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Bully Victims

Bully Victims

Bully victims have thousands of stories to tell, about their bullying experiences. Some bully victims stories are totally heartbreaking, for both the victims and the listeners. Bully victims have to deal with a history shame, humiliation, guilt and abuse. Bullies do not realize the terrible impact they have on their victims life, or they do know, and they just simply do not care.

Bully victims are often the target of bullies who wants to tease, torment, humiliate, upset, threaten, or intimidate them. Bully victims are not only bullies, but they themselves might also be victims of bullies. Bully victims live with the shame of being abused, emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Bullying comes from one bully or a group of bullies. Bullies make their victims like helpless.

According to an article posted on Wise geek, bullies and bully victims have poor social skills, and problems developing and maintaining positive friendships. The symptoms of the victims could be related to the victim’s inability to accept help from adults or others in authority positions such as teachers. For the most part, most bullies have been bullying victims themselves. When they turn to bullying it is a way for them to release the pain they themselves are experiencing or have experienced.

Most bully victims come from violent environments. They might be abused by an older sibling or they might have seen someone in their home inflict pain or abuse on someone else. Most negative behaviors are learned behaviors, and so is bullying.

Other Symptoms Bullying Victims Suffer From

Bullying victims most often suffer from emotional stress. Bullying inflicts psychological stress on their victims, which leaves behind some damaging emotional stress. Bullying victims suffer from any emotional illness, that often leads to physical illness. These illnesses include depression, anxiety and loneliness. After a while of experiencing these negative emotions, bullying victims turn to substance abuse, and develop an anti social disposition.

Bullying victims withdraw from social settings altogether, and prefer to spend time alone. Interacting with others is a problem for bullying victims. They are not happy, nor do they feel like they will ever be happy. The victims feel like their life is useless, and no one cares or understands what they are going through.

Bullying victims are often targeted by bullies because they display certain characteristics that bullies feel they can use to their advantage. For instance, bullying victims have a difficult time fitting in with other students of their own peers. They are not sociable, or approachable, and are mostly shy and sensitive. They are perceived as being loners, because they have few friends and they spend most of their time alone. This type of isolation bullying victims display is attractive to bullies.

Emotional State of Bullying Victims

Most research believes that people, who are bullied, may feel unsafe while at school. Their lack of social interaction excludes them from social functions, due to their feelings of inadequacy. They experience a difficult time following classroom rules, which makes them at risk for being suspended from school, or dropping out of school. Most of the inner turmoil comes from being a bully as well as being a bullying victim.

Most bullying victims cannot manage their pain or emotions well. Most bullying victims unintentionally attract negative attention to themselves. Bullies get their power from fear and feedback. When bullies are teasing, name calling and making threats to their victims, the victims often times lash out in an uncontrollable manner. This lets the bullies know that the words and behaviors they are inflicting on their victims is working. Bullying victims experience maintaining little control over their emotions.

Therefore, when victims display such emotions as anger and frustration, bullies uses these emotions to continually inflict pain on their victims. Knowing that the bullying victims cannot control these emotions allow the bullies to use this fact to keep up the cycle of bullying over and over again. This type of bullying also allows bully victims to become bullies in this repeated cycle of emotional bullying.

Negative Results to Bullying Victims Dealing With Stress and Aggressive Behaviors

After children have been bullied for so long, they respond to their bullies in a dangerous manner. Research shows that bullying victims are more likely to carry weapons to school such as guns and knives. Most fights, shooting and stabbing in both public and private school are consequences of bullying. Bullying victims believe it is ok to bring these weapons to school, so they can protect themselves. Most victims do not feel safe at school. This is when the bully victim fights back, but not in a positive way.

They put little trust in others, they are high strung, always stressing, defensive, and they are always looking over their shoulders. They are anxiously waiting for one more person to attack them, because they are getting tired of being teased, humiliated and threaten. This is when bullying victims will mostly display hostile and unfriendly behaviors. These feelings and emotional behaviors are the direct result of being bullied to a point, where bullying victims feel like enough is enough, and they cannot and will not take any more abuse.


A bully victim endures much abuse from the hands and actions of a bully. As a result, bullying victims, even cyber bully victims suffer from several physical and psychological illnesses such as eating disorders, stress, depression and anxiety. In most cases, bullying victims often think about taking their own lives. They feel that suicide is the only way out of their pain. Bullying victims experience dire risks, and unless they get the help they need, they themselves can transform into bullies. Thus, leading the way for a cycle of bullying to continue.

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  • Atti Asks
    Apr 15, 2015 at 04:14 pm

    Please, if you all would, contact Sully Sullenberger and ask him to please save Atti in OC, CA. Being bullied and stalked for six years by a pilot. Please, if you could do something for her today, tweet or facebook him and ask him to save her please. Thank you.

  • Atti Asks
    Apr 16, 2015 at 11:36 am

    Please, if you all would, contact Sully Sullenberger and ask him to please save Atti in OC, CA. Being bullied and stalked for six years by a pilot. Please, if you could do something for her today, tweet or facebook him and ask him to save her please. Thank you.

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