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Bullied To Death

Bullied To Death

Being bullied to death is not a single incident anymore. There are a lot of cases where people have been bullied to death. Just type the phrase on Google and you would get a plenty of harrowing stories and articles. Death might be a side effect of bullying. In fact, studies conducted by researchers from Yale University, postulated that bully victims are 2-9 more likely to consider suicide than those who weren’t bullied (2008).

There are many things that you can do in order to prevent someone from taking their own lives as a result of bullying. But first you need to recognize a few facts on bullying, teen suicide and bullying prevention movements.

What It Means to Be Bullied to Death

The first thing that you need to realize is how severe bullying consequences can be. A person might have a heart attack from being bullied too much. Bullying could lead a person to commit suicide because he/she thinks life has become unbearable. People bullied to death in the sense that they are literally driven by their tormentors to suicide or simply dying out of desperation and misery.

Signs of Being bullied to Death

Parents may never notice that their child is being bullied. This is because some children are usually friends with their bullies. Bullies threaten their victims to pretend like nothing is wrong and emotionally manipulate them so that they don’t reveal their torment, even to their family.

Suicide is a very serious issue but it is preventable. One just has to notice some signs and symptoms which indicate that your child is bullied to death:

  1. Nervousness.
  2. Victims of bullying turn into loners and develop antisocial personalities.
  3. The child dreads going to school.
  4. Unexplained physical marks, cuts and bruises on the child’s body.
  5. Clingy and needy behavior at home.
  6. Difficulty sleeping, night terrors, bedwetting and insomnia.
  7. Sudden and significant drop in grades.
  8. The child mentions suicide: this is a very important trigger that many people fail to notice. Most suicide victims give warning statements of what they are about to do before actually doing it.
  9. Eating disorders.
  10. Picks on small kids or weaker peers. Sadly, many bullied children turn into bullies.

Could Adults be bullied to Death?

Bullying is not age-specific. Adult bullying is a well-known nightmare that usually occurs in the workplace. People are either afraid to go to work or afraid to take a day off when the bully is their boss or a supervisor.

Adult bullies end up spending a lot of time alone with their victims. This type of bullying could stretch on for many years because people need their jobs and don’t simply change them because they are being bullied.

Due to the recurrent and everlasting nature of adult bullying, it could easily lead to death. This occurs when the victim is too afraid or broke to quit their job and too afraid to report the bullying incidents. They become too vulnerable and damaged and their only way out -in their heads- would be suicide.

The Bully

When trying to discover who is bullying your child before it is too late, as a parent, you should look for the following traits:

  1. A kid who was once picked on. Whether by family or other kids, most bullied kids turn into bullies themselves.
  2. A kid with anger management issues. Imagine the case as a boxer taking his bottled emotions on a punching bag. Substitute your kid for the punching bag and you get how painful the situation is.
  3. A miserable kid with emotional detachment.
  4. A kid who expresses inappropriate behavior and doesn’t stop even when told to stop.
  5. A kid who hurts animals and doesn’t seem guilty about it.

Ninety percent of the time, when a bully is confronted, this seems to end the bullying cycle. The bully needs to be reassured that the problems in his/her life are not his/her fault. The bully’s attitude should be handled with compassion and firmness at the same time. Counselors and therapists managing a case of bullying should be supportive to both the victim and the bully. A bully especially should realize that he/she can be a better person and lead a happier life by letting go of the past and moving forward.

What Can People Do to End the “Bullied to Death” Cycle?

  1. Report the bullying to the school, parents or even the law enforcement. Every city and town has its own batch of anti bullying resources. These would be pretty helpful in locating the official report system for cases of bullying.
  2. Always contact other parents within the neighborhood and find out if their kids are having similar problems. A recurring name or various complaints regarding a certain bully should stir the pot for change.
  3. Form anti bullying local groups with the parents in your neighborhood. If the authorities don’t listen to your case, recruit the other parents and let them call the same agencies over and over again.
  4. Visit local bullying prevention seminars.
  5. Research bullying extensively. Surf the Internet. Visit local library and read various autobiographies written by bullying victims or their families. These books will teach you how to deal with victims of bullying and how to deal with bullies, too.
  6. Contact bullying prevention hotlines, which lead to immediate, professional help for victims of bullying. Also you can contact suicide hotlines if you are afraid your child is on the verge of being bullied to death.
  7. If you want to contribute to the various efforts on bullying prevention, you can donate to various anti bullying charities. The money that these charities raise goes to scientific discoveries on how to end bullying, the psychology behind it and how to end the bullying cycle through scientific, well-established methods.
  8. Spread love, not hate. Always be the example that you want your kids to be.
  9. Listen to motivational speeches and watch inspiring videos about celebrities, scientists and other people who have battled with bullying and refused to let it define them.
  10. Involve your kids in extracurricular activities. Remember that laziness and boredom are among the main triggers for bullying. Never allow your kids to have plenty of aimless, free time on their hands.


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