Online Predators

Teach Children About Dealing with Strangers Online

Kids use social media sites, game sites and chat rooms to connect with peers from across the globe. For this reason, saying, “don’t communicate with strangers online” might not work as well as you’d like. When youngsters spend a fair amount of time on the Internet, it is inevitable they will come into contact with

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Online Sexual Predators, the Hidden Danger

Sexual predators online or online predators are a serious problem. Any game played online is open to people from around the world. Some companies have placed stipulations in place but many leave the games to their own devices. People take their chances. The gaming sites have age requirements and do ask for parent’s verification but

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Anthony Stancl, the name that changed the Lives of 31 Boys forever

2008 was not a good year for the students of New Berlin Eisenhower High School in Waukesha, Wisconsin, the reason being that one of the students, Anthony Stancl, used Facebook to deceive and coerce his fellow classmates into sexual acts with him. The story began when two girls joined Facebook and started communicating with male

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The Unforgettable Amanda Todd Story

When Amanda Todd posted a video on Youtube with the use of flash cards, it seemed like a cry for help. She told the story of being abused, bullied, harassed, and stalked online and in person. She narrated her silent story of how she used self-harm, drugs, and alcohol in an attempt to silence the pain she suffered as Read more

What is a Sex Offender Doing to Your Children

What is a Sex Offender? The United States has very specific laws about sex and how someone is able to demonstrate sex and their own genitalia. While there are right places for it, there are also some very wrong places as well. Someone who has broken the rules set forth inside of the country, they

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Department Of Child Safety

The safety and well being of every child is the greatest concern of child advocate groups, the Department of Children Services, and Child Protective Services. These departments work in unity to provide protection for children who might be in danger of neglect and/ or abuse. All child safety departments thrives for the same common goal;

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