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Bullying: You don’t have to be in Danger to be Brave.

You don't have to be in Danger to be Brave.

Human beings are susceptible to stand out for the wrong reasons at anytime- no one is bullet-proof. Under the right light any individual has what it takes to be a model, and after a bad day; even Brad Pitt is not as handsome as you think. Learn about the danger of Bullying!

The only thing that distinguishes the beauties from the beasts is attitude!

A little information about Cyber Bullying:

-43% of teenagers aged 13-17 have undergone online bullying in the past year… what does that tell you?

That it has to do with appearances, Or Popularity? Or maybe being able to blend in? It seems highly unlikely that 43% of the population consists of social outcasts, doesn’t it?

-90% of social-media users, who’ve been subject to on-line cruelty, have reported that they ignore the harassment they have to go through… once again, 90% of the world inhabitants are cowards?!

-Finally 81% of teens agree that it’s easier to get away with bullying on line then it is doing so in person.

Now that the facts are straight, there lies one simple fact that is commonly known; why they say they do it:

To show off to friends- 11%

To intentionally be mean-14%

To embarrass their prey-21%

Just for the fun of it-28%

58% say they use bullying to get back at someone or because they think they had it coming.

Now after the boredom of numbers; a necessary evil, you need to enter the mind of a perpetrator, and find out why out of all the human beings on the face of the planet, a specific victim is always singled out to endure their terror.

You need to understand the following: that you’re not the only one, and haven’t been singled out because there’s something wrong with you.

-Once you come to terms with the fact that this is something normal, which could, and does happen to anyone, it becomes easier accepting the idea that it’s not your fault, and it’s not even about you!

Admit it, even if it’s a tiny voice inside of you, but deep down or even subconsciously; you probably think that since you’ve been singled out to be harassed, then somehow you had it coming?

That’s where the numbers come through for us; out of the 43% of teenagers who are bullied throughout the years- countless of who’ve become highly successful and popular personalities-are these people any less smart, likable, or worthy then everyone else?

It may have crossed your head that it’s hard to have foresight, when you’re stuck in an unbearable situation. You wouldn’t care that these people are sadistic; you wouldn’t care about the long-run, or karma; all you’d care about is that it’s an unfair situation, right?


To understand Justice, you’d need years of practice; that’s why people spend tons of money in law school and why the lawyers make the big bucks. To keep it simple, there is one realization:

It may seem unfair now. You’ll have moments where you’ll feel mistreated, abused and maybe even kicked to the curb if you’re sensitive; but that doesn’t have to consume you.

No one will be able to describe precisely why you’ve been selected to be hurt.  It might be because you’re too short or too fat; it might be because of your ethnicity or background, or your orientation or demeanour; pretty much because you’re different, and maybe because you don’t necessarily “blend” into society.

All in all- it’s because you’re a glitch in a system of stereotypes.

So what can you do about it? How can you alter a reality of being mistreated and misunderstood, and still remain whole and sane? By owning it.

Forget about flaunting your flaws; if you feel uncomfortable wearing skinny jeans because you’re overweight, then you’re not ready to do it just yet. The point is looking past the few extra pounds, and figuring out what you have to show for it.

You might be dyslexic, but a brilliant artist. You might have poor eyesight, but the memory of a hard drive. Maybe your breasts haven’t filled in yet, but you’ll learn to appreciate that when you’re forty but have the body of a twenty year old. Bottom line, you’re young; it might not be your thing looking ahead, but at least you can be stubborn.

Know that no matter how awful your life seems now, that won’t always be the case, and what you need to be doing is damage control. You can learn to take charge, and own the bad situation you’re in; make the most out of it through a series of simple steps, and a resilient attitude.

Step 1- Figure you out:

Sounds corny, But don’t underestimate the power of knowing exactly who you are, and what you’re capable of.

Take the time to think clear and hard; about your strength points, and weaknesses, about what you want to do in life, and the type of people you want in it.

If you’ve been through bad experiences, then think of their influence they’ve had on you; have they made you stronger? More resilient?  More Compassionate?

Maybe they’ve given you insight into the world; taught you how to be patient or more ambitious. Every experience is bound to have an impact; your first job is determining what you can make out of it.

Step 2-Acknowledging the pain:

Don’t ignore your feelings, don’t convince yourself that you’re above it, or that it somehow makes you weak to become upset when going through something bad. Everyone, and I mean everyone has had their fair share of heartache; the weak ones are not the ones who blow off the steam, but who enter the same cycle.

Each person’s way of reacting is different so find your outlet; it could be pottery, painting, or playing some sort of sport or going for a jog. Cry if you feel like it. Talking about it usually helps, so try confiding is someone you trust.

If it upsets you enough to disrupt your regular lifestyle, then ignoring it will only make it fester.

Step 3- Don’t enter the cycle:

The worst mistake a lot of people fall into is repeating the wrongs that were done to them in an attempt to vent out. Know that enough is enough.  You already know the line between right and wrong; since you knew it when you were being abused, so don’t bully back!

If you feel bad then you’ll probably want to let it out somehow; this is a form of energy, so find a healthy way of utilizing it.

 Trust me when I say that every choice has its consequences. So if you choose what you know deep down is wrong, it’ll come back to haunt you.

Step 4- Don’t conform:

Last but not least is not to let it define you. There’s a balance between getting upset after being bullied, and letting it take over you.Sometimes that means you’ll have to push yourself to get over it, and stand up for yourself then move on with your life; with the right instincts, you’re sure to nail it.

Don’t ignore the situation, and don’t feign bravado; Bullies use Social Media because they can get away with it, so don’t give them the satisfaction. Just be strong, organized and brave! Fight Bullying Now!

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