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Many movies have scenes of bullying included in them. How the films deal with the issue of bullying depends on how important the bullying theme is to the plot of the story. Some bullying videos about bullying explore the problem of bullying deeply and delve into the psyche of the bully, such as what makes a bully, what bullying techniques are used, and why they are used.

There is a subset of the bullying video genre that is anti bullying videos. An anti bullying video may be a documentary film or may be a narrative film. The purpose of these videos is to send a clear message that bullying is wrong and it should not be tolerated. Most of these films are for teens or adults. A few of these films are anti bullying video for kids.

Videos Help Children in the UK Learn About Bullying

Bullying videos for kids have the unique ability to convey a positive message about how to deal with bullying. A video for kids increases awareness about the problem of bullying, shows why it is hurtful and wrong to bully others, and gives ideas about what steps are necessary to reduce the negative impacts of bullying.

The UK Joins Other Countries with Anti Bullying Campaigns

The problem of bullying is a global phenomenon. Many countries such as the UK and USA are taking active steps to reduce bullying, especially in schools. In the UK, there are active anti bullying efforts in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Northern Ireland. The European Union is also implementing anti bullying efforts in all its member countries.

Bullying in Films from UK, EU, USA and Canada

This review looks at how bullying appears in films. It is useful as a guide to explore how different types of bullying shows up in movies and what lessons may be learned from watching these films and the issues involved. The films covered here, include only those made in the UK, EU, USA, or Canada. For ease of reference, films are in alphabetical order.

