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Preventing Bullying Through Anti Bully Videos

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Preventing Bullying Through Anti Bully Videos

Bullying has been a problem for children and teens for decades. In recent years, the consequences of bullying have become more serious. There have been many cases reported on the news where bullying led to suicide attempts and suicide. With bullying becoming so serious, it is up to parents and educators to step in, and put a stop to bullying.

What is Bullying?

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among one child or teen against another. Bullying can be in the form of threats, verbally attacking, physically attacking, spreading rumors, and excluding someone from a group. Bullies often attack face to face, at school, on the playground, or a neighborhood park. Bullies also attack their victims via text, email, and through social media. This is called cyberbullying. Both methods of bullying can be equally traumatic.

Who Do Bullies Target?

Bullies target certain people for a variety of reasons. Most bullies will only choose a target who they believe is weaker than themselves. If a bully does not believe that their target is weaker, they may try to find reinforcements to make them stronger than than their target.

  • Positive Attention: Many bullies will target a child who gets a great deal of attention for something that they excel in. The bully may feel inferior, or worry that their own abilities are being overshadowed by their target’s abilities. Bullies feel that they can bring their target down through bullying.
  • Superior Intelligence: Bullies often target children who are very smart, and excel in school. Bullies may see their targets breezing through schoolwork, while they are struggling. This can cause the bully to become angry and feel inferior.
  • Personal Vulnerabilities: Children who are submissive, introverted, and anxious can be targets for bullies. Children who lack self esteem can also become targets.
  • Physical Features: Children who have physical features that differ from other children can be targets for bullies. Short children, overweight children, children who wear glasses, have acne problems, have a large nose, large ears, or other different physical features can be targets.
  • Race: Children of a different race than their bully can become targets.
  • Sexual Orientation: Many children are bullied when they come out and admit that they are gay.

Signs Your Child May Be a Target of a Bully

When your child is being bullied, they will often show physical and emotional signs.

Lasting Effects of Bullying

When a person is bullied as a child, the effects of the bullying can have adverse effects will into adulthood.

  • Lack of Confidence: When a child is bullied, as they get older, they may have self esteem issues. A child who feels powerless and wounded by the world, will have trouble feeling good about themselves as they get older.
  • Depression and Anxiety: Children who are bullied as children, often battle depression and anxiety as they get older.
  • Anger problems: Children who are bullied often have anger issues when they get older. Feeling powerless for so long can cause them to have a great deal of rage and angry outbursts as adults. This can affect their relationships and their career.
  • Poor Health: As children grow up, they may try to suppress the feeling that they had when they were being bullied as a child. This suppression can lead to poor health in the future.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Children who are bullied can suffer from PTSD when they get older. The fear and the trauma that they went through as children can stick with them well into adulthood.
  • Social Withdrawal: When children are bullied, it can cause them to be fearful of having social contact with peers and coworkers. They may fear that the closer they get to people, the more likely they would be to be bullied as adults.

Preventing Bullying

In order to prevent bullying, teachers, bus drivers, parents, and the media can all be useful. It is up to adults to make sure that children are not being bullied or become bullies.

One very useful tool in preventing bullying is through anti bullying video. Children will often listen more to what they are watching on television, than what an adult has to say. Bully videos are made for children of all ages. The anti bullying videos for kids are different for each age group.

Anti Bullying Videos for Elementary School

Most of the bully video created for younger children focus on preventing children from becoming bullies. These videos give bullies a look at what their actions do to other children. The idea of these videos is to prevent children from being bullies at a young age. The focus on bullying videos for elementary school is prevention.

Bullying Videos for Middle School

Many of the videos designed for middle school children focus on making these children an “upstander”. An upstander is a child who sees bullying happen, and does whatever they can to stop it. These bullying video clips show children being bullied, while other children sit by and watch. They will also show anti bullying video clips of children being bullied, and other children sticking up for them. The thought behind these bully videos for kids, is that if children take up for one another, the bully will lose their power, making all children feel safe again.

Bullying Videos for High School

Because high school students are more mature, and likely know that bullying is wrong, and they should stick up for each other, videos for high school students have more substance. High school students are mature enough to see the real effects that bullying can have on teenagers. This is too much for bully videos for kids. There are many videos available which show teens who have been bullied, describing what has happened to them. These videos also focus on the most serious consequence of bullying, suicide. There are many videos available created by victim’s parents, whose children have committed suicide. When children get to high school, often times, shock and brutal truth is the only thing that will get them to sit up and listen.

Cyberbullying is another main focus on high school bullying videos. Many teens believe that as long as they are not physically hurting another child, or are not tormenting them face to face, that it is not bullying. These videos let teens see that cyberbullying is just as serious and dangerous as traditional bullying.

Where Can Your Child See Anti Bullying Videos?

These days, anti bullying videos can be seen on television. Television stations whose target is children and teens, such as Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Teen Nick, and MTV often run anti bullying commercials to educate children. Many of these stations also have anti bullying specials, and television series with episodes based on bullying and the dangers. This is a great way to get the message out.

Schools will often hold assemblies in order for students to view, the anti bullying videos. This is a great way to be sure that all of the children, even those who do not watch a great deal of television will get the anti bullying message.

There are also websites where parents can order anti bullying videos for their children. These videos are available for different age groups, allowing parents to be a part of the bullying prevention plan.

Bullying is a serious problem among children and teens. The only way to get the bullying to stop is to educate children about the causes and effects of bullying, and what children can do to stop bullying for good.

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