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Bullying in the News and Media

All around the world children and young people are being bullied by their peers in every imaginable way. From cyber bullying to school yard torture, these youngsters are being tormented by those we refer to as bullies. We know about many of these cases because they are so horrendous that they are picked up and reported by the news and the media in an effort to increase public awareness of this epidemic sized problem. Learn about Bullying in the News!

Bullying in the News

An example of Bullying in the News is an April 2013 news headline from the Daily Mail online reports about the death of Joshua Unsworth. Joshua was a 15 year old student who was apparently bullied to death by ‘trolls’ on the internet. The report claims that ‘vile posts’ also known as cyberbullying caused him such despair that he took his own life. His father tried to intervene by addressing the bullies directly but in the end the torment was too much for the young man and he succombed to fear and anxiety choosing to take his own life.

In February of 2013 the Daily Mail (a British publication) also reported the death (apparently by suicide) of 9 year old Aaron Dugmore. Aaron was distraught because he had been bullied by a group of students who taunted him about being white. Apparently, these students were threatening violence with weapons and telling Aaron that “All white people should be dead.” The offenders, a group of Asian students, were making his life unbearable and after several months the youngster attempted suicide by hanging in his family home. Although the attempt failed, he died the next day from an apparent cardiac arrest.

In relation to Bullying in the News, Joel Morales, an East Harlem 12 year old was full of life and known as an excellent student. But, in May of 2012 he was found by his mother, hanging in the bathroom shower, dead. Morales had been enduring months of bullying from classmates who had even come to his home and attacked him with sticks and pipes. His mother had transferred him to another school away from the offenders, however, they had continued to bully him, physically and verbally, and according to one source he had finally had all he could take. “I’m tired of all this bullying,” was Joel’s final statement to a friend just prior to committing suicide by hanging in his family’s apartment home.

The Bottom Line on Bullying in the News

According to a report on Bullying in the News in the Feb. 20 (2013) online edition of JAMA from author William Copeland of Duke University, children who are bullied and bullies themselves are at a higher risk for lifelong psychological problems. His report reveals that those adults who as children were both perpetrators and victims suffer from the worst effects. The awful truth is that both groups tend to carry these scars forever. Studies report that both admit to suffering from mental problems ranging from anxiety and depression to suicidal thoughts.

Copeland and the researchers from Duke contend that the goal ought to be to set up a culture in the schools that does not allow bullying to take place. He believes this would prevent many of the problems associated with bullying and cyberbullying. Copeland also contends that, according to his research of over 20 years of study, these bullies tend to be at risk for more antisocial personality disorders as they grow older. His advice is to seek early intervention as soon as possible for both bullies and victims in order to change the outcome of these difficulties. He warns that parents and educators should take all instances of bullying very seriously recognizing that it should not be ignored and that the problem will not go away on its own.

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