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Awareness Months: Ribbons to Save Lives

awareness months

Knowledge is power, especially when the enemy can sneak up on you, completely unexpected, with you, completely unprepared. Often, humans are very fragile. You go on with your life never considering the possibility of a life-changing event, and not the good type of life change. The vessels that carry our human consciousness, our bodies, are susceptible to internal and external attacks. How do you deal with trauma? A chronic disease? Long-term abuse? Our physical and mental health are the infrastructure of what we are; without them, we’re empty shells of human-shaped robots. And because no one wants to be a robot, even when the world is tough and our small bodies are running out of stamina, a few good people have jumped to the rescue. Awareness months came to existence to prepare us for the ugly faces of the world we’d rather never mention. Because you’re stronger when you know, get on knowing!

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Getting hurt by people who are supposed to love you the most and protect you the most is probably one of the worst ordeals anyone could go through. Be it a parent, a sibling, or a spouse, you never expect the enemy to be at home. And the emotional bond makes it all the more difficult to overcome. How could you hate someone you love by instinct? Well, you should.

Domestic violence awareness month is held in October and aims at drawing the public attention to the issue of violence within the closest relationships, inside the closed doors of homes. When abuse starts at a young age, it can be very tough to preserve a healthy state of mind that allows you to understand, and most importantly believe, that this is not the norm, that you deserve better.

The original intent of the month was to help connect all the battered women from all over the nation and join them together into a single cohesive unit. This unit would then coordinate the different activities they are holding to help prevent women and children abuse across America. They wanted to assert the message that abuse is never love in disguise. You should never compromise and allow anyone to hurt you.

Domestic violence awareness month officially started in 1987, the same year the hotline for domestic abuse was started to give the victims an exit, a chance to seek immediate help. The public attention also helped passing laws and legalization against women and child abuse.

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Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Awareness months exist not only to spread awareness for the issue, but also to offer solutions, solidarity, and support groups. In such awful situations, knowing that you’re not alone can be the only factor saving you from drowning in depression and self-loathing. Rape is traumatizing. Having your personal space invaded alone can be psychologically painful, let alone the emotional scars of being sexually violated. Having to live with these scars is not easy.

Sexual assault awareness month is held in April. The awareness campaigns extend their hands to young women at risk of sexual abuse and teach them how to protect themselves, what to do and what to avoid. Anti-sexual violence movements work on passing laws that protect the rights of women and punishments that deter the abusers.

Events are often held in various communities to spread the same message and educate less knowledgeable women of their rights and of what they deserve. Survival can be a long and exhausting journey, but with these campaigns out there, women are empowered and their journeys are made easier.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer is scary. Having your own body turning against you is not a pleasant experience. But life teaches us to make the best out of bad situations. Early detection of cancer can help save your life or that of your loved ones.

Breast cancer awareness month is held in October.  During the various campaigns, awareness of the diseases is effectively spread. People are encouraged to donate money for cancer research. Support groups for cancer patients and cancer survivors work around the hour helping people adjust to different and unfamiliar circumstances.

Women are advised to regularly test for any suspicious masses or lumps on their breasts. Awareness campaigns teach women how to self-examine their chest area and recommend half-annual visits to your physician for check-ups after the age of 40.

Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Bullying is an ever-existent issue. Most school students have at least one unfortunate experience with bullying. Be it verbal, mockery and taunting, or physical, hitting and such, bullying can be destructive both to the bullied and to the bully. The violence can change a person forever.

Bullying awareness prevention month is held in October. When this month comes about, communities all over the country tend to come together to draw public attention to the international issue of bullying. In this case, awareness campaigns can be extremely useful because bullying is often confused with harmless “child play” and is disregarded by many parents and teachers because “kids will be kids.”

Dedicating a whole month to this issue can help educate people on the grave effects of bullying, the different types of bullying, and the various ways with which you can approach the bully and put an end to bullying.

Learn how to prepare your child to stand up against bullying.

Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetes is a killer, but despite the acute dangers, one can often live with diabetes. It requires a change of lifestyle and an adoption of more than a few healthy habits, but it’s doable, and it can be a force of good for a healthier more active lifestyle. But also, if you’re genetically more susceptible to get diabetes, a few practices might prevent the disease and eliminate the risks.

Diabetes awareness month is held in November. Typically, in this month hospitals and other medical establishments are going to offer free screening; that can particularly help diagnosing the disease on those who are either unaware or negligent. Learning about the dangers of diabetes is a key factor in limiting them, because a healthy lifestyle and regular administration of medicine can make life much easier and safer for the patient. The awareness campaigns also offer educational courses on how to prevent diabetes and how to co-exist with it.

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Autism Awareness Month

Most people are unaware of what autism really means unless they come in direct contact with an autistic person. The general conviction is also that autism is a childhood condition. That is not true; autism is a life-long condition that accompanies the child as they grow. Early detection of autism can making caring for the child easier and more cost effective.

National autism awareness month is held in April. It educates the public on the condition and allows families living with autism to gather, share experience, and find comfort in the company. Events and activities take place to spread the word. With comprehensive knowledge, autistic individuals can lead better more fulfilling lives.

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Awareness months play a great social role in our modern world lives. We’re often distanced by distractions and life difficulties come along to force us apart even more. Dedicating a month to a disease or a social issue can bring us together again, reminds us that we are not struggling alone, reassures us that others out there care and understand. Awareness months are often symbolized with ribbons of various colors; this endearing gesture is another attempt at familiarizing all that is ugly, but often unavoidable, in the world. Some bad things we can escape if we are cautious enough, and some other bad things are inevitable. For those we can escape there is the necessity of knowledge for prevention. For those we can’t escape, though, there are support, understanding, acceptance, and coexistence.

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