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Bullying No Way– Ways To Stop Bullying in Australia

How Can You Stop Bullying

Bullying No Way– Ways To Stop Bullying in Australia

Bullying is a very serious issue. It is a behavior that has been a key factor in many instances where an individual has taken their life or the life of others. It is extremely sad when you attempt to find cause and effect only to find that the individual was being bullied and it was a well known fact. Unfortunately, bullying is not viewed by most people as a problem that warrants very much attention. This is far from true, and it definitely requires our full attention because it is a problem that can be handled when taken seriously.

Informing and educating the pubic regarding ways to stop bullying is key in these efforts. If we educate children, parents, and teachers we can reduce the instances of bullying. In our attempts to educate we should define the term bullying. Bullying is defined as aggressive behavior used to threaten, intimidate, or physically harm individuals whom they deem as weaker than themselves. Almost everyone has had an encounter with a bully in their lifetime and can remember how uncomfortable it was to have gone through that experience.

Many bullied individuals have come out of the experience scarred. Others feel that the experience helped to build character and make them stronger individuals. However you choose to view your experience with bullying most everyone can agree that you were in fact affected and carry those uncomfortable memories with you. Finding ways to stop bullying is empowering and helps to break that cycle of helplessness that one might feel when they have no resources to pull from. This is why Bullying no way day, is fast becoming a valuable resource.

This day is the official National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. Schools come together and promote anti-bullying, provide literature, and tools to help resolve issues of bullying. How we choose to deal with bullying can make a huge difference in terms of your overall sense of well being. Bullying is a violation. Bullying can affect an individual’s feeling of security and basic right to feel safe in his or her environment . Often those targeted by bullies are individuals who are somewhat different than others among their peer group. They are viewed as weaker and tend to be prime targets for acts of bullying.

As parents, teachers and adults bullying must not be overlooked. We must do all we can to give our children the resources that they need to end bullying. They need to know that there are ways to stop bullying that does not include violence. If you as a parent suspect that your child may be a victim of bullying, there are a few simple things that you can do. Talking to your child’s teacher or teachers should be top priority. Usually bullying takes place during school hours therefore, you should schedule a conference with the child’s teacher, just to inform him or her of your concerns and give them an opportunity to address it.

If it continues schedule a conference with the school counselor, to make him aware of the situation and the parties involved. Basically you have to make your presence known and become your child’s voice. Also talking with your children about what’s going on with them is key to finding out about possible bullying. Giving constant love, support and reassurance is critical at this time. It builds their self esteem and let’s them know that they are not alone in the situation. Unfortunately, the feeling of being alone and falling into depression is what causes many tragic events that could have turned out quite differently had they not felt so alone in the situation.

Parents are not the only ones that can have a positive influence when it comes to issues of bullying. Teachers, faculty and staff can make a conscious effort not to turn a blind eye to bullying. Often times when children are being targeted, many adults will choose not to interfere and will just say these are kids being kids. However, adults should really take a step back and ask themselves a few questions. Questions such as, have I seen this kid being teased repeatedly? Is there physical harm being done?Does the child being teased seem overwhelmed and helpless? If you as an adult, whose on the outside looking in can answer yes to any, or more of these questions then you should probably step in and at least report all parties involved.

There is no way bullying should be overlooked. Bullying is not an issue that only teachers, parents and other adults should be sensitive too, but also children as well. Children need to be educated regarding the issue of bullying so that they can know what to do if they become a target of bullying, or if they know someone who is being bullied. Children should learn that it is not OK to bully others and it’s not OK┬áto sit quietly by and be bullied. Children need to know that it’s OK to speak up when it comes to bullying. They need to know who to tell and not fall prey to the intimidation that one can feel when contemplating going to a teacher, parent or administrator.

There are so many different ways that a person can be bullied and social media is fast becoming the number 1 place for bullying. Individuals flock on social media sites expressing their negative and inflammatory remarks in droves. Teaching your child ways to stop cyber bullying on social media can help to control bullying before it gets going. If you encounter someone who is confrontational, threatening and persistently inflammatory, simply do not give them the courtesy of a response. If you don’t respond or give them anything to feed off, they will usually move on to other prey.

Blocking an individual from your site my seem super simple but is one of the very effective ways to prevent bullying behaviors on social media. Another thing that individuals should not do is give personal information out on their site. No address, birth dates, phone numbers etc.. These seem like small steps to take but they can keep down a great deal of potential problems with bullying. Parents can help deter bullying by simply monitoring their child’s communications online.

Younger kids will definitely need to be monitored on social media so that they don’t get overwhelmed by potential bullying or undesired communication.

Younger children are easier to monitor simply because you can have access to passwords and view communications on various sites without feeling like you are violating your child’s privacy. This becomes a conflict once they move towards high school and are less likely to give you access to their private information, leaving you in the dark about their communication on social media. In situations where your child is older and you are not able to monitor them on social media like you would like, is the time when you have to rely on open lines of communication, and identifying signs of compromised well being.

Many times there are subtle signs that a child is being bullied that are overlooked, such as a change in behavior. Is he or she becoming more withdrawn or isolated. Have they changed their habits, dress etc.. Remember you want to look at a change in normal behavior for that child. Quiet and withdrawn may not necessarily signal a problem for a child that has always displayed that type of behavior. Every child is unique therefore you want to look for behavior that is out of the norm for that particular child. There are always signs if you really pay attention.

Prolonged subjection to the stress of bullying can really take a toll on a child’s mental well being. This type of stress can lead to poor self esteem, anxiety disorders, and depression. This is why it is so important for individuals to understand that this is not just child’s play. We can not continue to minimize those who are bullied and those who bully. We need to continue to stress the importance of educating and training regarding the issue of bullying. Educating the masses has yielded positive results. Providing education and training regarding bullying can benefit all involved, from children in elementary schools, high schools and adults alike.

Bullying no way website provides lots of valuable information about bullying that’s beneficial to everyone. Children will enjoy viewing their bullying no way video as well as their bullying no way poster. This bully no way website provides education and training that focuses on diversity, sensitivity and tolerance for those who are different. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and should feel safe in his or her environment. Let’s face it bullying is a type of abuse, and it would definitely benefit the ones who bully, to learn how to be more sensitive to those who may be deemed weaker or different by society’s standards. When we begin to educate ourselves and others on ways to end bullying then our children can feel more secure in the world in which we live.

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