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Bullying Research findings are documenting that more women and mentally challenged people rate at the top of the Cyber bullying list. Basically any group deemed vulnerable in society. The aggression level is different for most females unless they have been trained to challenge any aggressive behavior towards them.

When it comes to Bullying Research, Over a third of students have received words they felt were threatening online. When a person is threatened in the physical world it is a crime but in the Cyber world it is harder to catch and words are simply considered free speech; no matter how abusive. The issue of free speech is brought up in a number of discussions when statistics are mentioned. The need to do something about this activity which borders on abuse has the world buzzing. With sophisticated software, IP addresses can be shielded and a Cyber bully can go on as usual.

Also, for Bullying Research, you should know that a lot of interaction goes on between students in school and after but according to statistics the biggest majority of bullying comes by way of PC and cell phone. Oddly parents were once reluctant to give students cell phones. Now, they are a mobile necessity and a part of the Cyberspace problems. Girls and Caucasian youth are targets for bullies. With inner city youth some ethnic groups are forced into gangs to protect themselves. This is one of the worst forms of bullying. These young people are forced into a world of crime trying to stay alive. Sadly, many are simply view as criminals. The system fails to understand if they do not participate they lose their life and because of their poverty they have nowhere to run; No choice, no way out.

Most young people are resilient and if given the proper instructions they will be able to handle Cyber bullying or any other form of inappropriate behavior. Perhaps a class on such a subject is necessary in this fast paced society. Once it was fist in hand that dealt with bullying but many have moved the focus to a more civilized behavior but were left with no survival training to handle the people who did not develop further. Many large cities are filled with a lot of people and bullying is more prevalent. It is easy to hide in large numbers and the access to information and the latest technology is much easier. In small towns there are Bully’s too but everyone generally knows them and on average only a couple of people are really afraid of them. So there is a far better adjustment.

Once everyone thought the Web was an untraceable activity. It is still possible to hide for a while but in time if activity persist that electronic trail will lead to the guilty party. People have harmed themselves from the stress of Cyber bullying but with new awareness people are beginning to take a stand against this behavior working to protect those who seem unable to protect themselves. More and more people are becoming concerned with Cyber Safety. One way this is being initiated is to get people talking. Bully’s are losing the ability to convince innocents they cannot be caught. The cloak is being removed and the culprits must come into the open. The debate is a long one. It is difficult to initiate laws because the Cyber World consists of language. For now the best that can be done is to educate anyone using this form of communication to handle the pressure.

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