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Bullying and Art

Since attention was drawn to the importance of fighting bullying in a way that promotes positive attitude and kicks aggressive or negative methods out of the equation. The bully you meet at school is someone who needs help as well. If this fact is not recognized and dealt with correctly, the victim might suffer more on the hands of the bully as a way of revenge from the punishment they received for bullying. Handling a victim/bully is a delicate matter that has to be dealt with correctly and efficiently from the first time. Learn more on Bullying and Art. 

Some people choose to combat bullying through creating art that enhances that idea and makes it visible for everyone how the victim suffers, how the bystander by sitting and watching multiplies the suffering and pain of the victim and how the victim fears that by re-posting the bullying incidence they are suffering, a punishment will be imposed on them either through having some privileges taken away from them or by making the bullying even more intense as the bully will take it to another level if a punishment is imposed upon them from their supervisors or parents for bullying the victim.

Art has been found very effective as a method of combating bullying. Digital art, poetry, stories and story-tellers, paintings or even blogging to put all of the art work relating to bullying together in one place has been on the agenda of people or organizations that are concerned with bullying and fighting it. This method is not exclusive to victims or people who are trying to help, it extends to the bullies. If the bully recognizes the problem or the kind of pain they are making others experience, most of the time they are filled with regrets, their supervisors shift their energy towards art where they can express themselves as well as leave solid examples to people who are still bullying that bullying is not the answer to anything and that they should seek help in order to eliminate their problems as well.

The internet is full of beautiful creation of young people who decided to take a strong stand against bullying through creating art that speaks the pain victims of bullying go through every waking minute and how this leads to their distress and leaves permanent scars in some severe cases. Most of the time, the blogs of people or of organization that address bullying take on their shoulder addressing teen or pre teen issues of distress altogether. You find categorizes on cutting, suicide, break-ups, depression, school distress, bullying, cyber-bullying, problems with their parents and the list goes on. The teen or pre teen with the problem can also find help from all sorts of organizations who have hotlines to prevent cutting, suicide and talk about the problems victims are going through. They also encourage the victim to talk to their parents or supervisors about the cause of their distress in an attempt to shift their attention to the problem and help end the victim’s suffering.

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