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Bullying Video

Bullying Video

We are a visual society and there are some terrific bullying video resources available to help you understand what bullying is, how to help your child who is being bullied and how to know whether or not your child is being bullied. Below are links and information to videos to help you learn more about bullying prevention methods, how to respond to bullying and cyber bullying, and more, all using a bullying video. 

On Bullying Videos

The Department of Education has produced the bullying video help, It Gets Better. The video allows ED personnel to share their personal stories while they also identify tools that support students who are experiencing any form of bullying. The Department of Education realizes the increasing number of students who are being bullied in school and as a result they have doubled their efforts to support parents, students and educators by providing needed tools to stop the harassment. This video is one such help. It is available on the website.

Here are some other anti-bullying videos that spread the message that bullying is bad and how to deal with the problem of bullying.

Anti Bullying video by David Scherker – Be That One

The message of this video is simply that there is a way to put an end to bullying and it starts with one person taking a stand. The youths in the video are shown making the decision to step up and stand alongside the one who is being bullied. The video shows that as one person decides to help others are inspired and strengthened to join in the effort and help someone too. Very often bullies are egged on by their peers. Without the support of their buddies bullying will often stop. The message then is that bullying can be defeated but everyone has to take a stand, start a change and make a difference for that to happen.

Break the Chain.

Is a student produced video about making a difference. Although bullying has become a way of life for many students it simply shouldn’t be. This video is the short story of a guy who decides to stand up for and with a girl who is bullied daily by a group of students.

This particular person decided to stop standing by and to break the chain of silence and indifference to the bullying and abuse.

Misdirections in Bullying Prevention and Response

This video features Dr. Catherine Bradshaw, a national expert in bullying prevention. In the video Dr. Bradshaw helps parents and educators identify and avoid ill-advised bullying prevention methods and responses. Five misdirections she suggests schools should avoid are:

  1. Zero Tolerance
  2. Conflict Resolution & Peer Mediation
  3. Group Therapeutic Treatments
  4. Bullycide
  5. Simple Short term Solutions

Stop Bullying Now! Take a stand, lend a hand is a video series that was produced and promoted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Education. These were created for the National Bullying Prevention Campaign. The videos include 12 animated webisode short videos that show school-aged characters in various bullying scenarios. There were also 5 video workshops created to aid professionals in the education, health and safety, law-enforcement and mental health fields. The anti bullying video campaign is designed to help and educate those who encounter and deal with bullying. Here are few descriptions of the video’s content.


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