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How to Bully Proof Your Child

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Bullying is a problem that has plagued children since the dawn of civilization. It is animal nature for one animal to pick on ones it sees as inferior. However, as humans, we can see the right and wrong of things, including bullying, which is why it is so important to teach children to not bully and that it does no good at all. Regardless of this though, bullying is always going to persist and, chances are, your child is going to be bullied at least a few times throughout the course of their education. You need to take these bully moments and transform them into opportunities to teach your child and to grow closer to them. The fact of the matter is your child can grow stronger because of it and use the bullying to build a fire inside of them. This way, they can grow as human beings themselves and move past what the bully is doing in school. Through these bully proof tactics your child should thrive, once they understand how and why a bully does what he or she does.

Stay Connected

You want to stay connected to your child. Always be there for them, ask how their day went and what they are doing in school. If you and your child do not have an open relationship they are not going to tell you when there is something wrong. The closer you are to your child, the more likely they are going to share what is going on. You can help work your child through the difficult situation. Sometimes it seems like life is just not going to get any better, but this simply is not the case. With your help, you can show your child that life is always going to be better and that there really is something as bully-proof.

Stay Confident

Your child is going to reflect what you do in real life. If they see other people bully you around and always tell you what to do, your child is going to be the same way. Instead, you need to stay confident. While this does not mean picking fights and yelling at other people, you need to show your confidence that you are able to stand up for yourself. Once your child is able to see the benefits of you standing up for yourself, they are more likely to do the same. You can talk to them about the benefits of standing up for yourself and how this can help them in their life. A bully is more likely to pick on someone who is not willing to stand up for themselves. It makes them feel better about themselves knowing they can do this to another person. However, if the person being picked on is confident and does not let it affect them, the bully does not receive any sort of benefits from it, which is why they are probably going to stop.

Improve Social Skills

Children who are quiet and lonely are those who are most likely picked on. While your child does not need to be just like everyone else, it helps if they do have social skills. This can improve their ability to make friends and it is also going to reduce the chance of someone bullying them. You can aks your child’s teachers if he or she is quiet and whether or not they have a lot of friends or if they struggle meeting new people. If the teacher confirms this, you can work with building your child’s confidence and improve their social skills. You can role play situations with your child or get them involved in sports and other similar activities where they are around other people. It is best to do this early on in childhood, so your kid is able to improve their communication skills and have it finely tuned by the time they reach middle and high school.

Bully Avoidance

Children are more likely to be bullied when a parent is not around. Due to this, a child needs to be closer to parents and other individuals in charge to avoid this sort of bullying. At school, your child should sit towards the front of the school bus and try to be towards the front of lines and sit near the lunch staff when eating lunch. They should also be mindful of the hallways they walk down and the bathrooms they use, as there are always going to be hallways and bathrooms that are less monitored than others. As long as your child can avoid areas where they are bullied, they can cut down on the amount they are bullied all together. A bully does not want to have to work towards bullying someone, so if your child is able to avoid them for a period of time, the bully is more likely going to turn their attention to somewhere else.


The problem with bullying is nobody is willing to intervene. If the bully knows more than one person is against them, they are less likely to do anything or say anything. However, when a bully starts to pick on someone in the hallway, more often than not the children are just gong to stand around and watch. Teach your child to intervene and to help stand up for the other child. This way, he or she can not only help defuse the bully and prevent them from attacking out at the child, but they also might make a really good friend for life by doing this as well.

Bullying is a situation that takes place in every school, outside of every playground and just about every park in the country. This simply is part of life and most children do go through life being the target of bullying. Thankfully though, as long as your child knows how to cope with it, they are more likely to avoid being bullied as they grow, allowying you to make your child bully-proof.

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