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The Strength of a Bully Song

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Bully Song: The Power Of Music In The Lesson Of Anti-Bullying

We use all sorts of interactive programs to teach our children about bullying and being a victim. These interactive games and activities help our youth to understand that the act of bullying is wrong and unacceptable, and also teach that being a victim of bullying is not acceptable, they can report these instances to any adult in charge. There is, however, always at least one youth who denies being the one that acts like a bully or is the recipient of an act of bullying. Nowadays we have music to help us teach that this behavior is wrong.

There are many popular musicians getting in on the anti-bullying campaign. The music ranges in all sorts of genres. The music teaches our youth that bullying is against the norm, and that they do not need to be a victim of bullying. These musicians know that bullying leads to negative feelings and thoughts in our youth; they know how harmful it is to be the recipient of these bullying tactics. Combining music into our anti-bullying activities allows us to reach even the youth in denial, the ones that do not want to let on that they are either a victim of such behavior or the one acting out the bullying behavior.

At times, we have to accept that all our lectures, our activities, and our games do not sink in and fully accomplish the intended purpose. We have to find alternate means to accomplish our goals. With all the programs available to listen to just the songs we want, to make our own lists, this can be an easy method of getting the message across to our youth. Sites like Pandora, SongPop and YouTube, and even shows like Britain’s Got Talent have been used to relay the anti-bullying message. With all the options that we have to record music, it is not difficult to put a CD together that includes songs made popular by some of today’s favorite artists. Most youth enjoy music, which gives the adults an opportunity to incorporate music into our anti-bullying teachings.

Top Ten Songs For Anti-bullying

1.)Jessie J with “Who’s Laughing Now?” This bully song gives a universal empowering factor to those who are the subject of bullying behavior. It is about a child who is continuously teased and picked on while young. The child became highly popular and in the end some of her biggest fans are the ones who picked on her the most.

2.)Taylor Swift with “Mean” The bully song advocates against bullying behaviors and encourages the others to fight back by making their life better. Teaching the victim of the bully that they can be whatever they want to be and that this could be the sweetest revenge.

3.)Bloodhound Gang with “Why Is Everybody Always Picking On Me?” The group sings about a boy who is picked on due to physical handicaps. It teaches us that incapacities and being teased can be dealt with, and not to allow the negative feelings to sink into our minds and souls.

4.)Selena Gomez with “Who Says” This bully song is great for the girls in all age ranges. This song encourages all females to be themselves and not dress or use make-up to look like someone else just to fit in. The main lesson is to be proud of who you are.

5.)Britt Nicole with “When She Cries” This song talks about a girl who does not let on that she is being bullied. It gives men the understanding to not bully females.

6.)Tokio Hotel with “Don’t Jump” This is a very powerful song that encourages people to not falter when times get tough. It is very anti-bullying and anti-suicidal. It touches on aspects of getting help and talking to someone you trust, so that these negative feelings do not overpower you.

7.)Mark Willis with “Don’t Laugh at Me” Mark sings about physical disabilities and insecurities in life. He sings a great message to encourage the youth to endure and enlist help in dealing with the teasing.

8.)Rise Against with “Make It Stop” The song is based on a personal friend’s teenage son who committed suicide due to bullying. It speaks great knowledge of the feelings involved and how one should find someone to talk with.

9.)Blink 182 with “Adam’s Song” The song relates to those that consider themselves to be victims of bullying behavior. The song is filled with inspiration for the ones who are teased, bullied and picked on.

10.) Superchick with “Hero” A powerful song with meaning for all, especially those who are picked on. The song teaches that anyone can be a hero, so help when you see anyone that needs assistance for anything.

A teacher can use music in the classroom anytime. Playing these songs and many others that deal with anti-bullying behavior can incorporate lessons into daily life, without the youth realizing this. Subconsciously they hear the lyrics as they are working on a project or homework, and this may settle into their minds, making them realize that bullying is wrong, being a victim of bullying is wrong and that they can find ways to get help or speak with others. The songs will also teach them that even those that they consider famous are sometimes picked on in life, or maybe had been a bullying type person and have changed their ways.

There are songs for the younger children also. Songs with titles such as:

“Hey Little Ant”

“When I’m Strong”

“Don’t Judge Them”

“The Golden Rule”

“Got Your Back”

“No One is a Nobody”

Teaching lessons about anti-bullying through the methods of using music, arts and entertainment, leaves the lesson memorable. Children tend to remember things that rhyme and are fun to listen to. The Arts make bonds with people and with each other. Using music helps at risk youth and others to understand the ramifications of bullying, how it makes people feel and how bad it hurts them. Through the music of anti-bully songs, people of all ages will hear what the feelings are, what causes them and will likely give them someone to relate to. They hear that others have succeeded in life, overcome the rough times of being bullied and made their lives better. They learn to not let sadness and depression overcome them and cause them to do harm to themselves. We need to remember that the one child or youth will bully others when they are feeling beaten down and hurt, this transference might make them feel less a victim. The anti-bully songs give all youth the courage to understand that they are beautiful people. That they are wonderful in being who and what they already are, and they do not need to change to be like the others.

Songs that teach about not bullying, teach us about equality and to embrace differences in each other. They tend to make us understand that our differences are what make the world the wonderful place it is, and that if everyone were the same no one would learn from each other.

Music can be used in the classrooms as an activity; the students can create their own videos to the music. Creating a video will allow them to act out the opposite of what they are experiencing. They can use their artistic abilities to show others what they are doing to youth when they bully, and how hurtful they are. The videos could also show the hurt and pain the victim feels, how they go through a depression, of isolation and thoughts of suicide or getting revenge. The students can turn it around and show the positive ways to overcome the bully.

Music is a powerful teaching tool for our youth. We, as adults need to utilize the power behind music and the impact it has. Songs and videos for anti-bullying will also show our youth how to handle the bullying and take steps to prevent it. The songs bring strong awareness to teen suicide and how much of the time it relates to being bullied. They bring awareness to low self-esteem and teach the youth about being empowered, both boys and girls.

Even though it seems that our efforts to bring anti-bullying programs to the forefront in our political arenas, seems to falter, the message that our youth gain from their favorite singers brings a powerful lesson to the forefront. Many states have started children’s theater programs to teach lessons against anti-bullying. Another popular program in our schools is done through the local law enforcement agencies. This D.A.R.E. program utilizes many forms of lessons and activities to teach against bullying, including music. Along with family discussions, classroom discussions and activities, allow our youth the joy of listening to music and anti-bullying songs that teach the same lessons we are trying. In this way, the point is still made, but our youth enjoy this type of learning. It is a memorable way to hear the power of words, teaching about not bullying and not standing by when others are being bullied. It also teaches them to walk away and to talk to others to help them understand that their differences are not a bad thing.

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