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Bullying Adults are on the Rise

Bullying Adults are on the Rise

Bullies are No Longer Just Kids. Bullying Adults are on the Rise!

Bulling is not just a kid thing anymore. Bulling has gotten out of hand in all schools, colleges, workplaces, and the global internet. The internet is the absolute worse bullying place that exists today. Bullying is everything negative that a person can attach to it. An increase in the incidents of Bullying is serious and is increasing in society every day. Bullying is a real crime, not figuratively speaking, but an actual crime that one can do time for in jail.

Who are Bullying Adults?

A Bullying adult is, in essence a kid that never grew up, otherwise a grossly immature adult, an adult with a criminal mind. Many people witness bullying and do nothing; they do not support the victim. Even though, most people picture themselves as a hero, but in the end turn away as though they heard or saw nothing. Unfortunately, when most of us find ourselves in a situation such as this, we turn our backs, afraid to get involved. Why do we people act the way we do? Is there any explanation for bad behavior? Is there a sound explanation for not helping a victim?

A person is more likely to come to the rescue of a bullied victim if there are few if any people around. When there is a crowd of people, we all tend to stand back and wait for the other person to intervene. In addition, in the end no one does anything to help the victim. Bullying among adults can occur anywhere, and at anytime, you name it, and it happens, college, schools, hospitals, medical facilities, workplaces, grocery stores, randomly on the streets and much more.

Researchers have found that the majority of bullies are insecure adults. They feel inadequate and powerless. Bullies think they can gain power over a weaker person. This gives them security to know that they hold all the control over the victim. The method that works most times for a bully is humiliation of the victim. Bullies do not respect other people and have a total disregard for other people’s needs. A bully in the workplace can be the boss or another employee. Sometimes the bully does not need a reason for picking their victim or harassing them. The reason the bully acts this way, is, because they can, plain and simple.

Do Not Let a Little Bit of Innocent Teasing Turn into Bullying 

It is human nature for someone to lose control at some point in his or her life. Everyone has gotten upset and thrown an insult at another person, at some point of his or her life. This is not bullying. Bullying is not one upsetting comment; it is a relentless bunch of remarks or actions by a person to a person every day. It is easy for adults to give children good advice about how to treat a bully; however, it is not that easy when an adult is involved in a bullying situation. Adults should be ashamed of being a witness to a situation involving another adult and not doing anything to support the person. A bully tries and generally succeeds at being a very domineering person.

Do Not Make Excuses for a Bully

There are many situations in the workplace that can dominate a bullying situation. Call bullying what you chose to call it. It is still bullying. Some synonyms of the word bully are as follows: browbeater, coercer, hector, annoyer, antagonizer, tease, tough, ruffian, rascal rowdy, pest, oppressor, and intimidator. Instead of saying that our co-worker is a bully, we may say the person is disrespectful, has a personality conflict, has problems, has behavior concerns and is disrespectful.

Hardly ever do we say the word bully. The word bully sounds so immature, and childish, and it is immature. How do co-workers act when in the presence of this type of person who ends up harassing another co-worker? We may roll our eye, be silent, walk away, smile, shake our head, and neglect to stop this negative behavior.

Even though this behavior is not a crime, figuratively speaking it is a crime not to say anything in support of the victim. Often time’s co-workers are afraid to ‘rock the boat’. Getting involved, after all could turn the bully’s attention on them. The witness could be concerned about putting their job at risk. All of these reasons are understandable, but certainly not excusable.

How Do Bullies Pick Their Victims?

Victims of bullying adults are generally people pleasers, with gentle personalities. The victim frequently thinks they have done something wrong. The victim is of a weaker type personality. Many times victims do not feel like they fit in with coworkers or groups around them. When a bully gains success and power over one office worker, they are likely to attack more co-workers. When this happens the co-workers who say nothing and turned their back for so long on the victim find that they are now a victim.

Bullying adults are unacceptable, and the bullying adults will continue to bully unless someone gains enough courage to speak up and challenge the bully, stopping him or her in his or her tracks. Bullying should never happen in the workplace. However, the workplace has such a variety of personalities, including the bully types that we really need be courageous and stand up for ourselves in these situations.

Effects of Bullying

Bullying adults can get out of control so much that is has caused people to commit suicide. Bullying causes physical and mental illnesses, depression, low self-esteem, decrease work productivity, and much more. There is no excuse for bad behavior in people, including bosses and corporations. Many times, we hear, “Well that’s Bill or Joe or Sarah this is how they are”. There is no excuse for this type of behavior. There is no excuse for a boss, corporation or employee to belittle and bully another person.

This is never acceptable behavior. It is difficult to understand why one person would want to destroy another person’s life. The ideal situation is that every person on the face of the earth should contribute peace and tranquility while living their life. The reality is, this is not a perfect world, so we must learn how to cope.

We must learn how to stand up to the bullying adults in our life who are taunting others and us. All good people need to work together to put an end to bullying adults. Legislation has recognized bullying as a serious enough problem to make it a crime punishable by jail time.

The Internet, The Ultimate Bully Tool

Bullying adults has reached an all time high through another route. This new route of bullying is the internet. The bullying adults is able to taunt and humiliate a person without letting anyone know who he or she is. Cyber-bullying is on the rise and is no longer just for kids. Adults have caught on in recent years, and cyber-bullying is on the increase.

Workplace cyber bullying is on the rise. All a person has to do is post one small negative remark on the internet, and soon they are bombarded by cyber bully comments. A person can voice remarks or opinions on the internet and can be easily taken the wrong way. The writer can be bombarded with rude and obnoxious comments and they will not know from whom the comments came.

Many more internet users are becoming grossly afraid of the rising number of cyber-bullies. Our world is spinning out of control with new technologies making electronics easier for children and adults to take advantage of the worldwide web and mark their targeted person to bully. Most people seem in agreement that something needs to be done about this new cyber bullying crime.

No one will ever be able to control what another person has to say about someone; however, the other person can certainly control what they say on the internet. The person can decrease the fuel that a bully can use to add to the fire.

How Can a Person Avoid Cyber bullying?

• Do not forward any negative emails to friends and family members

• Do not post inappropriate photos

• Do not post mean or negative comments

• Do not spread a lie about anyone or humiliate anyone

• Never respond to a cyber bully’s actions. Cyber bullies live for angry comments, responding to a cyber bully will only enforce their efforts to do more

• Block any further cyber bully activity without response

• Never put a cyber bully in control by reacting to their work

• Document all emails, remarks, posts and times from a cyber bully and turn the information over to the proper authorities such as the local police or FBI

• Do not let cyber bullies get the best of you. Stand up to the cyber bully and report their actions

• Never think that the cyber bullies actions are your fault

• If you know the bullying adult, stand up to the person and face them, looking at their eyes. Stand straight and tall. Body language will relate that you are not a weak person

• Research and read all you can about bullying adults

• Gain the support of a group of people or persons with like mind who will support you and one another

• Counseling may be helpful and give you positive approaches

Use Extreme Caution When Dealing With a Bully

Always use a good amount of caution when dealing with bullying adults. Depending on the situation it may be your only choice to go along with the bully until you can actually make them pay the time for their crime.

Learn all you need to know about Adult Bullying Now!

Are you thinking “is bullying on the rise ?” Weigh in below on whether you find bullying on the rise or not!

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