  • American Yearbook – A realistic drama about two highs school kids, who decide to kill their bullies like the incident at Columbine. The film is viewable on YouTube.
    Issues: School bullying, revenge, school shootings
  • An American Girl Chrissa Stands Strong (2009) – A girl in the fourth grade has to learn how to stand up to a bully.
    Issues: School bullying
  • Back to the Future (1985) – An adult man has been dealing with a bully since high school. His son discovers a time machine, goes back in time, and has to deal with the same bully that torments his father.
    Issues: Overcoming bullies using cleverness rather than might
  • Bang Bang You’re Dead (2002) – A bullied teen stops a school shooting.
    Issues:  School bullying, School shootings
  • Ben X (2007) – A bullied teen boy retreats into the fantasy world of online games.
    Issues: School bullying, social isolation
  • Big Bully (1996) – A bully returns to his hometown to become a bully once again.
    Issues: Long-term effects from bullying
  • Billy Elliot – A UK boy overcomes societal prejudice and his father’s bullying to become a ballet dancer.
    Issues: family bullying, Wrong assumptions about sexuality (the boy is heterosexual not homosexual).
  • Boys Don’t Cry (1999) – A transgender (female to male) is killed when his secret is discovered.
    Issues: LGBT bullying
  • Bully (2001) – The film is based on a real murder. Nine kids kill the bully, but then become just like him.
    Issues: Copycat behavior that perpetuates bullying where victims become bullies
  • Carrie (1976) Carrie 2013 remake – In this horror film, a bullied high school girl with supernatural powers kills all her tormentors.
    Issues: Revenge fantasies
  • Contest (2013) – A high school student faces a bully and the bully suddenly befriends him.
    Issues: Getting past the bullying, breaking down barriers, unlikely friends
  • Cyberbu//y – A teenage girl is bullied on a social media website by her peers.
    Issues: cyber bullying, harassment
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010) – A teenager learns how to survive bullies.
    Issues:  Growing up, changing schools, school bullying
  • Drillbit Taylor (2008) – Kids hire a man as a bodyguard against a playground bully.
    Issues: Playground bullying, bully defense
  • Easy A (2010) – The girl leader of a Christian group uses religious fervor to bully others.
    Issues: Prejudice based on religious concepts, hypocrisy
  • Evil (2003) – A boy expelled from public school goes to private boarding school where older students dominate younger ones.
    Issues: School bullying
  • Fatty Finn (1980) – Bullies take a new radio from a boy and then he gets it back.
    Issues: Playground and school ground bullies
  • He’s a Bully, Charlie Brown (2006) – Charlie Brown takes on a bully at summer camp.
    Issues: Summer camp bullying, Peer anti-bullying support
  • Hello Herman (2012) – A 16-year old high school students kills thirty-nine students, two teachers, and a police officer.
    Issues: School bullying, school violence, school shootings, media sensationalism of tragedy and killers
  • How to Eat Fried Worms (2006) – A fifth grader challenges a bully with a dare.
    Issues: Peer pressure, school and neighborhood bullying
  • Just One of the Girls (1993) – A comedy about a boy who disguises himself as a girl to avoid bullying.
    Issues: Gender discrimination, school bullying
  • Knockout (2011) – A boy learns boxing to be able to fight those that bully him.
    Issues: Self-esteem, street bullying, street fighting, overcoming bullies, bully defense
  • Let Me In – A bullied boy gets help from a vampire girl.
    Issues: Revenge fantasies
  • Let the Right One In (2008) – A bullied boy finds love and revenge in a strange girl.
    Issues: Revenge fantasies
  • Love Is All You Need? (2011) – A short twenty minute documentary film about an imagined world where heterosexuals are considered abnormal and bullied because of their sexuality.
    Issues: Anti-bullying film, Role reversal
  • Mad World (2010) – A boy is traumatized by his father at home and bullied at school.
    Issues: Family bullying, school bullying
  • Max Keeble’s Big Move (2001) – A seventh grader plots revenge for bullying from his classmates because he is going to move. His plan fails because he does not move.
    Issues: School bullying, revenge
  • Mean Creek (2004) – A bullied boy’s brother gets revenge by tricking the bully to go into the woods and then attacks him.
    Issues: Revenge fantasies
  • Mean Girls (2004) – A girl who lived in Africa and was home-schooled suddenly has to deal with bullies in high school when she returns to the USA.
    Issues: Girl bullying, How high school girls destroy each other with surreptitious vengefulness.
  • My Bodyguard (1980) – A bullied boy hires the meanest kid in school to be his bodyguard.
    Issues: Bully defense
  • Odd Girl Out (2005) – A mother helps her daughter deal with high school peer pressure.
    Issues: School bullying, Family anti-bullying support
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) – A nurse bullies patients in a mental hospital.
    Issues: Workplace bullying, abuse of power
  • Precious (2009) – An abused, overweight, pregnant, illiterate girl gets a second chance.
    Issues: Overcoming abuse, self-esteem
  • Rats & Bullies (2004) – Documentary about a 14-year old girl who hung herself because of bullying.
    Issues: Anti-bullying film about teen suicide caused by bullying
  • Revenge of the Nerds (1987) – A group of bullied social misfits regains self-respect.
    Issues: Peer support against bullying
  • Sexting in Suburbia (2012) – A young girl commits suicide because her private sexting photos were publicly released.
    Issues: Sexting, cyber bullying, invasion of privacy,
  • Standing Up (2103) – At summer camp, as a prank, two kids are stripped naked and left on an island in the middle of a lake. Instead of returning to camp for more humiliation, they run off together.
    Issues: Summer camp bullying
  • Tagged: The Jonathan Wamback Story (2001) – A family fights to change Canada’s Youth Offender act after a youth gang attacks their teenage boy.
    Issues: School bullying, gangs
  • Teens Like Phil (2012) – This twenty-minute short film tells the story of a gay teen who is bullied.
    Issues: Anti-bullying film about LGBT bullying, teen suicide, high school bullying
  • The Ant Bully (2006) Pg-rated animation about a man who bullies ants in his yard being shrunken down to their size.
    Issues: Bullying by size intimidation
  • The Class (2007) – A high school student who is just average defends a bullied student. This starts a war, which ends with blood being spilled.
    Issues: School bullying, School violence
  • The Clique (2008) – A girl learns what it means to join a girl’s clique.
    Issues: Teenage girl’s bullying tactics
  • The Color Purple (1985) – A young black woman escapes the torment from her bully stepfather.
    Issues: Child abuse, sexual abuse, bullying within families
  • The Dirties (2013) – Students make a film about getting revenge on bullies. It is supposed to be a joke, but one of them is serious.
    Issues: High School bullying, revenge
  • The Education of Charlie Banks (2007) – A boy in college has to face his high school bully when the bully joins his college.
    Issues: School bullying
  • The Fatboy Chronicles – An overweight teenager who is bullied decides to lose weight and win his dream girl.
    Issues: Bullying due to body size and negative stereotypes
  • The Final (2010) – A group of outcasts get revenge on their tormentors.
    Issues: Revenge fantasies
  • The Karate Kid (1984) – A young boy tormented by a bully learns karate to defend himself.
    Issues: Self-esteem, self-help, overcoming fear of bullies
  • The War (1994) – A Vietnam veteran helps his son stand up to a group of bullies.
    Issues: Family support, bullying intervention
  • There is Only One Jimmy Grimble (2000) A boy from Manchester, UK overcomes bullies at school.
    Issues: UK school bullying
  • Three O’clock High (1987) – A boy must fight a bully after school.
    Issues: School bullying
  • To Be Fat Like Me (2007) – A teenager in good shape puts on a “fat suit” to learn what it is like to be overweight.
    Issues: Bullying due to body size
  • Tormented (2009) – A teenager who was bullied and dies, comes back from the dead to get revenge.
    Issues: Revenge fantasies
  • Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995) – A bully threatens to rape a teen girl, and then we see how pathetic he is under the bravado.
    Issues: Sexual harassment, psyche from the bully’s point of view
  • You Again (2010) – A woman learns her brother is about to marry the girl, who is now woman, who bullied her in school and she tries to stop the wedding.
    Issues: School bullying, long-term effects of bullying, revenge fantasies

All these films present examples of bullying. Some themes such as high school bullying appear in many films. The films are useful for educators in the UK to show to students in order to stimulate discussions about bullying and for UK families to share feelings about bullying after watching some of these films together. There are also quite a few very good short anti-bullying films on YouTube. Spread the word – No Bullying is the goal for the UK and elsewhere.

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