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Bullying in China: Highlighted with New Appalling Videos

Bullying in China

Recent videos have surfaced on the Internet of many brutal incidents of bullying in China.

A series of videos were recently posted including various forms of physical bullying. The first video shows a group of junior high students surrounding a younger kid, later identified to be a first grader, kicking and hitting him and burning him with cigarettes. The child was tied with a rope to limit his movements. The older students were, naturally, taken to court.

Another video is of a group of teenage girls slapping a kneeling girl and kicking her. Another case of a teenage girl beaten and forced to pose half naked for pictures by 5 other girls. Another of a young 12-year old with a broken spleen after a harsh beating. Shocking, no? These cases surpass the regular scale of reckless children’s malice to a whose other level of concentrated evil, lack of empathy, and sadism.

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Bullying is an ongoing worldwide issue. The violence one child directs at their peer can no longer be attributed to one cause. It is a complicated phenomenon and it is gradually getting worse where it is left unattended to.

Bullying in China, like most other countries, can be physical, verbal, or online. We are used to the prevalence of verbal bullying. Where a child is insulted, made fun of, or even threatened. Name calling, cruel remarks and spreading rumors are all awful, but they’re so commonplace in most schools it’s no longer shocking. Similarly, online bullying is widely practiced across the world, among school mates and among strangers. It is horrible and it draws an ugly picture, but still, almost normal in its frequency.

The very horrifying fact that physical violence can go as far as tying a child to hit him, or forcing nudity on a minor female student to humiliate her, is beyond alarming. The spread of bullying videos with brutal scenes of children abusing each other is a sign something is definitely going terribly wrong.

Apparently though, the punishments for under-age bullies are never deterrent enough. In most of the past cases, the offenders were not punished properly. The Chinese public are now calling for a reform of the Child Protection Law to provide adequate protection for their children and a befitting punishment for their minor bullies.

Youth violence is a very serious and controversial issue. On the one hand, you’re practically dealing with children who, supposedly, “don’t know better.” On the other hand, letting them off the hook is directly magnifying the problem. More children are drawn to using violence to retaliate for a clash or to establish dominance, comfortable in their belief that the consequences would never be bad enough. A law that addresses this particular issue might charge minors with adult violence crimes and punish them accordingly in such cases. Would you be in favor for or against such a law?

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