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Bullying help For Parents and Cures for Depression

Many parents have the wrong attitude towards bullying. Quite a number of them tend to think it actually toughens their children and prepares them for the big world ahead. This is quite wrong, for bullying can impact negatively on their children in the long run. Many studies carried out show that 50 per cent of youths are being bullied, with 15 per cent of them saying that bullying occurs on a daily basis. Generally, when someone is bullied he or she tends to feel helpless, fearful, anxious and even getting angry. Learn about the Cures for Depression!

For many centuries, depression caused by bullying among youths has been a major problem to many; it is faced by thousands of parents. Recent statistics have shown that the number of children suffering from depression as a result of bullying has been increasing over the last few decades, and is expected to be a real global pandemic in the near future if is not dealt with at the root cause.

One of greatest and common conceptions many people have about bullying is that it does not impact negatively on the victims. In reality, quite a number of children who face this problem tend to experience a number of physiological problems. Among the most common problems is depression. This is one of the most common health disorders associated with bullying. If bullying is not dealt with, it can cause a lot of damage to the victim. The most severe consequence is the victim committing suicide.

Signs of Bullying

There are quite a number of signs that can be a clear indication that your child is being bullied. Some of the most common signs have been highlighted below.

  • The child will not enjoy school and will come up with ways to avoid going to school,
  • Sudden changes in the route to school or, in other cases, your child can even avoid using the school bus,
  • Claims to be ill in the morning before school,
  • Becomes anxious, depressed, and even refuses to talk,
  • Starts skipping school, and
  • Others include signs of physical abuse.

Cures for Depression Resulting from Bullying

Quite a number of kids do not know how to deal with bullies. The worst part, most of them will be afraid to tell their parents the kind of ordeal they are going through. They are often scared of repercussions of telling this to their parents. Additionally, many parents may believe that their child should take that bold step and stand up for himself. This, in many cases, is wrong and will complicate things even further.

It is very crucial that every parent familiarizes herself with the signs of depression among the young people, and gets to know the factors that may cause depressive symptoms in bullies and even victims. Normally, even the bullies are usually the targets of bullying. Once the parent gets to know these factors, he or she will be in a better position to intervene effectively and combat depression and bullying behaviors. The following are some of the things that you can do to help your kid.

Talk To Your Child and Get to Know the Underlying Factors

Immediately after you realize that your child is a victim of bullying, get time and talk to him or her. While at it, be gentle and understanding. Do not at any time try and brush away the problem or make the whole bullying thing look very insignificant. In many cases, youths tend to think they are the root cause and blame themselves. Make them feel that they are not to blame.

Get To Know the Depth of the Bullying and the Cures for Depression

If it is a teasing problem, try some of the most tried-and-tested methods that might help in the long run. Ideally, ignoring the bully and even using humor to deflect the bullying can be the best effective solution. Normally, the best way to handle the whole depression among the victims is dealing with the underlying factors. Get to know these factors and how to deal with them.

Therapy and Counseling as One of the Best Cures for Depression

Counseling and therapy can be very helpful during this time. You can come up with coping strategies and inner resources that will help the victim in dealing with adverse effects of bullying. Do some research on some of the most effective therapies. This will help your loved ones in dealing with the experience. Encourage your kid and give them confidence. Let them know that they will go through the situation. Additionally, talk to a counselor; they are very resourceful and will play a key role in helping the victim.

Effective Anti-bullying Policies and Cures for Depression

Learning institutions and schools should have effective and tough anti-bullying policies in place. Children who are being bullied should report the problem as soon possible. However, if the bullying persists, then it is the right time for the consequences to be enforced immediately.

In short, by learning what to exactly look for, spotting the signs, understanding the problem and acting in the most appropriate ways, you will be able to put to an end this problem. Consequently, you will cure depression among your young ones. Additionally, once the connection between depression and bullying is well understood, parents will be able to come up with good interventions that they can use to combat bullying and depression effectively.

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