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A Closer Look at the Dangers of Bullying Images

Bullying Images

Without a doubt, bullying is one of the oldest aspects of society. People have always sought to pick on those who were weaker or smaller. This doesn’t include people who fight for a legitimate reason, but it does include those who seek to empower themselves through violence. Bullying is the act of someone harassing someone else simply because the other party hasn’t the ability or the courage to form a viable defense. As more information concerning bullying becomes available, people become aware that the problem is far worse than they originally anticipated. So what is the danger of bullying images?

Bullying Images: Bullying at School

Nearly everyone will be exposed to some sort of bullying in their life and it is indeed a part of growing up. Nearly everyone had an older cousin or sibling who would torture him or her with rough horse play and name calling, but the problem has grown out of control within some aspects of society. The school yards of America have become constant scenes for bullying images and children are often exposed to ridicule from their classmates if they won’t defend themselves. According to this website , 90% of 4th through 8th graders report that they have been the victim of bullying. This is an astounding number and it appears to be on the rise. The same website reported that 160,000 children will miss school everyday in order to avoid a bully.

When children have their educations interrupted, the problem is clearly more than just a part of growing up. Unfortunately, The constant exposure to bullying images is far more likely to contribute to a child becoming a bully which perpetuates the cycle. Apathy to the problem is also a contributing factor to the perpetuation of bullying, and the decrement of society. Bullying creates an environment in which children will have trouble learning. A lack of education makes them far more likely to become a burden on society, either as a criminal or someone who is simply unemployable due to the lack of practical skills. School bullying can also lead to cases of extremely violent retaliation by the victim. In this article, nationally credited school psychologist Izzy Kalman states that most school shootings are perpetrated by bullying victims. Unfortunately, this day and age makes bullying far worse for a student because they’re no longer safe from the bullying within the confines of their own homes.

Bullying Images: Cyber Bullying

In the days prior to computers and smartphones, a child could at least escape the torment inside of their own homes. Cyberbullying is a problem which is growing exponentially by the day. It consists of a bully following their victim online at social media sties and continuing the abusive behavior. This website reports that 43% of children have been bullied online and 1/4 of children have experienced multiple episodes of the arcane behavior. Once again, many people excuse this a regular part of child hood but the connection between cyberbullying and the suicide deaths of young people like Hannah Smith suggests otherwise. The teenagers seem to understand how serious this epidemic has become as 68% of them feel cyberbullying is a serious problem. The obstacle is usually the parents of the bully who will enable their child which contributes to the problem. Cyberbullying is directly related to suicide but it’s not limited to just children.

In the suicide of Megan Meier, Lori Drew, who was 49 at the time, was arrested in connection to bullying the child. Meier was only thirteen when she committed suicide after being encouraged to do so by Drew. The grown woman apparently started a fake account on MySpace and pretended to be a teenage boy who was interested in Meier. The woman then proceeded to tell the child how ugly she is and suggest she take her own life. Though the charges of murder were eventually dropped, the fact that a grown woman would partake in such reckless behavior served as a wakeup call for many people who underestimate the effect that cyberbullying has on a child.

Bullying isn’t acceptable at any level, and the act of picking at a person simply because he or she is mild mannered is a despicable practice which can literally have deadly consequences. Children, especially teenagers, are very impressionable and the constant agitation by a bully can lead to the victim committing extreme acts of violence against his or herself, the bully, or even innocent bystanders. As more people become aware of the dangers of bullying in any form, perhaps more will be done to protect the victims of these vicious attacks. Perhaps one day, bullying images on the school yards of the world will only be a thing of the past.

Bullying Images aren’t supposed to be a danger but there is definitely an element of worry when it comes to the use of Bullying Images!

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