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Canadian Anti Bullying Day : Tradition Begins to Grow

Anti Bullying Day

As people begin to understand the disturbing connections between bullying and teen suicide, they want to see more done to protect the children of Canada and the rest of the world. This is especially true for cyber-bullying which allows the antagonist to torment his or her victim inside the home. Fortunately, there are now provisions being put in place to allow law enforcement to go after cyber bullies. There is also another tool being used which is supposed to raise awareness about the problems of bullying. Anti bullying day is an international event which was founded in 2009 by the Boys and Girls club. Since then, their pink t-shirt effort has raised awareness about bullying and provided them with a voice.

What is Anti Bullying Day?

Most people are unaware that suicide is the number one cause of death among the world’s teenagers. This is mostly because people think a little friendly rousing between children is a normal part of their development. Most adults grew up with a larger meaner child who tormented them daily. They feel as though this behavior should be excused or not taken seriously. However, children from everywhere are now facing a much more cruel type of ridicule which is driving many of them to end their own lives. 33% of children in Canada say they have been faced by a bully, and 7% say they have faced some type of cyber-bullying in the past. It’s these startling statistics that that have led so many people to support anti bullying day.

This day of recognition began in the Canada and has spread to nearly every industrialized country in the world. The day is about celebrating good behavior and shedding light on the bad. Unlike similar efforts, anti bullying day incorporates the efforts of children who attend school with the bullies. This stay may seem ineffective at first, but it does so much to detour bullies. First off, most bullies are cowards who’re afraid to face a fair fight. Therefore, having the majority of the students at a school stand up to bullying itself is very likely to detour a bully in the future. Anti bullying day establishes open channels of communication between students, teachers and the administration. Children are taken seriously when they report an issue with a bully, instead of receiving criticism for tattling. This is a day dedicated to celebrating life and being healthy, but it also shows bullying in its true light. The victims of bullying are memorialized on this day even if they’re no longer among us. While no effort can eliminate bullying over night, there are at least laws in place to protect modern children from physical and cyber bullying.

When Bullying Leads to Death

The tragic story of Rehtaeh Parsons touched the hearts of people across Canada and across the globe. The innocent 17 year old was the victim of online bullying but a closer look reveals a far more sinister tale of two bullies that crossed the line. Parsons had allegedly been sexually assaulted the previous year, and her attackers had the audacity to post the picture online. After months of torment over the viral picture, young Rahtaeh attempted suicide in April of 2014. The attempt was unsuccessful, but the young woman was left in critical condition. She was later removed from life support and passed away. This case is particularly disturbing for a number of reasons. The fact that a 16 year old girl could be sexually assaulted by her classmates is enough to make anyone cringe.

However, knowing the brazen attackers posted the picture online worsens the scenario. Worst of all, the young lady’s classmates would ridicule her after finding out about her attack instead of offering her a helping hand. This is the natural progression of a problem than most people assumed would never get worse. However, unchecked bad behavior always leads to even worse behavior, and this case is just proof of that. Fortunately, teens like Rehtaeh are celebrated during the Anti-violence day which increases people’s knowledge of an ongoing issue. However, there are still deplorable crimes against women and children in our society that most people just choose to ignore.

Addressing More Types of Bullying

The day is supposed to give courage to the victims of bullies and encourage schools to implement antibullying protocols. Most of all, this day is meant to raise awareness about a problem that’s reaching pandemic levels. Anti bullying day is mainly about generation a concerted effort to stop bullying in all its forms. Many people think of bullying as simply one child intimidating another.

However, there are all types of bullies and not all of them are children. One sort of bully that doesn’t get enough attention is the domestic abuser. Men who hit women are bigger bullies than any child in grade school. However, both of these overgrown oafs have a lot in common. Women beaters an school bullies both get satisfaction from the suffering of someone else. Both rely upon scare tactics and threats of violence as well as actual beatings. Both parties typically fear a fair fight which is why they choose to pick on individuals who have little chance of fighting back.

