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Celebrities That Were Bullied

Celebrities That Were Bullied

Bullying is a serious problem that has plagued schools, playgrounds and the world in general as far back as anyone can remember. While many people think that celebrities are immune to this, the truth of the matter is that they can be victims as well. There are many celebrities that were bullied before their rise to fame, as well as bullying that has occurred even after their celebrity status was achieved.

Christian Bale

While you may recognize him as Batman or one of the many other roles this actor has played, his childhood wasn’t as easy. It turns out that he spent years being beat up by several boys. He was punched and kicked during this time.

Justin Timberlake

Even though this is not a story of physical bullying, Justin Timberlake suffered through emotional and verbal abuse because he was different from everyone else in his Tennessee school as a child. While everyone else was into sports, he was made fun of for his love of music and drama. The thing to keep in mind with this is that if he had given up on his love of these arts, then he would not be one of the highest paid celebrities in the world.

Miley Cyrus

In her book Miles to Go she talks about getting bullied by girls who shoved her into a bathroom stall and locked her in there. This was a scary experience for her, but it has not been the only way she has been bullied throughout her life as she is a controversial artist and there are many people who have an issue with this.

Kate Middleton

Even though she is now British royalty, Kate Middleton was not born this way. Rather she went through a lot of bullying when she was in boarding school. People went as far as to put feces in her bed.

Winona Ryder

This is a story of both physical and verbal bullying against the great actress. She tells the story of wearing a used boy’s suit from Salvation Army when she was attacked. Not only was she verbally accosted but they slammed her into a locker and kicked her repeatedly. She went on to talk about years later she ran into one of the people who had been a part of this horrible act and they wanted her autograph. She got the pleasure of telling them off and refusing the autograph for what they put her through.

Michael Phelps

As the most winning Olympic athlete, it is easy to think of Michael Phelps as a person who was immune to bullying, but this simply was not the case. Growing up he was bullied for his appearance because his ears were too big and he had a lisp. These are the same people who today try to befriend him due to his celebrity status.

Chris Rock

The interesting thing about Chris Rock is not that he was bullied growing up but that he got the chance to showcase what happened to him. The show Everybody Hates Chris was based on his life and the struggles that he endured. While there was a lot he dealt with at home, he was continually bullied. Being a celebrity gave him the ability to work through and expose these issues in a way that is comical, though it was not comical at the time.

Kate Winslet

Before She was Rose in the movie Titanic, Kate Winslet was bullied for being overweight. The kids at school bullied her for her weight and even gave her the nickname Blubber. One time she was even locked in an art closet. This also goes to show how she went on to drop the weight and achieve her acting dreams.

Tiger Woods

Back when Tiger Woods started school in 1981 he was bullied for a few reasons. One was due to his race. He is part African American, Native American and Asian. He also dealt with a stutter growing up which he was also bullied for. On his first day of school kids tied him to a tree and yelled racial slurs at him. Sadly this was not where the bullying ended for the professional golfer.

Rosario Dawson

This gorgeous woman has been on multiple lists for the sexiest women in the world, but when she was younger she was bullied due to her appearance. She was thought of as a tomboy and made fun of for her flat chest. Fortunately she simply developed later than others and has an amazing body and has played many amazing roles, including the goddess queen of the underworld in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

Jackie Chan

Many people think of Jackie Chan’s amazing martial arts moves and wonder if the man has ever been scared. He has opened up about being scared of the bullies when he was a child. He was bullied as a child and just took it because he was scared and did not know what else to do. What changed things for him was watching a new student being bullied. He stood up for them and this is what gave him the courage to stand up for himself and put an end to the bullying.

Did you know Julia Roberts was Bullied?


What to Take Away From This

You can look at all these stories of celebrity bullying and think about how sad they are, but this does not solve the problem. The thing you need to do if you or your child are currently dealing with bullying is to remember that the words or actions of the bully do not define you. Only you can choose what defines you. These celebrities rose above the adversities they endured to become the outstanding actors, musicians and other celebrities they are now.

Along with this it is also important to realize that just because someone may call you a loser or you may feel like one because of what has happened, does not make it so. Justin Timberlake was called a sissy for loving music and acting but this is what made him more wealthy than probably all of the people who said this to him and helped him meet his beautiful wife Jessica Biel.

If you are experiencing bullying in any capacity, know that this is not right and you do not have to take it. Speak up and let someone know. Bringing this to the light and dealing with it is the only way to make a change. There is nothing to fear. There are teachers, parents and other adults that are there to help you. There are laws out there to protect you from bullying. You just need to speak up and say something.

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