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Bullying In Public Schools

Bullying In Public Schools

Bullying takes place in a variety of settings. For many victims, bullying is an everyday part of their life. They are bullied at home, at work, and even at school. In the light of bullying and the effects bullying have on individuals, there are laws in place to counter attack bullying, and protect individuals from the side effects of bullying. However, in order for individuals to get the help they need, they will need to come forward, make a complaint, and follow through with putting their bully in jail. Learn about Bullying In Public Schools!

The law is designed to protect children and adults alike, who are being bullied. For children, bullying takes place in the school house setting. This is where the bully feels mostly in control. Schools have been trained to recognize and take action against any form of bullying. In recent years, bullying has been responsible for thousands of homicides and suicides. The outcry for justice is far more overwhelming than the silence. Millions of parents of victims are speaking out in frustration, against bullying, and they are demanding that action be taken to put an end to bullying in schools throughout the nation.

The Effects of Being Bullied in Public Schools

Bullies have no shame in what they do. In fact, bullies get a natural high from bullying individuals at any time, any place, and in any type of public settings. Bullies love to be the center of attention. The bigger the crowd the better. In public school settings, this is where the bully likes to do the most damage. As part of the national safety of U.S. schools, laws have been set in place to protect children from bullying while they are in attendance at public school settings. The problem of bullying in schools has intensified over the years. More and more children are being abused in schools around the globe.

The bullying takes place in kindergarten through high school. However, the highest complaints of bullying takes place in middle school. Middle school students are the cruelest age group, when it comes to teasing and bullying. It is determined that bullying in public schools is the primary source of shootings in schools. When victims cannot get help or relief, they take matters into their own hands. This usually results in someone getting injured or innocent people getting killed.

Steps are being taken to prevent such drastic steps, associated with bullying. The goal of school officials and lawmakers is to put an end to bullying altogether. However, bullying is a worldwide problem. It is going to take more than a handful of people to completely eradicate bullying altogether. Since the outbreak of bullying schools around the globe have been working with law enforcement, and legislature to combat bullying.

Statistics Do Not Lie

Statistics show that 30% of children ages 6 through 10 years, have been bullied, or have bullied someone. The definition of bullying is defined as exhibiting aggressive behavior, or inflicting intentional bodily harm to another individual or a group of individual over a repetitive time period. Bullying is an imbalance of power that is afflicted by any means necessary. Bullying takes on many different forms such as physical abuse, verbal abuse, and even emotional abuse.

Both boys and girls are bullied, and they are so bullies themselves. However, studies show that boys are 5 times more likely become severely depressed. Girls on the other hand are 3 times more likely to become severely depressed, after being bullied over a period of time. Studies also show that students in middle school are 8 times more likely to commit suicide than students in other higher and lower grades. Children who were bullies in school are also more likely to be convicted of bullying, or some other violent offense, by the time they reach 24 years of age.

Bullying in Public Schools Statistics

Numbers do not lie, and statistics show that 160,000 students avoid attending school each day for fear of being bullied. Bullying is the cause of so many students not graduating from high school. The seriousness of bullying is reaching state legislature, and changes are being put into place to alleviate, eliminate, and greatly reduce the number of bullying incidents that take place in public schools. Cyber bullying in schools is another form of bullying that takes place in public school settings and other types of settings as well.

Victims can file a complaint with their local sheriff department, or file a civil suit against their bully. Children are often cruel to each other, in a way that is really sad. Children will post information about each other on the Internet, or by sending text messages to the victim and to other people phones as well. Bullies make it difficult for anyone to trace their text messages, because they use various machines, from various locations. Bullies have a lot of different ways they can bully their victims in public schools.

Different Types of Bullying Techniques Bullies Use

Bullies have a lot of creative ways they use to torment their victims. Bullies have access to computers, laptops, and other electronic devices. Schools do not monitor the students while they are on the computer, because there are too many students to try and keep up with. Students also have their own devices they use. Bullies bring their own cell phones, iPads, iPhones and tablets to school. This allows them the freedom they need to do whatever they want, at any time. They are at liberty to send anonymous emails with tacky pictures, and slang or profane language that defame their victim’s character.

The lawmakers have been great at getting bullying laws passed. The main objective is to protect students from bullying in public and private schools. Bullying just does not happen in public schools. Bullying takes place in a variety of public and private settings. Bullies travel from one location to another location, if they are caught, expelled from school, or if their parents try to give them a brand new start.

Bullying in Private Schools

Bullying in private schools, is just as much a problem as bullying in public schools. The only difference is that private schools are not governed by the same laws as public schools. Private schools have their own criteria, and their own way of handling social problems. However, with bullying being such a wide spread problem, it may be impossible for private schools, not to take advantage of the kind of services public schools can offer in the areas of resources, help and information. The bottom line for both public and private schools is to protect the students.

This means that students, teachers and staff should be trained on how to effectively recognize and deal with bullies. Many teachers and adults are fearful of most bullies, because most bullies are dangerous. They make threats of doing bodily harm or some other type of damage. In most cases, a bully will follow through on the threat. Some bullies are bold enough to follow their victim’s home and proceed to attack them or beat them up.

In retaliation against bullying, many students are bringing weapons to school. This is one reason why so many guns are being brought to public schools. Students get sick and tired of being bullied, and no one steps up and says ‘Stop.’ For this reason, many students are taking matters into their own hands. The results are not good. It means that more children are getting injured in public schools, more children are being killed and more parents are speaking out.

Bullying has got to stop, before any more children are taken away in their youth. As a result of bullying, more and more young children are suffering from depression, suicide tendencies, homicide and misplaced emotions. School psychologists talk to thousands of students each day, who fall victim to a terrible bully. However, school psychologists are not bound by any laws that will prevent them from contacting parents or authorities, if they feel that the student’s life is in jeopardy.

The time to put an end to bullying in public school settings, and in private school settings is now. Bullying is not going to go away on its own. Every parent, adult and student should be a part of stopping the bully process from going forward. Now is the time to put an end to the torturous ways of bullying. Life can only get better for those students and individuals who are bullied day end and day out. When everyone comes together and say enough is enough, and take affirmative action, only then will bullying lose its power and control it has over its victims.

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