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Bullying songs are the way artists and songwriters bring attention to a serious subject. Many children, teens and younger adults are bullied in different ways or have bullied someone. When an artist wrties a song with this theme often it hits a chord with kids who have experienced the pain and shame of bullying. Songwriters write songs for different reasons but sometimes a song sends a message that helps others cope with a serious problem like bullying.

Bullying Songs With A Message

Adams Song was written by the musical groups Blink -182. According to the manager of the group Liz Bermingham the song was written by the bass player Mark Hoppus when he was depressed. It was caused by being away from home and not with his family. The lyrics end with saying things will get better.

Another story on why this song was written was that Mark and other group members read an email that a kid wrote to his parents before he committed suicide. This note was sent tp them via email. This letter inspired the group to write the song. The lyrics say there is a better way out giving kids a message that there are better alternatives than suicide.

Many fans that have listened to the song have said the lyrics made them realize that no matter how bad things get they still could get better. Many kids that have known friends or family that have attempted suicide or they themselves habr tried it relate to the song. It sends a message that many youth can relate to. It relates to bullying and suicide.

Don’t Laugh at Me is a song written about bullying and being different. Peter Yarrow of Peter Paul and Mary writes about his own experience with bullying and his sexual preferences. It is a song that is used in school to teach about diversity and differences among individuals. It aims to teach other to accept differences and try to have respect for each other. This song is often used in school and other organization for bullying awareness programs and prevention. It sends a powerful message to youth about a serious problem.

The lyrics of the song have been re-recorded by Mark Willis with a graphic presentation for use in schools and organizations for kids. The message of the song is don’t laugh at me because I am different. It hits on the core of bullying in school and other places. Kids and youth are bullied for being different than the group. This is one of the top educational cyber bullying songs.

Whose Says by Selena Gomez is a song about girls and the pressure they feel to dress and look a certain way. It is written to empower both men and women that feel imperfect. Selena wrote the song because of Twitter and Facebook. She felt many teens needed this song. Teens want to dress a certain way and with social media there are many incidents of other peers tearing each other down and negativity. She recorded the song in Spanish because many Spanish youth can relate to bullying as well as all nationalities.

Mean by Taylor Swift takes a stand against bullying and severe criticism. As a a performer she has been criticized by fans on her performance . She admits having a thin skin which is one of the reasons she wrote the song. The song encourages anyone who is bullied and criticized to succeed at something as revenge. She admits some days criticism doesn’t bother her other days it levels her. Her message is keeping working at what you love and ignore the critics.

Teens Writes Anti Bullying Songs

A 15 year old New Mexico teen named Mariah Carey has written songs to fight bullying. Bullied by classmates she sat down and wrote the lyrics for a song called Sometimes. She performed this song with her band ICU during the Summer Rock Camp 2011. It is a camp for children and teens to get hands on experience with music. Her song was written to help other teens and children that are bullied. Mariah says today’s teens face tons of pressure from peers and parents. The song helps them stand up and fight depression and bullying.

Hannah Mzork, another teen, was called names and had books thrown at her. She fought back against bullying by writing a song called. It’s In Me. She says to overcome bullying she had to look inside herself. At one school she recalls other kids being talked about and rumors spread. Some even attempted suicide due to this. She tell other teens to believe in yourself and don’t let anyone get you down. She says singing and writing songs helped her overcome the bullying.

At the Britiain Got Talent two teen boys sang an anti-bullying song that had some of the audience in tears. The two teens Charles Lenehan and Leonrdre Devries wrote and performed a song that is important to them. They called the duo Bars and Melody. The song was about experiences the boys had with bullying. The boys are only 13 and 15 and this is their way of dealing with the problem.

When Leonadre was bullied he wrote rap songs to get him out of the terrible place he found himself. He eventually changed schools and the incidents stopped. There he met his friend Charles. Charles is the crooner with a beautiful voice and Leonrdre is the rappers.The lyrics are about the pain and confusion that bullying results in. They wrote a song from the perspective of the victim that reaches kids and adults.

The song talks about the things kids say to each other and how they hurt each other with words. They received a standing ovation from the audience and the judges think they have a good chance of having the song recorded.

Anti Bullying Anthems or Songs by Teens

Many teens produce their own music videos in response to bullying and being victims. Teens often produce music videos with encouraging words and empowering victims to take action. encourage. At Cypress Ranch High School a high school teen Kaitlin K and other high school student lip sync and danced producing a video called Who Do Your Think U R to make a anti bullying song for their school’s program.

Two girls that were top ten finalist in America’s Got Talent made a cyber bullying video with a song called The Same Way. It is set in the halls of Idaho Falls High School. They made it after negative comments were made about them on social media as a way to cope with it. Their names are Ali and Christina Christensen.

Pop Stars That Fight Bullying

Lady Gaga started The Born This Way Foundation that help young people connect and tries to make the world a more tolerant place for everyone.. When one of her fans committed sucide due to bullying she wanted to do something positive. Lady Gaga’s own experience with bullying lead to form this organization to help others.

Justin Bieber made a documentary called Bully because of his own experience with being a victim. The documentary has a song called Born to Be Somebody. Bieber says you have to tell someone about the problem and sometimes you have to fight back for things to change. These are positive ways pop stars are contributing with bullying songs that send a powerful message.

Using Bullying Songs to Stop Bullying

If you have a bullying program at your middle school or high school using bullying songs to educate kids about the problem is a step in the right direction. Talk with other teachers or educators to find the right songs to use for the age group. One great song for all ages is Don’t Laugh at Me because it discusses all type of bullying due to sex, weight, religion and nationality. It sends a powerful message to kids using music and visuals in the video.

Think about having the kids write and perform a music video about bullying and cyber bullying using songs. It is very creative and empowers kids to fight back against bullying. They can decide how to film the video and what music and songs to use when creating it. Kids really relate to music so a video can be a way to raise money and get the message about the problem out there.

Empower the musicians and singers in the school to use their talent to help a serious cause. Cyber bullying songs are another powerful way to fight bullying in schools giving teachers and students a chance to creatively address the problem. Even using songs and videos already made is another way to deal with the problem and relay information.


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