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Champions Against Bullying

Champions Against Bullying have recently released a video where teenagers read posts left for individuals who had committed suicide as a result of being bullied. The messages are all of kindness and love, unlike the messages that they would have received from their bullies. But unfortunately, for many teenagers, it is too late and the statistics on teen suicide are shocking.

The aim is obviously to try and stop it before it’s too late, if the bullied teens had received messages like this before they committed suicide then maybe they wouldn’t have. Maybe they might not have thought it was their only option.

|Learn about Suicide Survival|

If you are in a situation where you’re being bullied to a point where you are considering suicide then talk to someone, as there is a way out. Suicide is not the only option, because there are lots of people who care.

Champions Against Bullying end the video with ‘Be nice. Now.’ It’s a great motto to end the video on. So how do you feel about this video?

Champions Against Bullying: Too Late

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  • Karen Skinner
    Jul 20, 2015 at 01:44 am

    The middle school my daughter rarely attended because of being assaulted. When I complained, they blamed me because my daughter couldn’t go to school. She was thrown into a locker & they closed the door & left her there. She’s gay, so that adds to BULLYING. She gets physically sick EVERY SCHOOL DAY. I’m not stupid, so I watched to make sure she wasn’t making herself throw up, which she wasn’t. If nothing in her belly- dryheaves EVERY SCHOOL DAY.The School’s answer was for me to drag her out of the house & somehow shove her in the van and once at school,push her out & leave her there crying & afraid of the bullies. The administration bullies me. No one has done a damn thing to help, instead, I have had to go to court 3 times, 4th next month. If anyone can help, please. I’m disabled & my Veteran husband is not in our lives. They’re threatening to put me in jail because THEY DIDNT PROVIDE A SAFE PLACE FOR SARAH TO GO TO SCHOOL. YET–THEY SAY-I’M THE PROBLEM! WTF? SCARED & ALONE.

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