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There are a ton of articles out there these days on just about any topic that you could ever care to discuss and bullying is one such topic that has made the rounds. There are now more articles about bullying, bullying statistics, and bullying information than ever before. Not because people want to know however, but rather because bullying has become such a wide spread and well known problem that there has been a call for more articles on bullying and articles about bullying than ever before. Here are a few different articles about bullying and some basic information that can get you on the right track to knowing all there is to know about bullying.

What You Need to Know About Bullying, the Basics

Before you start to read any bullying articles it is helpful to first get a firm grasp on the concept itself. Bullying is considered to be any action, either physical or verbal, that causes harm to another person. This can be anything from hitting someone to calling them names. Bullying has no real definition as there are so many different types and people are finding different ways to hurt one another every day making it hard to come up with a solid definition. That being said however, there are three types of bullying to watch out for.

Physical bullying is the oldest and first type of bullying that most people will experience in their lives. This can be something that is as harmless as a shove or something as serious as an all out beating. The next type is emotional bullying. The two generally go hand in hand and smaller kids are more likely to use verbal taunts to harass each other. This is very common in school age children and generally sticks to girls. The last type of bullying that you may run into is fairly new and is the most common, the most dangerous, and the most widely used. This is cyber bullying. This means the use of technology to bully or harass another person.

Types of Bullying Articles

There are tons of different types of articles about bullying to choose from and knowing what type of article you are looking for is a great way to check out what type of content is out there. There are three types of articles that are very helpful when it comes to learning about bullying. The first is the technical article. This will be things like definitions, common misconceptions, and other things that we often overlook when we are considering something like bullying. The second type is statistical articles; this is helpful for those that want to learn about what causes bullying, where it might occur, who is affected, and other information of that sort. The last type of article, and often the most impactful, is the news article and the personal testimony article. Sadly, most news articles about bullying are about the death of a young person that has suffered from bullying.

Great Sources for Fact Based and Statistical Articles

There are a few different venues that are perfect for finding bullying articles and knowing which data bases are going to have the info you need is the fastest way to get your articles lined out. is an absolutely fantastic resource for anyone looking for statistics on any type of bullying you can imagine. There are literally hundreds of articles at your disposal that you can read at your own pace. This organization does not only work with the United States but also with other countries like Ireland and the UK to find out bullying statistics from their local as well.

This gives us a very diverse and wide ranging look at bullying across the globe as opposed to only in our area. This means that we get a bigger and clearer picture of how bullying and technology is affecting our society today. This also means we have a much better chance of figuring out what we can do about it in both the short and long term. A few example article titles you may want to check out are, “An Examination of Cyber Bullying in the UK,” “Bullying Statistics in the USA, Heartbreaking Facts!,” “Bullying Statistics Everyone Should Know,” and “General Bullying Statistics,” These are all great fact filled articles with very viable and reliable sources that can help you understand bullying from a statistical point of view. There is really no way to understand bullying from an emotional point of view unless you have been on one side or the other. Another great resource that is geared toward Canada is This shows us tons of bullying articles that are based in Canada.

Great Sources for Basic Articles on Bullying

For those that want a bit more information about the basics of bullying and what to expect it may be necessary to think about a broader database. The Cyberbullying Research Center has some great articles and you can access them through their site, This is a great place to find articles, journals, research findings and more that all relate to cyber bullying. You can also find articles about general bullying and that type of thing on this site. Another great resource is This site has tons of articles, statistics, and content that focuses on Canada and how bullying affects Canadian students.

There are tons of great resources online for those that want to learn more about bullying in Canada. One fantastic resource is This site has tons of articles that can help you learn just what bullying is, what it affects, and how you can help stop bullying. This is also Canada’s only anti bullying charity that is online that you can donate to in order to stop bullying and make kids feel safe at school again.

Sources for News Articles about Bullying

The last category that you will likely want to know about is of course news articles. There is likely to be at least four or five articles about bullying in any reputable source you look at which makes finding news articles perhaps the easiest. That being said, The Huffington Post has an entire section of their website devoted to nothing but bullying in schools. This section of the site features content that is written by parents, by students, by researchers, journalists and more. This means you get a wide variety of content that is geared toward just about any potential user that may want to read them.

This site is absolutely fantastic for those who want to get the most out of their information and time and that want a one stop site for all things bullying. This also makes for a very easy way to keep up with all the bullying issues and news that is happening today which makes this site a crucial resource for any parent. With articles like, “Living With Courage in a World of Bullies,” “Mean Boys, Not Girls May be the Bigger Problem in Schools,” “When Friendship is Used as A Weapon: Revealing the Hidden Nature of Relational Bullying,” and “This Guy is Filing a Restraining Order, Against a 9 Year Old.” All these articles are varied, well written, and easy to access making them a fantastic resource for anyone that is seeking more information.

One exceptional source for news about bullying and all the latest content is of course This site has up to date information about current cases, laws, and other issues that are going on right now with bullying. Rather than focusing on wide spread events, this is a site that focuses on Canada and Canadian news and how bullying is affecting the great north.

Teens that Have Taken their Lives because of Bullying

In most cases it is helpful to take a look at what everyone else is seeing in order to get an idea about how they form their opinions and where their information is coming from. That being said here is a list of five teens that took their own lives as a result of bullying and a bit about each. This will also discuss how the media handled it and some article resources to learn more.

  1. Emmet Fralick- this quiet and kind 14 year old shot himself in 2008 as a result of months upon months of relentless bullying. He never told anyone about the abuse that he was suffering and decided to instead suffer alone. Emmet was being bullied by his classmates and sadly his story did not make it to the national headlines. In his home in Nova Scotia he will never be forgotten even if his death did not get the attention that it should have.
  2. Amanda Todd– this Canadian youth took her own life after years of torment from her peers. She moved schools three times before she finally decided that enough was enough and that she could no longer take it. Todd was a victim of black mail after she exposed her breasts on web cam and the photos were used to harass her by an unknown man. The man was later caught and news outlets only caught onto the story after Todd took her own life at which time the video of herself that she took vent viral.
  3. Gilles Moreau- this teen from Alberta was found dead in a ditch after a night of drinking following years of torment from his classmates. Gilles was seen drinking on the day that he died and as such the police did not rule it a homicide. Gilles was small, quiet, and had glasses and a learning disability which made him a target for bullies his whole life. It was determined that he took his own life after years of torment that he could no longer stand. The news followed his case with interest because it was suspicious.
  4. Hamed Nastoh- this youth from Vancouver jumped to his death from a bridge after suffering from bullies. This poor young man suffered at the hands of his tormenters for months before he filled his backpack with rocks and jumped to his death. The news followed his death because it was so very violent and he was held up and still is as an example of what can happen when bullies are allowed to do what they want.
  5. Greg Doucette- this teen was so bothered by his classmates that he took his own life. Their target was his acne and it eventually pushed him too far. His death sparked a need and a desire by residents to seek legislation to help punish bullies that push their victims to death.

Bullying is awful, that is something that we cannot avoid. Though you cannot avoid bullies as they are everywhere, you can get help. Talk to an adult, call a hotline, or find someone you trust that you can share with. Keeping it bottled up will lead to horrible things happening so you should make sure you let someone know how you are feeling rather than taking drastic steps that are irreversible.

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