Bullying Cases

Bulling in the NHS

According to a recent survey by the Guardian’s Healthcare Professionals Network there is a major issue with bullying amongst employees of UK’s NHS (National Health Service). This email-based survey was sent out to healthcare professionals and promoted on Twitter and Facebook. The results were shocking: Of the 1,500 health workers who responded, 81 per cent

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Bullying and the Law in the US

Bullying is one of the worst things that can happen to a child. They come to school, ready to learn and make friends and someone picks them out of a crowd to pick on and ridicule them in front of their peers. People may say that words may never hurt, but this simply is not

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Ayden Olson, The Law, The Story and The Aftermath

‘He was sweet, lovely, kind with a great sense of fairness…he was popular; he had friends, not a sad loner’ That is how Shy Keenan described her son, Ayden Olson. The heart-wrenching story Ayden Olson was a wonderful fourteen year old English boy who went to Philip Morant School. He had a normal teenage-hood, until he

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John Zimmerman, Australia’s Worst Nightmare!

One of Australia’s worst nightmares finally came to an end in 2010 when John Zimmerman, 26, has been jailed for 12 years on 55 counts of multiple sex acts and grooming with minors. The horrific story began when John Zimmerman, 26, started using MySpace, Facebook and MSN to seduce young girls to having sex with

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My Bullying Story by Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones

This week a drama called ‘Cyber bully’ came out, which is a one-time only show about young teenagers online. The actress, Maisie Williams, plays the main character in this show, and she’s spoken about her own experiences about dealing with cyber bullying while she was at school. EXCLUSIVE: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Reveals Worst Bullying

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A Guide to Dealing with Workplace Bullying in Australia

The Definition of Workplace Bullying in Australia Bullying in the workplace has been rightly defined as being the continual abuse of power by one or more individuals against one or more individuals. Even so, it should noted that not all bullies are bosses and not all victims are underlings. It is not uncommon for colleagues

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Columbine School Shooting: When Bullying Goes Too Far

Columbine School Shooting: A Day We Will Never Forget April 20th, 1999, at a high school in Littleton, Colorado, two cars pull onto campus. While they appeared unassuming, the drivers would start a chain of events that would shake the nation. They place homemade explosive devices near the cafeteria, set to go off at 11:17

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Interesting Workplace Bullying Cases

A female working for a law school admits that she has been bullied extensively by her boss. To begin with, the boss never liked her from the get go, which makes one wonder why she hired her in the first place. She would be yelled at in front of her coworkers, causing her a great

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Stories of 7 Teen Suicides Because of Ask.fm Bullying

Bullying does not just take place in school or at any place where you have to be physically present to be bullied. Unfortunately, there is what is known as cyber bullying. Although this happens with just the computer monitor or a device in front, it is as cruel as any other type of bullying. Some Read more

Should Serial Bullies in the U.S.A be Banned from School?

In a ruling that many would say defies reason and common sense, a Florida appeals court judge rules that a child cannot be banned from public school for causing serious physical harm to another child. The reason for this, as cited by the judge and the superintendent of the school in question, is that the

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