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Bullying Sayings

Bullying Sayings

Bullies will do whatever they have to gain control over a situation or an individual. In most situations, words are all that is needed for a bully to intimidate another person. They often say things that are hurtful as a way of breaking down a person’s self confidence. By weakening the person’s resolve, the bully can gain control with a just a few words and a harsh tone. Bullying sayings are meant to degrade and demean, and eventually conquer.

The Power of Words

Words leave invisible wounds. Even though they do not leave outward signs, they plant seeds of doubt that can take holder and grow inside a person’s mind. Festering much like an infection and destroying a person’s will in a short amount of time. Anti bullying sayings can help reverse some of the damage, but for the most part, much of it cannot be undone. What bullies say can have a dramatic impact on a person long after the incident is over.

Learning what to say to a bully in the workplace or what to say to bullies in school is not as easy as it sounds. The wrong thing can make the situation wo.rse. While the things bullies say are meant to demean, the key is knowing what battles are worth fighting. Although the bully sayings can hurt, it is sometimes best to remain quiet. For all the power that words have, silence also has value.

The Value of Silence

Bullies are often looking for a fight or a challenge. In some instances the quickest way to figure out how to get rid of a bully is to remain silent. If they are looking for a fight and the person does not respond, the game is over and they will move onto their next victim. Knowing what to say to a bully at school (or what not to say) can mean the difference between future altercations and being left alone so they can pursue other targets.

Another benefit of remaining silent is that the bully no longer has anything to make fun of. If the victim is no longer arguing or interacting in any way, the challenge ceases to exist and the bully is left without anything to spur him on.

Common Phrases and Sayings Used By Bullies

Individuals who overhear a bully saying threatening things or berating another person should step up and ask if a problem exists. Normally the bully will say no, but it will give the victim enough of a reprieve so they can collect themselves and go on about their day. A few of the more common sayings and phrases used by bullies include but are not limited to the following:

  • “I’m going to kill you”
  • “I’m going to hurt your family
  • “No one likes you”
  • “You don’t have any friends”
  • “You better not tell or you will regret it”
  • “You’re stupid”
  • “Nobody loves you”
  • “You can’t do anything right”

Much of the time the bullying sayings are often reflections of how the bully feels or reacts about things in his or her own life. They impose their problems on the bullying victim and lash out as a way of displacing the blame for their own failures or misgivings.

No matter what the reason behind the bullying tactics, victims of their attacks bear the brunt of the trauma for years to come. Knowing what to say when a bully attacks is important. It can mean the difference between a continued attack or a short ambush that only lasts a few seconds. The majority of bullies have only one goal and that is to intimidate their victim and gain a feeling superiority.

When bullies turn to threats and resort to physical violence, something has changed to cause and escalation in their behavior. It does not matter the form of the attack. Whether it is made on a physical or emotional level, bullying must be stopped. Recognizing the triggers that set the bully off will help to alter and eventually subdue the threatening tendencies they often exhibit.

Winning the Battle of the Bullies

Sayings about bullying often refer to the fact that the bully is generally a victim of some fashion. Some bullies act out as a cry for help while others just want to control one small aspect of their lives. To win the battle of the bully, several things have to take place.

First, what is going on in the bullies life that would cause them to take such a drastic stand. A wide range of scenarios include everything from the birth of a sibling to the death of a close family member. Addressing the issues that are causing the anger and frustration may help tremendously if the bully is willing to seek out and accept treatment.

Another way to win the battle of the bullies is to face the situation head on. In some cases, just standing up to the bully in a group setting may help drive the fact home that bullying in any way, shape or form is unacceptable. Most bullies choose targets who they perceive to be weaker than they are. If the victim immediately stands up for themselves, it can cause the bully to back down and move on to a different person or target.

Knowing what to say to a bully is important. Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, can lead to problems for other members of the family as well as anyone who is in close proximity. If a bully has resorted to threatening a person with physical violence the time for talking is over. Whenever a bully begins to exhibit a tendency for physical altercations, it is very important to diffuse the situation as quickly as possible. When physical violence is imminent, it is a wise idea to call law enforcement officials, especially if the aggressor is older.

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