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The Sides of Bullying and Suicide

Bullying and Suicide

From the many and quite recent bullying related suicide reports from every part of the world, It has become quite clear that the connection between suicide and bullying is getting stronger. While bullying may seem like a minor and childish behavior to many, it has gradually risen into one of the leading causes of suicide and other very negative effects among teenagers. To put it more clearly, many victims of bullying are turning to suicide as the way out of the terror, humiliation and pain caused by bullies. Learn about the link between Bullying and Suicide!
According to a recent study that took place in Britain, half of the teenage suicides were discovered to be related to bullying. This same study showed that the teenagers who were more at risk were girls between the ages of 10 and 14. Another study suggested that 30% of all students are either bullies or victims of bullying. It was also discovered that a significant number of students avoid school everyday for fear of getting bullied.

Each type of bullying has a likelihood of causing suicide be it cyber-bullying, sexting, physical bullying, and emotional bullying and so on. The regions and schools that have an extreme problem with bullying will also have a higher rate of suicides which is only made worse by the sad fact that students who are exposed to regular suicide may consider the same option too.

Bullying and Suicide – Warning Signs

  • A teen who may be considering suicide will exhibit signs of severe depression. The signs of depression include sadness, withdrawal from others and activities that once brought them pleasure, sleeplessness and a lost appetite.
  • A sudden interest in death whereby they constantly talk about death, some may even express a wish to die.
  • Taking part in life-threatening activities, reckless behaviour, self-injury, drugs, alcohol and other substance abuse.
  • Saying goodbye to loved ones and giving out their treasured possessions.
  • Crying out that they cannot handle things any more.
  • Suggesting that the world would be a better place without them.

Every parent who notices all or any of the above symptoms in their child has every reason to sense danger and should therefore talk to the child about it and get help as soon as possible.

There are some cases though where the teenager will not display any of the above signs. This is especially true when the teenager is undergoing a very bad episode of bullying. In other cases, the bullies will even suggest suicide to their victims by either making the suggestion directly to by telling them that they are of no worth to the world.

Bullying and Suicide – Helping a Victim Who Might Be Considering Suicide

  • Never at any time or circumstances ignore any suicide threats. In such a situation, do not waste precious time trying to talk to the victim, get help as fast as possible instead.
  • When this person happens to be your child or someone who lives in your house, get rid of any weapons, medications and poisons as soon as possible or lock them away beyond their reach.
  • Whereas it is really embarrassing for children to talk about being bullied or bullying to their parents, every parent should keep the lines of communication open, this will make it easier for the children to talk freely about any topic and this includes bullying. If your child is the victim here, talk to them and point out that it is not their fault, this will make them feel loved and supported by you as the parent. Should you suspect even slightly that the bullying is serious, do not hesitate to get professional help for your child.
  • All parents should do everything possible to get closer to their teenagers. This will make it easier for them to know more about their friends especially where social networking is involved. This will make it possible to check out their online friends and also try to spot any mean posts and messages.

When the bullying is serious, no parent out there should hesitate speaking to the school authorities and to the bully’s parents or guardians too. If the school administration can’t seem to control the bully, then its time to let the police handle matters before your teenager takes his or her own life.

Teenagers and other victims of bullying are also advised to talk to someone as soon as thoughts of suicides cross their minds.  Nothing can be as painful as losing a child as a result of one or more cruel kids out to have a little fun. Parents, friends and relatives of suicide victims need professional help since they are likely to develop suicide thoughts too.

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