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Bullying in the Workplace in Ireland

Workplace Bullying in Ireland

Tragic incidents Of  Bullying in the Workplace in Ireland this year pushed the subject of bullying into the newspaper and TV headlines. This year, March 3-10 was designated Anti-Bullying Week. The ISPCC created Anti-Bullying Awareness Week to highlight the issue by discussing proper solutions to the egregious problem that is affecting children, parents, teachers, elderly and the average witness.

Constant criticisms and derisions day in and day out take their toll and workers who maintain the job are to be commended as well as pitied. The derisions usually grow to the point of being inappropriate slurs upon race, gender, sexuality, religion or ethnic background. Of course, the inappropriate slurs usually occur without witnesses.

Bullying in the Workplace in Ireland: Attempts to Rally Others Against You

The piece de resistance of bullying is when a comment is made in a heated argument, stating the workplace was fine until you were hired. When reported to senior members of management and human resources, nothing is done. Other personnel have left due to this bullying treatment, usually based on their sexuality. It sometimes spreads to defacing personal property such as automobiles. Suicide is a prevalent thought in the minds of the harassed, due to the unrelenting and demeaning treatment throughout the work day. This happens when the bullied cannot tolerate another day at the workplace and feels so beaten down with classic depression the prospect of seeking another employer seems a sheer mountain.

Bullying in the Workplace in Ireland: Employers Now Found Liable

Sometimes the bully picks an obvious target who is new to the area, lacks an ability to defend himself, or has a particular physical attribute or target. Nonetheless, sometimes bullying takes place against the big, strong and educated. The bully has an edge in seniority on the job, and this acts as a shield from paying his penance all too often. Union representation has been known to assist in bringing cases, but all too few. Such union assistance, however, is usually succinct and successful. Judicially, employers in Ireland have now begun to be found liable for damages to an employee or his/her career through bullying, but filing such an individual lawsuit action should be your last straw of action.

Counselling Available to Return Strength to Victims of Workplace Bullying in Ireland

Employees have psychiatric counseling to rebuild self confidence and feelings of worth, plus the arms to defend them. Employees of small and large businesses alike are encouraged to take a stand in defending yourself or another co-working undergoing workplace bullying and threats. Many corporations have joined in the cause for preventing bullying in the workplace.

Bullying in the Workplace in Ireland: Rumor Spreading 

Rumor mills are used by bullies to spread anonymous lies that viciously attack another worker to the point that the workplace becomes a living hell for the oppressed. Dublin, for example, is small enough that a person’s reputation is their benchmark, and any blight causes damage for future employment.

Public Sector Not Immune to Workplace Bullying in Ireland

Worse is when it happens was in the public sector, where there was really a clear anti-bullying policy! It turns out that while the policy articulates very fine principles, in practice even after multiple complaints, sometimes nothing appears to be correcting the incident, which gives the bully more assurance of untouchability. You have resources in toll free help lines, web sites and personal contacts. Use them.

Bullying in the Workplace in Ireland is real for all ages

Bullying viciously exists. It grows and spreads its rotten content across the entire environment until no one is safe from an antagonizer. Perpetrators must be severely disciplined. It won’t be tolerated. The terms harassment and extortion need to be incorporated into the anti-bullying policy and definitely into the punishment, as surely as they are part of the other criminal codes.

If you love your job, do not quit. You are not the problem, the bully is. You can be tougher, better, faster, kinder, more tolerant, more intelligent, and understanding than the bully dreams. These are qualities that usually the bully envies and wants, but cannot develop. These are qualities your family, friends, support system, partner, see as absolutely correct and should tell you as reinforcement often. With support, nothing is impossible to you. Without that support, you must acquire it through community caring resources.

If you would like to talk to someone about bullying, please call Console’s 24-hour helpline 1800 201 890. You can also text ‘HELP’ to 51444, or visit its website: There are full-time centres in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Wexford, and some services in other counties. Its services are open to people of any age. You can also contact 

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