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In the fight to educate individuals about the negative effects bullying have on children and adults, many organizations are creating informative anti bullying brochures. The brochures are short, but they contain lots of facts and details about the facts of bullies. A Bullying Brochure answers the questions that many people ask. What is bullying? What are the signs of bullying? Who are most likely bullied? What can be done about bullying? How can I help put an end to bullying? These are common concerns that people have, once they are made aware of bullying, and how bullying destroy lives and families.

Bullying takes place in a number of places that might seem inappropriate like work or home. In the workplace, workers are bullied by co-workers, their boss, or even clients. Placing bullying brochures inside the workplace is a great way to inform employees about workplace bullying. Although, many employers might not want the brochures in the office, it is the best place to put them.

Organizations that are clearly against bullying create updated materials often. Keeping the public up to date about the changes in bullying laws, and what steps are being taken to stop bullying is a vital step in reducing or eliminating bullying all together.

Types of Bullying Brochures

Bullying Hurts

This brochures features the seriousness of bullying, and how bullying really hurts. It explains what bullying is, and what it is not. Someone it is difficult for people to recognize the signs of true bullying. One episode of being rejected from a social event, or being disliked is not a form of bullying. Arguments, disagreements, acts of unpleasant behaviors or single acts of intimidation does not fall under the category of bullying. Bullying hurts even someone is constantly attacked physically, emotionally, physiologically and verbally.

Bully Free

This bullying brochure is a informative reminder of what to do when others are being bullied. It also points out what not to do. There are also classroom rules for maintaining a bully free classroom. The mini guide is designed especially for high school students. It help students to see how wrong bullying is, and how everyone can work together to eliminate bullying, and create a bully free atmosphere at school. The brochure has a small informative section toward the end, titled ‘Myths About Bullying.’ One point that really sticks out is true, Bullying is not normal. This brochure help individuals get the facts about bullies..

Bullying Prevention

This brochure is designed to reach students in every grade and age group. There are lots of Tip sections about bullying such as; bullying prevention, tips for parents, tips for students, tips for teachers, anti-bullying policy for Florida, assertiveness strategies for bullied students, facts about bullying, seven things kids need to know about bullying, cyber bullying policy, why you should have an anti-bullying program, and program funding ideas. Other brochures include high school, elementary student guide, parent guide, educator guide and middle school guide. These guides can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate link.

Stop Bullying

This brochure asks and answers the question, “What is bullying?” The brochure also gives a detailed definition of bullying. Such definitions include Imbalance of Power, Intent to Cause Harm, and Repetition. The brochure also explains, and gives examples of the types of bullying that goes on such as verbal, social, physical, and cyber bullying. The cyber bullying brochure is quite interesting, as it outlines exactly what cyber bullying is and is not. The brochure also lists some very important information for parents and how to “Bully proof” their child. This information can help thousands of parents protect their children, when they can’t. There is also a link at the end of the brochure entitled STOP, that readers can visit for more information.

When Bullying is not Actually Bullying

The truth is never easy to accept, and sometimes it is even harder to admit. Thousands of children and adults are being bullied everyday at home, at school and in the workplace. What is so distressing is that fact that some people do not recognize an attack of bullying at all. There are signs that are plain to see, but perhaps not easy to recognize.

What is the difference between someone being teased only once by a rival foe, and someone being bullied on a continual basis? One time instances, or once in a while instances of being teased or excluded from certain groups is not considered bullying. Lots of children have bad blood between them, but it does not mean that they are being bullied.

Bullying is a serious and potentially fatal crime. Individuals who survived bullying will always have the horrible memories of how happened to them. So bullied victims turn out to be bullies themselves, others commit suicide and yet others commit homicide. In any case, the outcome is sad. Nevertheless, states are counteracting bullying, and they are making everyone aware of bullying, and how it is effecting the world, society and individuals.

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