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Bullying in the Workplace, Top Ten Tips for Fighting It

Workplace Bullying

Being safe in your workplace is just as important as being safe in our own home. Even more so, some people spend more time in their work space than they do at home. As an employer you are responsible for the safety of your employees during their working hours and as these hours extent to take home work too, you are also responsible to clear their heads from issues like Fighting Bullying in the Workplace and harassment that might take place as a result of the being accessible through technology (be it a laptop or a blackberry) by the rest of their co-workers.

There are a few things that you need to make sure are covered as precautions to Fighting Bullying in the Workplace. these are our Tips for Fighting Bullying in the Workplace.

1-Make sure your regulations cover bullying and cyber-bullying as well. This way you can be clear from the start that no bully will go unpunished and no employee should be concerned with getting bullied that much. A regulation that protects the target and punishes the bully is a must in every positive work environment.

2-Promoting a healthy work environment where no one is taken advantage of and no one gets credit for work they did not do is a must do if you want to protect your productivity rate. Allowing people to take credit for other people’s work promotes a culture of hate that the office should be far away from.

3-Establishing a reporting system that is efficient and discreet is also among the things a healthy workplace should hold. The employee must not fear reporting any sort of harassment they are going through even if it coming directly from their supervisor or boss.

4-Implementing a culture of diversity lessens the possibility of bullying a fellow employee. The workplace’s environment should not leave a space where bullying can be exercised. Make it clear that no racist, sexist or discriminatory joke is laughed at by anyone.

5-If you are the target of the bullying, have incidence recorded, documented or witnessed. They will come in handy further into investigating your situation.

6-In case you are the target, make sure you have bullying incidences reported and follow up on your case until it is seriously addressed.

7-As a part of the staff and witnessed something that could be categorized as bullying, make sure you talk to the bully explaining why this is unacceptable and tell a supervisor that that person is acting in a manner that does not stand with the workplace values.

8-If the problem of bullying still persists and you have taken all the channels and it does not work, call for a meeting and address the problem openly in front of everyone, the bully will – most probably – not be comfortable at all with the confrontation thus might stop their bullying.

9-Put clear boundaries when dealing with your colleagues. Having friends from your workplace is a good thing but having all limits to the relationship disappear might end up in someone using things against you after your relationship goes bad. Try as much as possible to keep your workplace relationships inside your workplace and not letting them expand to all areas of your life.

10-If you have colleagues from your workplace on your social media, be careful what you share and make sure your privacy settings are set such that your work colleagues do not see something they shouldn’t.

Following these Tips for Fighting Bullying in the Workplace and having workplace regulations that address bullying might not be all that you need. You Fighting Workplace Bullying and standing up for something that insults you or that you find uncomfortable is the only sure thing that will keep annoying situations away from you.

Do you have bullies in the workplace? how are your dealing with bullying at the workplace? are you using bullying in the workplace laws to your advantage?  Do you even know what is bullying in the workplace? Weigh in below on your feelings about bullying in the workplace and how to deal with bullies in the workplace?

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1 Comment

  • Lauren
    Aug 24, 2013 at 02:53 pm

    I am so glad to see an article on workplace bullying also mention the cyber-bullying component of this horrible, devastating, abuse. I figure, and hope, it is just a matter of time before people will realize the common-sense reality that, like teenagers in schools, our bully supervisors also know how to use a computer, and are on social media. The difference: they have our personnel files which usually contain SSNs, entire work histories, those who think most highly of us (references), and sometimes, despite they should not, they even contain medical data, such as FMLA “critical condition” statements from the employee’s doctor (often diagnosing PTSD due to the abuse endured at work), or even the HR/employer-portion of paperwork for a disability claim.

    A workplace bully who is vindictive and not concerned about breaking the law, can render a complainant (bullied worker who reports the abuse) unemployable, and even destroy the individual’s life.

    Some workplace bullies continue to abuse an employee, over the long-haul, after the employee quits the job to escape the abuse. At this point, with bully the sole historian, the former-employee devastated, in shock, isolated, ill and destitute, the bully finds this a good time to put the final nail in the coffin of hopelessness, by beginning a cyber-smear, harassment and online impersonation campaign. Some go so far as to pose as the employee in sexual or criminal contexts, putting the person’s safety, freedom and life in jeopardy.

    Some terrorize long past the usual end of the cycle where the employee quits or is terminated; some do it for no apparent reason other than because it’s “fun” to weild that power, continue forcing the person to live in fear and isolation, or to ensure there is never a chance for the traumatized former-employee to pick up the shattered pieces and heal, ensuring that target is always aware there is nowhere to escape, and there is no future.

    What is done online is permanent, and global. A workplace bully who turns bullying online, is most dangerous, and the effects, lethal.

    I think we don’t hear from targets often, who have survived this level of escalation, because these are the targets that don’t survive. The target gets to the point where there really is no other escape from the abuse, but to leave life entirely.

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