Domestic violence is an international issue with Canadian women contributing to the numbers of the abused. However, recent developments in the world, particularly the US, have made people pay more attention to this awful form of abuse. The abuse cases of high profile athletes are changing the way a lot of people view domestic violence, unfortunately, there are still those antiquated thinkers who want to blame the women, but no one should be subject to physical violence and mental abuse. This is especially true for women who can do little to defend themselves from an enraged man. However, some research suggests that the women in abusive relationships may play a larger role in than originally anticipated.

Understanding Domestic Bullying

Studies show that women who have been involved in abusive relationships are far more likely to be abused again. This is because abusers will show similar traits, and those traits attract some women. Other women will find traits of an abuser to be absolutely deplorable and avoid these men altogether. However, the habitual victim is typically looking for all the wrong qualities in a man which is why they continuously date abusive men. Another strange phenomenon surrounding abused women is the decision to stay with the man who abused them. Some women won’t leave an abuser even after they’ve been hospitalized and had bones broken.

This was the case of former Ottawa resident Melissa Chatham who was beaten to death in 2008. This story is tragic because an innocent woman lost her life to an abusive man. However it’s even more disturbing when Chatam’s father says Debbie stayed in the relationship, because Canadian women aren’t offered enough resources when they seek to terminate an abusive relationship. A lack of money and housing forced Debbie to stay with her eventual killer, and more needs to be done to assist women in her situation. However, abused women aren’t the only people who should be shown some extra attention this anti bullying day.

Protecting the Smallest Victims

The true point of anti bully day is to educate people to the dangers of letting bullying persist. However, bullying doesn’t have to be between two children. One of the least discussed forms of bullying occurs right out in public and people rarely object. In its very essence, spanking is a lot like bullying. Both feature a larger party who administers physical admonishment to a smaller party. There are many mixed emotions on the subject of parents using corporal punishment and the debate rages on.

However, there’s a well defined line between discipline and abuse. The children who are annually abused in Canada can testify to this fact, but many people don’t know where one ends and the other begins. Spanking consists of discouraging bad behavior with pain. However child abusers take this too far and beat children like they’re livestock. Others yell and use profanity during the spanking which adds verbal abuse to the physical abuse. The victims of child abuse may not even recognize that they’re being abused. I many instances, these children feel as though the abuse is justified. Even worse, some of these children will go on to do the same to their kids. It’s these generational curses that must be addressed by programs such as anti bullying day. Only by raising awareness of these issues can they be finally resolved.

When is Anti Bullying Day?

This day began in Canada in 2012, and it has now been recognized by the United Nations. More than two dozen countries now participate in the international day of civility and it has been officially delegated to May 4. This is a time when teens and adults alike can pool their efforts to see the tragic cycle of bullying come to a stop. Most bullies in Canada were once bullied themselves, and they’re only perpetuating the violence. Allowing just one child to be bullied today means dozens of children will experience bullying tomorrow. This refers to all forms of bullying even bulling against a wife or a child. In memory of Melissa Chatham, this anti bullying day should also deal with bullies who take their aggression out on their families, because these cases also end in tragedy.

It’s tragic when someone takes his or her own life, but it’s even sadder when a woman is killed by her boyfriend or spouse. Women naturally seek protection from men, a trait they learn from a childhood with their fathers. However, some women grow up in a home with an abusive father who regularly hit their mother. These unfortunate women were given the ultimate bad example by both parents and many of them associate the abuse with love. Some of these women can only be in a relationship with an abuser, because they don’t know how real affection should be expressed. These women are far more prone to attract an abuser and they’re far more likely to be attracted to one. These women are far less likely to leave an abusive situation and they’re far less likely to defend their children from a physically abusive father. Stopping the cycle of violence is a daunting task, but events like anti bully day at least shine a lit on the issue of physical violence against a smaller weaker victim.

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