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Bullying In Ireland Needs a Call To Action

Bullying In Ireland Needs The Call To The Pipes Again

Bullying in Ireland has existed since the beginning of the island. It had become a rite of passage for young boys to become men by standing up for themselves in the bullying arena. Girls, too, have had their fangs sharpened to cause shame and humiliation to another. The men in the pits or in the shops and factories have always suffered a chief bully, it seems, and many a pub has seen the displays of besting one another. After a public besting of bully or bullied, the two usually became respectful of each other and even the best of friends. That is how it was, back then.

Bullying in Ireland Today is Brutal, Relentless and Damaging

Today, however, it is different.  Bullying in Ireland is not any longer a rite of passage and the bully and bullied do not become best of friends afterwards. Today, the pushing and shoving is sinister, subversive and excruciatingly hurtful even to the point of maiming a person’s ability to survive. In the past, young Irish did not commit suicide due to bullying torment and depression. That brings up the foremost example of why bullying cannot be tolerated any longer as only boys being boys or men being men or jealous girls exacting petty vengeance.

Death By Bullying

Today the number of tragedies engulfing Irish families mourning the incomparable loss of a loved one to suicide due to relentless bullying is astounding. The justice system is trying to catch up with a judicial mandate ordering supervisors and teachers to intervene when bullying happens and deal with it in a permanent resolution. Slogans and clever mottos resound from even the centers for the youngest children. Employers have been found to be liable and responsible, indeed, for unresolved harassment and bullying that causes damages to another or that person’s career.

So the groundwork is laid in the courts and schools and workplaces, but it has to be carried out and developed into a real force by the people on the Dublin streets and in the county communities. It must become as natural a way of life to eschew bullying in Ireland and all of its parts as it is to breathe deeply when the heather is out. All of us must band together to stop the loss of our finest youngsters to pitiable suicide because they were harassed and brutalized to the point of not wanting to live any longer. The bullying in Ireland today is not of the past rowdy behavior. This is the same bullying seen in other countries and permitted to endure until it became part and parcel of their culture. This must not happen in Ireland.

Bullying in Ireland Has Caused New State of Emergency

Together we can banish this ogre away from our soil and our culture just as solidly as we banished old villains that brutalized our humanity long ago. To succeed, we as Irish men and women, together with our children, must stand up and be counted and not only discourage bullying anywhere, but extinguish it like the fiery destroyer it has come to be.

A Call To Action

In our Ireland’s glorious past, when an emergency arose, the pipes would sound and every person prepared to do their best in whatever battle was approaching. We took no heed of our own bodies or properties as we came together to roust the intruding enemy. The plague of bullying to the death is an emotional battle that exacts heavy casualties as well, and loss of loved ones. We who fight this blight upon our culture are not alone. The government and courts have given the ability to demand compensation for damages if bullying does not stop after being reported.Teachers and workplaces are instructed to bring offenders to justice promptly and with permanence. Counselling centres offer emergency help to victims and their families. Churches have taken their stand by condemning bullying from their pulpits.

What a grand thing it would be to know that tomorrow will see an Ireland where no bully can rest his head and no child or loved one of ours will be driven to depression by such a heathen bully.

Learn more about Ireland’s fight against cyber bullying.

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