13 Reasons Why You Should Step Up To Bullying

The following are 13 reasons why you should get involved when it comes to bullying. In the United States, suicide ranks third highest in the cause of death for young people. In Great Britain, studies show that in almost half of the suicides reported, bullying was a contributing factor. The following 13 reasons show why intervening

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Gender Stereotypes: Definition, Examples and Analysis

Gender stereotyping is defined as overgeneralization of characteristics, differences and attributes of a certain group based on their gender. Gender stereotypes create a widely accepted judgment or bias about certain characteristics or traits that apply to each gender. If a man or a woman act differently from how their gender is assumed to behave, then they

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The Complicated Web of Teen Lives – 2015 Bullying Report

2014 has been a year of ups and downs regarding Bullying, Cyberbullying, Online Safety and the lives of teens and youth in general. We at NoBullying are adamant about our movement against bullying, harassment and discrimination and we persist in our endeavor to help create a better world for children to grow up in.

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Teen Stress

Teen stress is a part of everyday life. Feeling of having too much to do and not enough time. Tests, papers, extra curricular activities, sports, friends,and family all play a part in how to deal with stress from school. Some factors put teens at risk of stress overload. Family conflicts, bullying, problems with schoolwork, disability,

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The Pros and Cons of Facebook

Facebook – the world’s most popular social network. People use Facebook to connect with high school friends, co-workers, and other people in their network. Teens use Facebook to keep in touch with their friends, share memes and often document every minor aspect of their lives with pictures and statuses. Is this a good idea? Are we

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Why Do People Get Bullied in School?

The answer to the question “why do people get bullied?” stems from a variety of reasons ranging from physical appearance, to social standing, to academic performance. The vast majority of bullying happens to schoolchildren within the school setting; however, it can also occur outside school. Adults have also been victims of bullying within the workplace.

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The Unforgettable Amanda Todd Story

When Amanda Todd posted a video on Youtube with the use of flash cards, it seemed like a cry for help. She told the story of being abused, bullied, harassed, and stalked online and in person. She narrated her silent story of how she used self-harm, drugs, and alcohol in an attempt to silence the pain she suffered as Read more