if they are witnessing some form of child abuse. All it takes is a simple, quick telephone call to report the incidence or act.

All Calls Make a Difference

Once the call comes in, the investigation into the allegation of child abuse is passed on to the proper child reporting agency in that state. It is important to give the representative as much information as possible. This type of information is usually the name of the child, or the family name. Their address, telephone number, and any other information that will help identify or locate the abused child or the child’s family.

Every state has a child abuse reporting agency, that is responsible for following up with reports of child abuse and neglect. Even if the allegations sound untrue, unrealistic or far fetched, every call is taken seriously. It is up to the investigator to determine to pursue a case if no evidence is found. It could be that the allegation is old, or that the abuse did not take place.

Therefore, protecting the children becomes the responsibility of Child Protective Services. The organization is connected to thousands of advocate groups and organizations that are committed to protecting children from any and all forms of abuse. The plan may include removing the children from their homes, and placing them in foster homes or other relative homes.

The safety of abused children begins with someone picking up the telephone and dialing one of the listed toll free numbers. The live of a child depends on the caring hearts and great concern of others, including strangers. The call is free, and it only takes a few minutes to save a child’s life, and get him or her the help he or she so richly deserves.

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