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The Makings of a Bullying Workshop

bullying workshop

Anti bullying workshops bring this behind-the-scenes behavior into the light. Bullying has many forms and not each bully performs the same tricks, nor is each target affected the same way. Some types of bullying that occur, which bullying workshops discuss in detail, according to,  are:

  • Pushing
  • Threatening
  • Name Calling
  • Making fun of
  • Spreading rumors
  • Excluding targets from social groups
  • Cyberbullying such as mean texts, hurtful e-mails or false social media postings

Bullying Workshops

Workshops for anti bullying are intended for teachers, parents, employers and children. Bullying can occur at school, on the playground and at work, so the more information people have to identify bullying, the more people can stop this destructive behavior. The effects of bullying can lead to:


When people witness bullying in action, they may be fearful to interact and an anti bullying workshop helps prepare others to step in. 90 percent of school-aged children in grades third through fifth say that they feel sorry for other kids who are bullied, but none of these children were willing to step in and stop the bully. Probably out of fear that the bully would turn his attention to them.

Although many people who are being bullied to not tell a parent or teacher, it is an adult’s responsibility to do something to end the bullying. Bullying workshops like the one presented by the United Federation of Teachers, UFT, are geared toward parents.

United Federation of Teachers

The UFT’s Manhattan anti bullying workshop brought in 60 parents to answer questions and promote understanding of bullying. The goal of the UFT’s School Safety Director is to promote a culture of respect in each school building. Parent’s questions were those such as how to stop bullying? How to work with the principal to eliminate bullying? How to avoid bullying as my child moves from school to school?

The UFT desires to raise awareness and suggests speaking with school leadership committees and Parent/Teacher Associations to encourage leaders, parents and teachers to bring in assemblies geared toward anti bullying behavior. One assembly or workshop is not enough. Children, parents and teachers need to hear the bullying information numerous times for it to sink it and for changes to be made.

School Assemblies

School leaders, parents and teachers should encourage educational systems to bring in an anti bullying campaign that use workshops, assemblies or demonstrations to prevent bullying.

These assemblies and workshops use different techniques to reach different people. Some are very low-key and use motivational speakers who tell personal stories as a way to get the bully to understand his effects and for those who are targets of bullying to stand up for themselves.

One company, the Anti Defamation League, ADL , offers a variety of assemblies and workshops for elementary, middle school and high school groups. The educational system selects which type of workshop it wants. These workshops can speak to administrators and teachers, or to students, or to parents and other family members. This well-rounded approach provides educators, students and family members tools to use for an anti-bullying atmosphere. Instead, the ADl promotes an ally culture in which students, teachers and parents become allies in the fight against and bullying behavior.

Students learn from anti bullying workshops the ways in which to intervene and when it is safe to do so. Students and teachers are also taught alternative ways to stop bullying behavior and turn a bully into an anti bully.


Schools can show movies that depict a bully’s behavior. These work well for older students who often enjoy watching a movie. The message can be subtle or blatant, but the anti bullying movie will get across the point.

Professional development workshops

Teachers are in need of tools for ways in which to deal with bullying. Some companies offer professional development anti bullying workshops. These are held on days when students are not at school, but teachers attend classes to further their career.

A professional development anti bullying workshop is a great arena for educators to discuss what works and what does not work in the fight against bullying.

Strength in Numbers

A school assembly on anti bullying does not have to be dull or boring. If showing a movie makes it seem like you are avoiding discussing the issue and you want to make a big impact, consider bringing in a strength team such as Stand Strength Team to bring home the anti bullying message.

Stand is a group of strong men- some are weight lifters others are professional athletes and some have competed in strong men competition. They perform feats of strength such as ripping license plates, bending steal or lifting heavy amounts of weight. The narrator of the show ties these physical activities into messages on antibullying.

When students see these large men being role models against bullying, they understand that just because someone may be bigger or stronger than another is not a reason to bully.

Stand on Success

The member of the Stand Strength Team are no stranger to bullying as most of them are different than the average person. Some were picked on because they were larger, or taller or had different dreams than the other students. Stand offers suggestions on ways to heal and move on from bullying, including:

  • Know that you are stronger than the insults the bully says to you
  • Negative talk is a lie and you are great just the way you are
  • Believe in yourself and have the confidence it takes to rise up the difficult bullying situation-in other words, know that this will pass
  • Do not give in to the bad feelings the bully causes you to feel
  • Rise above the bully’s trap and do not put yourself into harmful situations
  • Respond with kindness or ignore the bully’s attempts to bring you down
  • Find an anti bullying training system that works for you

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