Various Not So Scary Types of Stalkers

There is always a room between love and war. However, there are no finer lines between obsession and love because it is an unhealthy line that can be handled incorrectly and may result in situations that are best described as unlucky. In life, you cannot get anything you like no matter how rich or beautiful

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Examination of Cyber Bullying in Belgium

Cyber Bullying is spreading all over the world. Since the use of technology is accessible to everyone, the dangers of cyber-bullying as well are close to everyone. Falling as a victim of cyber-bullying is as easy as logging online to check your social media accounts. Thus, any person can be a victim of cyber bullying.

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Is Your Student a Bully? The Signs

Signs your student is a bully! Brandon and Larry were good friends ever since elementary school. Throughout their academic years, Brandon, who was outgoing, down-to-earth and popular, maintained a C average. Larry was the reticent type who was alone most of the time and was a B student. Both spent time on Facebook, but Larry

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Mean Girls and A Culture of Cyber bullying in Australia

News is breaking out all over Australia over the amount of women taking apprehended violence orders against other women, it is the story of mean girls with internet access, what are the recent news related to cyber bullying in Australia? These AVOs are usually taken against men who use violence or threaten to use it against

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Cyber Bullying Facts in The United Kingdom

A Guide to Cyber Bullying Facts in The United Kingdom With today’s modern technology, young people are more inclined to use the Internet every day. The UK Council for Child Internet Safety reported that children aged 8-15 are avid Internet users and these children have the confidence that they can stay safe online. About only 2%

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How to Stop Cyberbullying in Australia

Bullying has become more complex in the past decade due in part to advances in technology, particularly the development of the Internet, and the widespread use of cellphones. Learn How to Stop Cyberbullying in Australia Now! To prevent cyberbullying, it is essential to first understand what it is and how to identify it. Cyberbullying is the

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Going Online for Help against Bullying

Finding Help Against Bullying Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt you! There is absolutely no truth to that term; in fact, words have the crippling power to cut deeper than any physical affliction could. Bullying is a form of abuse; it is persistent harassment involving an aggressor or group

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The Media Definition and Its Effect on Our Lives

Media Definition and how it affects us Media of every form surrounds our days and we are blasted from every side, affecting every sense, from the beginning of our day, until we go to bed. That’s a lot of media exposure but in today’s world with our electronic environment, not even a blog post is

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What is an Amber Alert?

What is an Amber Alert? Nationwide, over 2,000 children are reported missing every day, and most of them are taken by people they know. News Discovery, CNN, and the National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway, and Throwaway Children all confirm that less than three percent of total child abductions are committed by strangers. Strangers

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How to Delete Instagram Account?

Instagram is a well-known photography sharing site designed to offer a way for people to share special photos and moments with others quickly. Millions of people enjoy using Instagram, along with other social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, or as a standalone application. Despite Instagram's popularity, search engines show that many people are searching for Read more