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Now that it has been established that Bullying is no longer a rite of passage but a sad potentially harmful and even deadly behavior that has several repercussions on a lot of lives, the time has come to tackle bullying help and cyber bullying help.

So how do you help a bullied student? How about if your own flesh and blood, your child, has been bullied? You need to learn first How to Know if your Child is being Bullied. You also need to recognize when a child is being bullied. You need to learn the Warning Signs of Bullying and what a student can do if they are being bullied.

What if your Student is a Bully? What should you do if your student is bullied? You need to know the essential information on Dealing With the Bullied Student.

So someone near and dear has been bullied or cyberbullied, Now What? Now is time to help them overcome bullying. Learn Some Great Tips To Prevent Cyberbullying and discover our Ten Internet Safety Tips to Avert Cyber Bullying and explore our Fail-Proof Tips to Beat Bullying.

If you are a teacher, discover our guide to School Bullying, our article on the essential facts on bullying in schools as well as the Warning Signs of Bullying in Schools.

Now that you have learned everything you need on bullying and cyberbullying help, it is time for you to direct all of those negative feelings towards helping yourself and your loved ones.

If you are cyberbullied or know someone who is cyberbullied on a social network you will find below links on how to report abuse on the major social media networks. You need to be active and report cyberbullying now!Report a violation of the Facebook Terms.Report abusive behavior on Twitter.You can report inappropriate posts, comments or people.You can report violations on Tumblr.You can report bullying or violation on Ask.fm

Below you will find links to the top Bullying Help groups in the United Kingdom, United States of America and Ireland. We promise to list more in the near future.

If you think we have missed any bullying help groups that you have found helpful, drop us a line below in the comment section and we will get the added ASAP.

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  • Lee Philip
    Mar 13, 2015 at 07:53 am

    I have been bulied by Finnish state worker for over many years in Finland and harassed by police vans over 10 years in Oslo Norway. Where I went, the Finnish intervented and I was misrepresented and harassed by local state worker. I was accused criminal, mental illness, bus ticket cheater and spy the same time

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