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Who Would Want To Buy Twitter Followers?

Everyone wants to be popular. For teens, it often becomes a competition. Many believe that if they have a thousands of friends, they will be considered to be popular. This isn’t always the case. Adults tend to use Twitter and other social media accounts as a marketing tool. In this case, buying twitter followers can be a profitable idea, if it is done correctly and legally.

Why Buy Followers on Twitter?

Individuals who want to market a product or promote their business will buy marketing lists. Companies will buy targeted twitter followers so they can get the word out to a select group of potential clients. By targeting a specific group, the company can focus their campaign without wasting their time on individuals who will not be interested in their products. Companies will often buy twitter followers without following them. This is against Twitter’s Terms and Conditions and can cause an account to be suspended if the administrators find out.

Teens who choose to buy twitter followers cheap do so because they believe it will increase their popularity or make them look cool to their friends. The problem is, why would a teen want to share their life with a group of people who have no clue who they are? For as glamorous as that may sound, it is extremely dangerous. The decision to buy cheap twitter followers can end up costing a teen much more than the few dollars they spend to obtain the list.

How To Buy Twitter Followers

Can you buy twitter followers? The fact is, you can. There are several marketing companies who have lists of Twitter users for sale. To buy active twitter followers, all a person needs is a credit card and a specific number in mind. Once a person’s payment is processed and their details received by the company, Twitter followers will begin following the account within a few hours or days, extending a company’s reach far beyond what could have otherwise been achieved.

Teens who learn how to buy followers on Twitter will have to find a way to pay for the list. Many times a parent will pay for a list in the hopes it will boost their childs’ self esteem, not realizing the problems it may eventually lead to. They may not realize that the lists that are received can contain Twitter accounts from all over the world. Everyone who followers their child’s account will have a blueprint as to how that child spends their time.

Is It Legal To Buy Real Twitter Followers?

Following and unfollowing Twitter accounts is not illegal. However, following a large group of people and then unfollowing them repeatedly over a short period of time can lead to a type of spamming that Twitter administrators frown upon. When Twitter officials find out what is happening, their solution in most situations is to suspend the offender’s account for a specific amount of time. If the person continues to spam other Twitter subscribers, their account can be terminated permanently.

Teens who use their parent’s credit or debit cards without permission are also purchasing lists illegally. The only person who can press charges, however, is the parent and often times they will just pay the charge and forget about the purchase. Twitter frowns on the selling of lists of Twitter account holders and ban individuals who do not adhere to the Terms and Conditions Twitter requires.

There are Twitter followers who allow their names to be put on lists to be sold. Individuals who make it known they are interested in specific products are often gathered into lists and sold to companies who are looking for exceptional marketing tools. In this case, the owner of the Twitter account is giving permission for their account to be added to specific lists.

Twitter Followers and Popularity

Twitter followers buy popularity by padding their lists. This is not a true sign of popularity, however. When a person buys a list of Twitter followers, they are basically purchasing fake friends. The owners of the purchased Twitter accounts have no clue who the person is. They can often become annoyed by Twitter posts from people they have no interest in. This is not true popularity. Buying followers on Twitter offers a false sense of confidence.

A true friend is someone who follows a person because they have a sincere interest in their posts. The choice to buy Twitter followers only makes an account look as if a person is popular, it does not make a person well liked or interesting to others. Even when a person buys active Twitter followers, it does not always create a positive image. Some of those account holders may choose to unfollow the person if they get annoyed with their posts or decide to trim down their lists.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media across the world. Rock stars use it. Business owners use it. Teens and young adults use it to share their lives with their friends. A person who does not have many friends in real life may cling to their social media accounts and try to pad their numbers to make them look more important. This is not always a wise thing to do. On a personal level, it can be quite dangerous, exposing teens to predators and other individuals who have no idea who they are.

Companies who use the lists for marketing purposes can reach a wide variety of individuals or they can opt to purchase lists that contain specific types of people. The people on this type of list are aware that their account is being placed on a list. When a person uses a list to gain followers it can be deceiving to others.

The purchasing of lists to boost the number of followers a person has can lead to illegal spamming if the person misuses the information. Following a group of people is common and many people will add followers randomly. It’s the constant turnover that will catch the attention of Twitter officials. Individuals who follow and unfollow others at random may not have many issues, but those who are continually adding and deleting followers will begin to stand out.

Before a person purchases a list of real twitter followers, they should take some time and read the company’s Terms and Conditions to ensure they are not breaking the law in any way. Not adhering to the policies and protocols can cause them to lose their account permanently. There are several ways to gain followers without having to purchase a list that may contain a number of fake accounts. Looking for followers the old fashioned way is safer than purchasing a list of strangers.

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